2020 Easter date in Ghana

2020 Easter date in Ghana

Some beautiful weird practices since the inception of Christianity were observed by many people. There are norms and faiths that cannot be understood on the surface unless one goes deep into study the theological classes. For instance, have you ever wondered why Christians place a lot of relevance of fish-eating during this period? Well, this must be in your knowledge unless of course you are not a Christian. The 2020 Easter date is one of the amazing mysteries: why it keeps changing, what meaning it carries among other interesting facts.

2020 Easter date in Ghana

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For the sake of knowledge go down the historical memory lane. Easter biblical is commemorated as the period when Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried and on the third day rose from the dead. This ideally means the day Jesus died – Friday is celebrated as Good Friday while Easter Sunday is the day he rose again.

An Easter holiday unlike other Christian holidays does not have a fixed day marked on the calendar to celebrate the occasion. Christmas, for instance, is commemorated on 25th December every year. This is far from the case of Easter. Easter is highly dynamic since it is dependent on certain factors including external that fluctuate from time to time. This could lead one into asking the dates of Easter 2020.

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2020 Easter date - How are Easter dates set?

You must for a fact realize the tentative nature of the Easter dates – check out the 2019 and 2020 Easter dates. One cannot affirmatively say which day the movable feast is going to be commemorated. In a year it may fall on a certain day and in the next a completely different one. Altogether, there is a simply calculated way the Christian Bishop use to arrive at the dates.

According to the Christian scrolls, the death of Jesus is estimated to have happened at a similar date with the Jewish Passover feast. The latter happened on the first full moon which ordinarily fell after the vernal equinox. It is also contained that the resurrection of Jesus be celebrated on a Sunday – Easter Sunday. From this information, therefore, Easter dates happen during the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox.

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Why do Easter dates change?

2020 Easter date in Ghana

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Englishmen say that change is the only constant thing in life and so is the dates of Easter 2020. As I have mentioned above Easter holidays are determined by seasons and the moon appearance. This may be the most uncertain kind of feast to fix. Seasons change from one of the kind for the same year to the next. This in parallel terms means the appearance of the moon also varies and hence the variation in the Easter dates. If a full moon is believed to appear on Sunday after the Equinox, Passover begins at that date and hence Easter is held for a week since it must be celebrated after the Passover.

Commonly, this date may be set anytime from March 20th all the way to April and on rare occasions extends up to May. However, the 35 Easter day span is fixed between the 22nd of March and April 25th. The March 21st is the earliest day the festive time can be marked by in a notional full moon although this happened in 1818 and the next is believed to be 2285, a whole two centuries from now.

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Date of Easter 2020

2020 Easter date Ghana

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Just like other dates, it has to meet the threshold set aside by the council of Bishops on their recommendation for an ideal Easter holiday:

  • Fall during the first full moon
  • Be after the Passover feast
  • Be after or on the vernal equinox
  • Administered as per the Christianity provisions among other considerations.

Easter 2020 calendar date is set to be on April 10th for the Good Friday – the day Jesus died and was crucified, running until Easter Monday which is on April 13th. This means that Easter Sunday will be on the 12th of April. These dates were arrived at after deliberation of the above and it befits them to set it on this particular weekend. Of course, some have been pre-meditated on and can be worked out years from now.

This is applicable to those countries that uphold the Christian calendar and celebrate the holidays therein. 2020 Easter date in Ghana is no different. The Ghanaian will celebrate the Easter festivities from April 10 – Good Friday to April 13 - Easter Monday. It is a time to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ, his selflessness and love for many and celebrate that he gave up his life that you may have it eternally through his blood and the forgiveness that comes from it.

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It is worth noting that Easter Holiday is a Christian feast and therefore means only Christians celebrate it. People of other faiths have little to no interest on this festivities say for the holiday given to them free to enjoy. Besides, what business could they have with a feast that does not concern them an inch? Similarly, this period has international recognition. This means in all the continents all Christian will celebrate this day on the same days globally. This goes hand in hand with uniformity in applications, similar beliefs, date of commemoration and practices worldwide.

This piece about Christian holidays guides on how the Easter dates are set or decided on, a brief history about the Easter period, why it is relevant in our lives and what causes the variation in Easter dates. It is informative and factual an informed piece that lessens the hustle you may go through trying to garner facts about the Easter holidays.

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