Fun places in Accra Ghana

Fun places in Accra Ghana

Once you have an idea of which fun places in Accra you can visit in your free time, then it becomes easy to maximize your time. Unfortunately there is never enough time to have real fun, yet the places to visit and sights to see are numerous. As such, having a checklist that you can cross once you are done with a place ensures that you visit the places you never want to miss fast. This way even if you run out of time to visit every pace you desired, you will have no regrets of having failed to visit those you considered most important to you.

Fun places in Accra

Fun places to hangout in Accra

If you are looking for fun places to go in Accra then this list will come in handy especially if you are the kind that has no idea where to begin. There are countless places to have fun in Accra that people barely know about. Be among the few that have discovered these fun places to visit in Accra Ghana and forever create treasure points that you can share with friends and family every other time. Whether you are looking for fun places in East Legon or in Accra in general, you will not miss something that will pick your interest. There are many nice places to have fun in Accra and the good news is that you do not have to pay a lot of money for it.

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Labadi beach

This is a great destination for anyone looking for an outdoor experience in one of the most popular beaches in Accra. It is the perfect place to grab late lunch and watch people engage in a number of activities including horseback riding, young boys dancing and acrobatics. It’s a great recommendation for any tired person that wants to recollect before taking up any serious task. A few hours at the beach is enough to get you into a super mood.

Artist alliance gallery

This will make the art lovers tick as they take in and enjoy the exceptional work of the artists here. The variety is breathtakingly beautiful with artwork made from metal, wood and cloth all displayed. If you have been wondering where to get all great artists work then this three story find is perfect. All Ghanaian artists worth their salt are displayed at Arts alliance gallery, thanks to Ablade Glover who is one of the greatest artists in Ghana. If you want to bring an art piece with you ask for shipping arrangements and get it conveniently delivered to you.

Makola market

This fantastic hectic market is a perfect destination for anyone looking to get a complete representation of Ghana in one place. Everything and more of what you can envision for sell is found at Makola market. Be careful though what you bring to this market because of its overcrowded nature. Leave your expensive cameras and phones behind but bring some money to spend as you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to buy.

Oxford Street in Osu

Fun places in Accra

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If you are looking for a place where it is all happening then consider Oxford Street located in the upmarket region of Osu market. If you are looking for a place to get some of the best restaurants, shops and bars in Accra then this is the street to be at. Apart from the fake imitations old at some of the shops you should be ready to deal with the traffic scenario.

Pop into Frankie’s whenever your stomach begins to rumble. Get a quick but delicious fix before moving on. Do not leave before visiting Woodin where you will find some of the best fabric. If you want a souvenir then there is no better place to collect a few than at Global mamas at the same trip. If you are more of a night person then visit Citizen Kofi for your evening dance or great movies. You could also snack at Bella Roma as you grab a snack after 10pm. Bottom line is that you can never go wrong with Oxford Street.

James Town

This area shows you the other side of Accra that you may not see the first time you set foot in the city. You may want to get a tour guide or a local to explain the deep history in the old buildings left by the British and Portuguese. Although the neighborhood appears ramshackled and poverty stricken, the buildings are in themselves a rich description of the deep history that Ghana has had. The town is one of the most community focused set up areas in Accra as chicken and kids can be seen running around.

Fun places in Accra

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The National Museum

Do not leave Accra before visiting the national museum more so if you area a history fanatic. Everything you need to learn about the Atlantic slave trade will be found in the history section of the museum. Check out the basics that have led to the existence of the modern day Ghana. Learn more about what matters to the Ghanaian people traditionally top on the list being the Kente wear as well as the royal Ashanti stools. Get to interact with paintings, tools and musical instruments that are unique to Ghana only. For a small amount of 5US dollars an adult you get to enjoy the richness of the museum from when it opens at 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Fun places in Accra

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Fantasy Coffin Shop

These shops are spread all over Accra. They specialize in making coffins that match the occupation or the favorite activity of the dead individual. They come in all shapes and types including beer bottles for persons that enjoyed their drink a bit too much, tuna fish for fishermen and different vegetables for farmers. You can pay the carpenter a few coins to have a look around.

While the list above shows you the fun hangouts in Accra especially if you are looking for fun things to do in Ghana during the day, there is the night life that needs to be catered for. You may not always be too tired to spend all your nights in Accra indoors. In the days that you feel like having an active night then the following joints will make for a perfect nightlife in Accra, at least for the duration that you stay.

Places to visit in Accra at night

Fun places in Accra

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Kona café and Grill

This is the first place you visit when you want to toast over a local drink. Enjoy asana or palm wine from caramelized corn. You can sit on the wooden pallet furniture in the garden area or hang out on the first floor bar. This joint offers a perfect hangout for anyone look for a place to relax after sunset. The serene environment turns once darkness comes as young Ghanaians throng the place to enjoy great music.

Clear spice

This gives you a chance to travel back to the 70s. The dance floor may be small but the experience that comes with it is phenomenal. It plays soul and funk music back from the 70s. This is where the mature crowd of Ghanaians aged between 30 to 40 hangs out enjoying cool music.


If you are keen on live performances then +233 will be perfect for your needs. This bar and grill joint offers you excellent sounds and perfect lighting that creates an exotic ambience from where to listen to your favorite music. What makes this joint stand out despite stiff competition is the fact that top quality music is played at any given time.


This will be perfect for anyone seeking to experience a little bit of Europe in the heart of Accra. Its high ceilings makes the place resemble an old factory which is contrary to its real status. It is one of the latest and most exclusive clubs and lounges in Accra. It is owned by Italians who intend to bring a touch of Europe to Accra. Its lighting is exquisite and its interiors are incomparable.

Rock stone’s office

This is considered the father of all hip life. It is owned by Ghana’s own star whom you may catch doing rounds once in a while. It is tastefully furnished with soft white leather couches that make a perfect background for funky tunes played at the three in one spot. You get a Django bar, a rooftop lounge and a grand Papazz club all in one space.

Republic Bar &Grill

This offers you a great street vibe especially if you are young. Remember that the bar’s activities are organized in such a way that you won’t be sitting down for so long. From excellent Djs, live gigs and karaoke sessions, you barely have time to relax. If you are the kind that wants a full night then this is your kind of place. It is one of the fun places to go in Accra Ghana at night. You will never regret your decision.

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Inasmuch as you know where to go during the day and at night, eating is a crucial part of your experience in Accra. You may want to sample excellent cuisines both local and exotic. This will be determined by the restaurant you visit. Here are some of the coolest places to visit especially after a long and tiring Accra sightseeing mission of the day.

Places to eat in Accra

After your long spree of doing rounds in all the fun spots in Accra Ghana, you need to break for a snack or settle down for a good round of meal. Knowing where to eat is a crucial part of this decision. Here are a few places to start with.

Fun places in Accra

Tea Baa

This is one of the paces in Accra that you will appreciate for many things. Apart from serving extremely delicious tea and great food, the staff is friendly and the small space means that you can afford to have a little privacy.


Don’t worry when you are asked if you are a guest at the skybar. Nod confidently that you are on the guest list and proceed to the 25th floor for a bar experience that is totally worth it. In case you do not want to pay for parking remember to say that you are am/pm bar where free parking is offered.

Coco lounge

If you are mindful about the interior f where you will be having your meals then this place will become a favorite n no time. This coupled with the okay food and drinks makes it a comfortable joint to hang out. Unfortunately, if you want a serene environment to enjoy your meals then the birthday interruptions may not be a great idea for you.

Urban grill’ is another perfect place to heck out but you must be prepared for the very expensive prices. After all, the excellent service almost makes the prices worth every penny.

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Café Kwae

His is an excellent joint just near the airport. Apart from its fancy interior design and excellent food presentation, they actually have some healthy choices of food such as gluten free bread and a variety of vegan servings. If you are looking for a nice joint to work from as you take coffee then this is it.

Chez Clarrise

If you have found this eatery then you can agree that you have spotted for yourself a gem. Let the shabby look of the restaurant’s exterior not fool you. This restaurant is located in the streets of Osu. Any shortcomings are compensated for once you get in. The service is quick, attentive and excellent not to mention their great food. You must not leave Accra before visiting this restaurant, it is worth every pain especially because of the relaxed atmosphere that almost makes you feel you are home.

Gold coast

This would be a great spot for diner because of their great meals. What’s more you get to listen to live music as you enjoy a favorite meal or drink. In case you have friends or family with you consider taking them to Gold coast. You will definitely appreciate their African brunch or buffet.

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