BECE questions, answers and notes 2019-2020

BECE questions, answers and notes 2019-2020

Basic Education Certificate Education (BECE) is the main examination that is given to students that are being admitted to secondary or vocational school, the exams is mainly taken after three years of junior high school, therefore BECE is a very important that can determine the professional fate of a student. 2019-2020 BECE questions, answers and notes basically helps the students in preparation for upcoming exams.

2017 bece questions, answers, and notes

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According to BECE examination board in 2015 there was a wide spread of leakage known in Ghana as Apor of some papers, as results a number of exams were cancelled leading to some student re sitting for paper after two weeks. The situation can be so frustrating for student but the effective way to pass the exams is read and practice more past questions.

BECE 2019 Science questions and answers

Life can be challenging especially when it comes for studying for an exams. However, a good advice is one needs to fully prepare for the exam. If there is anything you do not understand don't worry we have you covered? Stay smart and get update by getting all BECE questions download directly on your phone or tablet with Pasco all student can access to 100 000 plus question it helps student not to be pinned with any surprise questions. However you can go to the site and get BECE science 2019 questions totally free of charge.

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1. An example of a source of energy which is non-renewable.

2. Name the organelle which occupies the largest portion of a plant.

3. An atom has a proton number of 17 and neutron number 18. Determine the number of electrons in the third shell of the atom.

4. Characteristics of wind pollinated flowers.

5. When a piece of iron rod is brought near a permanent magnet for a while it becomes magnetized by the magnet

2017 BECE questions, answers and notes


BECE 2019 ICT question

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. Although there is no single, universal definition of ICT, the term is generally accepted to mean all devices, networking components, applications and systems that combined allow people and organizations to interact in digital world.

Today ICT is taught in school since it provides children with the tools to understand the way advancing technology that is happening in this modern world. Yes I agree it can be very hard since most student learn it theoretically.

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS
2017 BECE questions, answers and notes

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However, there is a way one can pass ICT exams without even getting worried on which questions mostly comes to the exams. Here is ICT 2019 questions that can help student go pass the exam without straining that much.

Common topics of ICT

  • Software And Components
  • Reasons For Warm Booting
  • The Main Parts Of A Computer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages Of Computer In Ghana
  • Classification Of A Computer
  • Health And Safety In Using ICT Tools
  • How To Turn On and Off A Computer
  • Parts Of A Personal Computer (PC) And their Function...
  • Information Processing Cycle

Frequently ICT questions

1. The physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions, and information is called.

2. Devices that extend their services to enhance the function of the computer are called.

3. A group of instructions that directs a computer is called.

4. The memory that stores permanent instructions is referred to as.

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5. State three uses of the shift key on the computer keyboard.

6. State three ways through which computers may be damaged.

7. List three devices that may be used for transmission of messages on the internet.

8. List three toolbars available in a word processing application.

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BECE 2019 English questions

English is a popular subject taught in school and in many parts of the world, its widely spoken language. However, the examiner might set very difficult questions and we turn around and start criticizing the student about their performance. Any way if you want to pass BECE exams, read Bece english 2019 questions that are set.

BECE 2019 Mathematics

Most difficult subject of all time is mathematics we have seen most past paper on how the examiners always twist a simple question to make it look big. However the only way to pass mathematics always have formulas in you fingertips it will be much easier. However here is some past question and answers that will strengthen you in the upcoming exams.

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1. The point Q (-2, 3) is rotated anticlockwise about the origin through an angle of 900. Find the coordinates of its image.

2. Elias bought five books. Their main price was GHS3.25. The total cost for four of the books was GHS 11.75. What was the cost of the fifth book?

3. A piece of cloth is 8.4m long. If 30 cm is needed to sew a napkin. How many napkins can be sewn from this piece of cloth?

4. In 1995, 215 boys and 815 girls were 3 admitted into a senior secondary school. Find, correct to the nearest whole number, the percentage of girls admitted.

5. The ages of the members of a social club are 20 years, 55 years, 60 years and 25 years. Find the mean age of the members of the club.

6. Given that 1/2p =1/8, find the value of p.

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BECE 2019 Religious and Moral Education

This, of course, means respecting the beliefs of those of the majority religious tradition, too, and seeking to contribute to the religious and spiritual literacy of all young people and of adults.

2017 BECE questions, answers and notes

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1. The festival celebrated by the people of Winneba is called.

2. (a)Outline five contributions of Caliph Abu Bakr to Islam.

(b)What two lessons can be learnt from the contribution of Caliph Abu Bakr?

3. (a) Explain the term puberty.

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(b)State three emotional changes that are associated with puberty.

(c)Explain four reasons why puberty rites are performed.

4. (a) Describe four types of Christian prayers .

(b) Outline four reasons why Christians pray.

5. The Gye Nyame symbol of the Akan signifies that God is…

6. (a)Outline four reasons why Religious Youth Organizations are formed.

(b) State four benefits of joining Religious Youth Organization.


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