Easter Monday 2018 - celebrations, greetings, messages

Easter Monday 2018 - celebrations, greetings, messages

Easter is a Christian observance of the resurrection Sunday of Jesus Christ from the dead, which is also referred to as Pascha in Greek, Latin. It is based on the New Testament, which states that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion and death. The day after the Resurrection Sunday – Easter is what is known as the Easter Monday. Easter Monday Ghana is the second day of Eastertide and also known as the Wet Monday, Renewal Monday, Bright Monday or Dyngus Monday. It is observed in most countries and has actually been legally recognized as a holiday. Easter Monday among the Christian brethren shows victory of Jesus emerging from the tomb after crucifixion a reaffirmation of life after death.

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Easter Monday is a time to deliberate and reflect on the passion of Christ his relentless love for humanity and how through his blood the world got liberated from the condemnation of sin. This season according to the early Christians was preceded by a forty day period of Lent which means prayers and fasting; it is still observed by some denominations including those who profess the catholic faith.

There are certain Christian doctrines that call to be observed during this time. The Holy Week is one of them; the week just before Easter which ends with Last Supper then the commemoration of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. This period then extends to the third day, Resurrection Sunday and finally the festivities end on Easter Monday. This period falls after the ecclesiastical Passover and is also referred to as the season of Pascha.

Easter Monday celebrations

easter monday messages, easter monday ghana, easter monday 2018

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Christian world over celebrate the resurrection of Christ in different ways. This is subject to their Christian teachings or socialization that shape how these celebrations are made. In the contemporary world for instance holidays are a time to feast, gather up friends and families together and have some time together, to others still are a time to travel and adventure among other ways of celebration. Similarly, the Easter Monday has such celebrations according to the ethical biblical teachings.

These celebrations vary from Christians to Christians. Ordinarily, Easter celebrations are denoted by Church services, other opt for the Sunrise service to celebrate the resurrection which is believed to have happen very early in the morning on the third day. Elsewhere, christens mark the day through prayer, all night vigil, gift giving, festive family meals and Easter egg decoration which customarily implies an empty tomb. These celebrations are upbraided with a lot of weight; Easter Monday meaning Jesus is risen from the dead. Theologically, it means he defeated death and is a sign of victory; overcame the evil world took the keys of life from Satan who is now bound and chained through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Non Christians on the other hand mark the day with their own customs closely associated with Easter. For instance they may organize Easter parades, Easter Bunny and egg hunting. Other practices vary from community to community, region to the next and so on. In addition there are certain Easter meals that are primarily prepared and served to mark this season of Pascha.

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Easter Monday significance

The position of the church is that Easter Monday or the season in general is the foundation of Christian faith. Ideally, this season is a memory of the crucifixion, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is a lot of Easter Monday significance stemmed down from these scenarios.

Jesus Christ’s suffering was so he could save humanity from the bondage of sin and the eternal condemnation as was prophesied and actually came into fulfillment. According to the biblical teachings, Jesus had to go through that ordeal that through him we may be safe and saved.

The last supper he took with his disciple shortly preceded the betrayal and the suffering under Pontius Pilate. This then goes on for the Crucifixion on the cross at Calvary and his subsequent death and being buried. Easter Monday is more a joyous celebration as he defeats death, arises from the tomb. It shows how death is swallowed up in victory.

In a similar way, Christians find strength in walking with Jesus with an assurance that regardless of the dark pits they may go through, the sovereign deity – God will uphold them by their right hand and walk with them. To them that belief in him, all these benefits shall they reap. A follower of Christ is born again through his blood, becomes a new creature living with hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Just as dead is hopeless so are those living in sin and the contrary is so true. This interpretation is reaffirmed in both the New and Old Testament of the Bible.

Easter Monday dates variations

easter monday messages, easter monday ghana, easter monday 2018

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In the classical example of the Christmas festival, a documented and specific date is set that marks the occasion. The 25th of December is the day commemorated by all Christians around the world. However, Easter is one of those Christa celebrations that do not have a fixed date, interesting right. But how is the Easter dates arrived at?

Allow me to take you through Easter dates so you may understand the date variations. In 2017, Easter was held on 16th April both for the Western and Eastern Christians, in 2018 – Easter Monday this year Western Christians celebrated on 1st April and 8th April for the Eastern Christians. In 2019, the Easter period will be on 21st April and 28th April for the Western and Eastern Christians respectively. This therefore means that Easter Monday 2018 will be on April the second.

The variations are in the calendar used, which also causes date variations even on Christian of similar faith because these dates are subject to the Equinox and the Full moon appearance. The computation as ordinarily would have been expected has generated a lot of controversies as Christians differ. However, in Lunisolar calendar determines these dates and therefore means both the Julian and Gregorian calendar cycle is not used. The underlying fact is that the basis for consideration is worldwide uniformity and independence of the Jewish calendar which is also the Hebrew calendar similar to the Lunisolar calendar.

Ideally, the Easter falls on the first full moon appearance after the Passover and this is on or after the equinox. Some use the astronomical full moon while others use the ecclesiastical full moon. In addition, seasons change which likewise causes the date variations. The Western Christian who uses the Gregorian calendar has Easter falling between the 22nd of March and 25th of April every year. The eastern Christians on the other hand celebrate Easter between the 4th of April and the 8th of May according to the Julian calendar which they use. This difference is raced from the 13 day different in the two calendars because the Julian full moon appearance always happens a few days after the astronomical full moon which makes the Eastern Christian dates for Easter often come later.

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Easter Monday greetings

easter monday messages, easter monday ghana, easter monday 2018

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Much as Easter is a time of reflection, it is also a time to make merry share the love of Christ and touch someone’s life positively. It is a time to be there for each other as Jesus Christ did for nations. It does not mind sacrificing the little you have for someone’s sake. One of the small yet significant things people do during Easter is to share Easter Monday greetings. This is just to let your friends and family how much they mean to you.

The Easter Monday greetings are welcomed with cheer fan, excitement and passion. Such greeting may be as precise as possible but carry the meaning or length whichever one chooses. Of course such greeting has basis on the bible or the early Christian teachings. An example of Easter Monday greeting is;

  • Easter greetings or Happy Easter greetings.
  • May all the joys of this season be yours, Happy Easter.
  • Easter greetings, may all the choicest blessings of the world be showered upon you and fill your life with delight.
  • Hello, Easter is a celebration of new life, lots of love, yummy foods and getting closer to god through prayer. Enjoy this beautiful season with your loved ones! Happy Easter.
  • Jesus Christ died for you publicly, do not live for him privately. Happy Easter holiday greetings.
  • “For God so loved the World that be gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16 may this day that God has resurrect bring new meaning and life to you with abundance of love and happiness. Happy Easter greeting to you beloved!

Easter Monday messages

easter monday messages, easter monday ghana, easter monday 2018

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On the other hand, other Christians may choose to send their loved ones Easter Monday messages just to encourage them in their walk in Christ, as a form of appreciation or remind them of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. A message may differ slightly from a greeting as the latter only is to check on someone while a message may be more informative. Here are some of the Easter Monday 2018 messages you can send to your friends and family as this season is fast approaching;

  • The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful; window of divine surprise to humanity. May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God. Happy Easter beloved / sister/ brother / parents and so on.
  • Wishing your Easter is decorated with love, peace, joy of spring and the season’s blessings!
  • The resurrection asserts a truth which is by no means always written legibly for all men on the face of nature. It tells us that the spiritual is higher than the material, which in this universe spirit counts for more than matter. Happy Easter.
  • Sending my warmest Easter greetings to you and your family. May this Easter Monday fill you with hopes, prosperity, happiness and abundance, all received through God’s divine grace. Happy Easter.
  • True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit, what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. Sending you a basket of warm wishes for a happy Easter Monday.
  • As you celebrate Easter remember it is a time of sacrificial giving for Christ gave his life to set you free. Love your friends and family sacrificially and emulate the example of the greatest friend. Wishing you a blessed Easter Monday.
  • “The lord is close to all those who call upon his name …” Psalms 145:18 may the Lord’s blessings are with you on Easter and always. Happy Easter.
  • Easter is a time to reflect on victory through the death and ascension of Christ, it is a time to renew our hope, faith and trust in Jesus. May the voice of peace, love and happiness speak to you this Easter Monday. Lovely Easter season.

Some things in life appear as easy as abc, however they could be far from this. Ever scratched your head trying to make of something you initially thought would be the easiest thing to do in life? Writing a small Easter Monday greeting message could be one of it. The ideas and the zeal could be there yet completely clueless about what to pen down. Solace comes as I have outlined some of the greeting and messages you can send to your friends and family this fast approaching Easter season.

Thanks to this age of technology, there is plenty of the Easter Monday Ghana information one can get online. You can then edit them to suit your case or form the basis of inspiration to write some original content to your beloved this season of Easter. With all the apps, you can customize them to have your own personal touch and express the sincerity in desire to convey the message therein. This would brighten their day and make it known to them that they are in your thoughts and mind this Easter. May you now surprise your beloved with a beautifully inspired Easter Monday Message this season.

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