Ghana Revenue Authority 2020: recruitment

Ghana Revenue Authority 2020: recruitment

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), is a body mandated to oversee tax collection and processing in Ghana. Needles to say, this body is at the backbone of Ghana’s government life. This is because it provides the necessary funds to allow the government run its business. It accomplishes this by integrating all internal revenue processes or services, services of value added tax into local or domestic operations through functional systems and lines. In addition to this, it fuses customs and domestic taxes into a single management unit. To make its roles more efficient, GRA constantly reviews its processes and systems, modernizing them to fit into the current conditions, through ICT and other relevant technologies. As an employer, it conducts Ghana revenue authority aptitude test, to ensure it gets the right individuals to perform specific roles.

Ghana Revenue Authority aptitude test questions 2018

Getting a job in Ghana, is in itself, a job; some Ghanaians like to joke. Landing a formal job, like working for an employer such as GRA, might bring a big difference in how you live. Nonetheless, the hiring process in such bodies and institutions is not easy. GRA hires skilled individuals, with a minimum level of education and experience, which makes them effective when deploying their mandate. GRA is divided into three segments. These divisions are:

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  1. Customs Division (CD)
  2. Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD)
  3. Support Services Division (SSD)

All these divisions work in perfect harmony to ensure that all the processes in GRA is flawless, and that the institution mobilizes funds for government development, in a transparent manner. They are, however, assigned different roles, with customs and domestic tax revenue divisions, dealing with collecting of tax, while support services division focusing on research, supporting management and customer care.

Getting employed for any role in one of GRAs division, you have to pass Ghana revenue authority aptitude test questions. These questions help the employer know about your abilities in relation to the job you are applying for. It is possible to think that these questions are challenging, but they are not. Nonetheless, like any interview, it is important for you to prepare before sitting for the aptitude test. This helps you gain confidence, which has a bearing on the correctness of your answers. Below is a discussion about Ghana’s aptitude test questions that might have a positive impact in your interview.

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Ghana revenue authority aptitude test sample

Like any test, Ghana Revenue Authority aptitude test needs to be handled with the seriousness it deserves. This is not to scare you, but to prepare you for the obvious. Every test shakes up your confidence and messes your mind, so as to confirm your grasp on the skill set that you claim to have. To the employer, it is always you against his or her job, thus putting in the effort to ensure his or her job ends the victor, by hiring the best person. Ghana Revenue Authority does this by giving an aptitude test.

Preparing for the test, prior applying for a GRA job, helps raise your awareness and confidence to a level that will allow you to answer all questions appropriately. If possible, you need to get a GRA aptitude test that was previously done, in yester years to get an idea of what to expect. Luckily, it is not hard to find yourself a sample of Ghana revenue authority aptitude test, with all the instructions and questions. Nonetheless, before getting an aptitude test sample, it would be wise for you to familiarize yourself with almost everything about GRA, right from their mandate, vision, to their goals. Below is a sample aptitude test Ghana revenue authority, gives to most of its potential candidates applying for recruitment or a job. Answers to the questions below have been provided. This is in an effort to allow you wrap your mind around how to answer correctly, allowing you to improve your chances of being right.

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Sample Questions

Q: What is the GRA Motto?

A: Integrity, Fairness and Service

Q: When was the GRA established?

A: The Authority was established in 2009 as a merger of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Value Added Tax Service (VATS), and the Revenue Agencies Governing Board (RAGB) Secretariat.

Q: What are the functions of the GRA?

  • Integrate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Value Added Tax Service (VATS) into domestic tax operations on functional lines.
  • Integrate the management of Domestic Tax and Customs
  • Modernize Domestic Tax and Customs operations through the review of processes and procedures with ICT as the backbone

Q: What are the envisaged benefits to taxpayers and the tax administration?

  • reduced administrative and tax compliance cost.
  • Better service delivery.
  • Improved departmental information flow.
  • Holistic approach to domestic tax and customs administration.
  • Enhanced revenue mobilization.

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Q: What is the GRA vision?

A: To be a world class revenue administration recognized for professionalism, integrity and excellence.

Q: What is the GRA Mission?

A: To mobilize revenue for national development in a transparent, fair, effective and efficient manner.

It is important to note that GRA aptitude test is done following a syllabus that covers all the crucial components of Ghana’s Revenue Authority. The syllabus covers several topics including a candidates mathematic skills, overall intellect, wealth and income tax, and English in general. Each of these syllabus is aimed at testing different skills including basic maths knowledge, reasoning; both non-verbal and verbal, and finally an applicant’s mastery of English language.

Ghana Revenue Authority aptitude test 2020

Getting a job with GRA is an advantage as it assures you of job security. At the same time, it helps any lucky Ghanaian, once employed, to improve their living standards through the monthly remunerations. This leads those who think are fully qualified scout for opportunities, sometimes waiting for years, before finally getting one. While at it, most potential candidates ask questions that are similar by all standards. Below are some of the most common question asked by those seeking GRA employment in 2020:

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  • How can I find GRA application forms 2020?
  • Are GRA forms out, 2020?
  • When is the next GRA recruitment 2020?
  • What is the assurance of getting a job after excelling in GRA aptitude test?
  • How do you apply for GRA recruitment 2020?

Job recruitment process done by Ghana Revenue Authority is on a need basis. It is conducted through a rigorous process, which tests a candidate’s ability to deliver in a given capacity, which he or she applies. GRA aptitude test is one of the measures to ensure only the best candidates get the opportunity to work with GRA. To most, the idea of sitting for a test is a bitter pill to swallow. GRA aptitude test is nothing to worry about as it tests on things that you are already familiar with. It, therefore, pays to be updated, on everything about your area of specialty.

Ghana Revenue Authority aptitude test questions 2018

Ghana revenue authority aptitude test questions

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Understanding aptitude test in isolation is important if you wish to give correct answers in GRA aptitude tests. Aptitude test and questions can be dissected into several sections, that is, abstract and diagrammatic reasoning; spatial and numeric ability; and in some instances work sample. Each of this sections, test a candidates ability to think in a specific pattern and come up with solutions that are helpful to the employer. Below is a discussion of each of the segments mentioned above;

Ghana Revenue Authority aptitude test sample

Spatial and numeric abilities

Numeric aptitude test measures a candidates ability to manipulate different mathematical functions, precise and accurately to come up with correct solutions that do not; quickly. It tests your skills on ratios, conversion of currencies, analysis, trends, and percentiles or percentages. Spatial reasoning on the other hand tests your ability to visualize and or manipulate different objects presented in one dimension into another dimension. Test of your numeric ability, is in most cases, included in all aptitude test, while evaluation of your number ability is not.

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Abstract and diagrammatic reasoning

In simple terms, abstract test measures your ability to read between the lines and come up with effective solutions; or adopt a new system quickly. To excel in this test you need to show the ability to identify patterns, trends, and hidden sense behind a trend or pattern; and come up with the most appropriate way forward. Diagrammatic test of reasoning seeks, to understand your logical thinking attribute, by translating rules from a chart or other diagrammatic representation and using them in the prevailing situation.

When preparing for GRA job recruitment opportunity, it is wise for you to go through different aptitude test for Ghana revenue authority available in this article. GRA test questions above, combined with knowledge given in this article will help you prepare to pass your aptitude.

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