6 smart ways to stop being pranked on April Fool's Day

6 smart ways to stop being pranked on April Fool's Day

Today, April 1st is Easter Sunday. Interestingly enough, this holy Christian day is also April Fool's Day. Most of us are trying to strike out the balance on this holy or crazy day. April Fool's Day will always be "that day" for many pranksters who delight in "fooling" their friends and family with annoying tricks and pranks.

But there are clever ways of preventing this from happening. These points are heard to rescue you from rushing all the way to hospital after hearing your lover has been caught up in an accident only to realize it was all a lie.

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1. Be prepared!.

Never think that being Easter, you will be spared from the pranks of April Fool's Day. Pranksters do not care if its Christmas or not. You need to have your mind tuned in to the fact that it is April Fool's day. This way, you will never be caught unawares.

2. Run to a Church or Mosque

Believe you me, no one will ever prank you in the house of God. Maybe only the devil but there is no chance of that happening. Today being a Sunday, you need to find yourself in a Church or any religious place to prevent friends around from doing you any evil.

3. Be always suspicious of anything

If something smells suspicious, it definitely is. Hearing a bad and terrible news on April Fool's Day should let you smell a rat and know that something fishy is happening. Be suspicious when you get a call telling you your loved one is in a terrible accident when you damn no there is no chance this could happen. Just be smart!

4. Go offline

Yes! Turn off your data and just stay away from Whatsapp or Facebook until the day is over. Most of your interactions are online and you are likely to have friends message or send you pictures that are all tricks and schemes to make you the victim of a prank. It never hurts to stay away from these social media handles.

5. Isolate yourself

If you are not that strong to face the pranks from friends on April Fool's Day, you may want to stay in your room alone leaving the world outside. This gives you closure and also a protective means of making yourself unavailable for any annoying joke.

6. Just be calm, it is only April Fool's Day

Aside from all these tips, you also need to be calm. Do not take things too seriously on April Fool's Day. Yes, it is a freaky day with some annoying tricks and pranks but just keep your cool...you will be fine!

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