How to view a private Instagram profile without following 2018

How to view a private Instagram profile without following 2018

How to view a private Instagram profile without following is one of the most curious questions asked on social media platforms. The Instagram social media platform is specifically built to secure private users and this means that to view a private Instagram, you have to follow. However, not everyone would want to follow a private Instagram. Sometimes all one wants is to view the profile and photos. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to view private Instagram.

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With the proliferation of the internet has come the social media phenomenon. The widespread use of social media platforms has enabled networking between people all over the globe. After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become a favorite for millions of people around the globe. Instagram is one of the biggest, reliable and secure social networking site that enables sharing of photos among people.

There are two types of accounts on Instagram: one is the public account and the other is private. With a public account, the profile is open for everyone to see but with a private one the rules are stricter. The profile and photos in a private Instagram account are only visible to a few select individuals.

By following a private Instagram account, one is able to view the profile and photos. However, there is a curious question asked by users and that is how do I view a private Instagram profile without following? Here’s how.

View a Private Instagram

1. Make a Direct Request to view a private Instagram profile without following

In case you desire to view a private Instagram profile, the easiest way is to make a direct request to the person to follow them. This is the legitimate way. Follow the following basic steps to reach out to that person.

If you wish to follow someone or desire to view their private pictures, the best way is to send a follower request. If that person is a holder of a private Instagram account, then he/she will get notified that the follower wants to send a message or wants to contact them. Naturally, even though a person has a private profile, they will approve a person they are familiar with. Hence, if the person is one you are acquainted or familiar with, you shouldn’t encounter challenges with getting that person to approve your request. Once the person approves your request, the person’s profile will be visible to you. You will also be able to view the photos that they have uploaded on their Instagram account.

This is clearly the most straightforward way of accessing and viewing a person’s private Instagram account, regardless of who they may be. The downside to this legitimate way of viewing someone’s private profile on Instagram is that it is solely dependent on you as an Instagram user having a existent relationship with the person you’re trying to add on Instagram.

As such, if you wish or intend to add someone that doesn’t know you (for instance, a friend of a friend or a celebrity), the case is different. In such a case, the easiest way to reach out to them is through private messaging on Instagram. Send the user a private message (PM). This will inform them a bit about the person requesting to follow them. The best way of doing this is letting the requested user know who is requesting, a brief background, and the reason you want to follow them on Instagram.

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Stating as little as “I’m a college friend of your girlfriend” or “We met at your brother’s high school party” can suffice to create a contact or link between you and the Instagram user you’re trying to reach out to. This is especially so if they remember you. You can also send a private message expressing your true inner feelings. Tell the person how important you feel about them? Sometimes, the person may be feeling the same way for you or have an interest in you. The person in such a case will approve the request and maybe follow back.

how to view a private instagram account, view private instagram photos, view private instagram account app

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Make sure your profile is decent and attractive so that the person finds no reason for rejecting your request. The key is being genuine and real so that the person gets the right feeling about you. Other times, personal interactions do work in favor. Chances are that the next person will approve your request and you’ll be allowed to view their pictures.

But again, a lot of this heavily relies on prior connections with the person. If that is not the case, then you will probably have to rely on your own social skills to engage to the person you seek to follow on Instagram. The upshot is that most Instagram users will normally accept follower requests and welcome new friends. This is especially so since they have the option of blocking or removing you if things get nasty.

Be watchful of what you post and what the other person also posts. Because you may not be well acquainted with them, frequent interactions and posts after they approve your request may subject you to the risk of removal and blocking.

2. Create a Fake Instagram ID to view private Instagram photos

In case you wish to view a private Instagram account, then the other good alternative is creating a fake account. This method is clearly against the general terms of use and as such against ethics and morality. The reason for opting for this method is in case you are sure that your real-life identity will be rejected. Follow the following simple steps to create an account that can be accepted so that you can view a private Instagram profile. If you do choose to create a fake ID instead then, here are some ways to get more accepted by a private Instagram account holder.

Create a fake Instagram profile that displays the image of a female. You may ask why. In case you want to view the private Instagram account of a female, then the best way is to create the mock Instagram account of a girl. This comes across as more friendly and safe. Choosing to use a female identity on Instagram makes the account feel less predatory than a male account, though it’s obvious that this can create problems on its own. Instagram accounts run by male individuals usually do not have privacy settings and as such they are easily viewed. Female accounts, on the other hand, are usually created with privacy settings and are much more difficult to access.

Consider making the account appear more real by uploading real-life pictures of girls’ interest. Using a girl’s image in the profile and adopting an attractive real profile bio creates chances of getting the follower request approved.

Try also making the account private. This may trigger the person’s curiosity and may cause them to be eager to approve your request. Remember to be nice by sending a timely request.

After finishing with all the required settings and basic uploads, drop a follower request to the person you wish to view their profile and await their response.

If not approved, you may also opt to send a private message. Frame some genuine words as a female account holder to accompany the PM. In this way, you can view the private Instagram account without following.

Note that mentioning the following method is not intended at recommending it as a method of accessing private Instagram accounts. Rather, it is to prove the possibility of creating and infiltrating private Instagram accounts with little-to-no effort on your part. This is meant to be both an actual guide and eye-opener. If you’re using a private Instagram account yourself, you may find yourself affected by these methods below. It’s why we recommend only adding users you know and can verify on the platform.

Once again, this information is not meant to condone or agree with creating and using fake Instagram accounts to access the private account of someone who refuses to add you. This is more especially so if you and that person have some kind of history. In case you are concerned that a fake Instagram account has added you, consider blocking them on Instagram or contacting support.

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3. Try using Instagram profile viewer tools or view private Instagram account app

how to view a private instagram account, view private instagram photos, view private instagram account app

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The third option of viewing a private Instagram account, profile or photos without following is to try using Instagram profile viewer sites. Note, at the onset, that this is a risky method. As such, there is a caveat to this method and one does it at their own risk.

There is a plethora of online tools for viewing private Instagram accounts easily to choose from. Most of the websites are spam and can utilize your personal information in an illicit manner and for illegal purposes. These online sites/tools can be used to view the protected pictures of the private Instagram accounts. Follow the following simple steps to view a private Instagram.

Go to your browser and key in ‘online Instagram profile viewer apps’.


When you visit any of the sites, you will be prompted to key in your Instagram username. After that, make a choice between downloading the pictures and viewing them. The choice is yours.

This step is normally the riskiest as most online viewer sites will require you to give your personal information. However, it is recommended not to give any personal information to these sites.

After following the above simple steps, you will be directed to the private account that you wished to access, where you can download the photos or view them online.

It is noteworthy that these Instagram profile viewer sites are not downloadable. That means that each time you wish to view private Instagram profiles, you will have to do so over the internet.

The following are five examples of tools to view private Instagram profiles.

Private Viewer

how to view a private instagram account, view private instagram photos, view private instagram account app

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In case you want to view a private Instagram account but security settings are obviously a hindrance, private viewer comes in handy. This tool permits you to stay undetected since it does nor require giving any private information or downloading. However, misusing any information or material sourced from the Instagram account may land you is problems. Otherwise, the tool is an available option for viewing private Instagram accounts.


This is another available online site to view private Instagram accounts without following. It is an easy to use tool since all you have to do is to visit the URL provided below and follow the steps provided.

  1. Obtain the private Instagram URL or username.
  2. Copy it into the field.
  3. Tick the required extra features.
  4. Click the CONTINUE button and wait for the unlock method to be completed.


This is a secure and safe method to view protected/hidden Instagram profiles. Simply enter the username of the account you want to view and get an entrance to the private profile.

Then to unlock the desired account, follow the simple steps.

  1. Insert the Instagram Profile URL.
  2. Choose what you want to view.
  3. View it online, or download data.
  4. Select the CONTINUE button.


how to view a private instagram account, view private instagram photos, view private instagram account app

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With this tool, you are able to view almost everyone’s private Instagram profile and also retrieve files and messages. It is a handy tool to view any Instagram account without logging in with your personal account. Among its beneficial features include an automated check for new updates. The tool is regularly tested and developed. WatchInsta has proxy support and this means that it is safe and undetectable. With it you are able to gain access to private Instagram profiles using this online app. All you have to do is insert the profile URL and click on VIEW PROFILE!


This is another popular private Instagram account viewing site. It enables users to view Instagram profiles without having to follow or login. Start by clicking the “SPY” button.

You will then be redirected to a page where you are required to do the following:

  1. Enter the Instagram username you desire to view.
  2. Verify the validity of the account (whether it is active).
  3. If valid, proceed to the next step.
  4. If invalid, you may mark the target account first.


There have been numerous trials by various organizations to develop practical private Instagram viewer tools and sites. Some of these tools have failed but some of them worked. Some of the tools functioned for short periods of like two weeks. The Instagram Profile Viewer tools outlined above have been tested by hundreds of people and although Instagram is already aware of their existence, they have been unable to mend the same. Chances are that Instagram will find a way of fixing the loopholes. However, even if they found a way, people will still find newer ways of circumventing the systems. Consequently, these are the easiest ways to view private Instagram accounts without following or logging into a personal account. The tools also enable private Instagram profile views without the use of software or the need to study coding skills.

Furthermore, because of security reasons, the tools require you to perform human verification in order to prevent skeptical third party applications and bots from using the Instagram viewer. The human verification is a prerequisite and as such, you will have to complete.

Overall, all of the above ways can be used to view private Instagram profiles, account or photos. We obviously recommend using the first method since it is only polite to request someone. But, in case you have an irresistible urge, then go for the second option. In many instances, the last method is definitely not recommended since it presents a lot of issues.

It’s no shame if the person refuses to share personal or private photos. You may opt to make other friends and continue to enjoy Instagram.

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