Mole National Park Ghana: map, animals, tours and contact

Mole National Park Ghana: map, animals, tours and contact

The Mole National Park Ghana is an extensive wildlife hub nestled among a riparian ecosystem and savanna grassland, it is home to many animals. The park is located in the northwestern part, with a massive mountain forming on the southern side of the park. Getting to Mole National park in Ghana is more accessible through Larabanga, the nearest town in the area.

Mole national park Ghana

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The Mole and Lovi rivers are ephemeral and passing through the park. During the prolonged dry season, they leave behind drinking holes. Annually, the area receives up to 1000 mm of rainfall.

Mole National Park Ghana

Mole National Park is the biggest out of the other seven parks in the country. In Mole National Park tours Ghana, tourists can see elephants freely when visiting the area. Yearly, the Park receives around 14,000 visitors with half of them being Ghanaian nationals. You cannot afford to miss mole national park safari Ghana as it is a moment worth reliving. It covers 4,577 square kilometers.

African “Big Five” game animals live in the park, and they include African Savanna buffalo, African elephant, leopard, and lion. It is an international destination with over 350 species of birds visiting the place while others are residing within. Mole National Park is a habitation to 33 species of reptiles including two species of python (royal and African rock) and two species of crocodile (short-snouted and rock).

Mole National Park map

History of Mole National Park in Ghana

During the 1930s, the national government pronounced the area occupied by Mole National Park a Game Clearance area; this marked the beginning of Mole National Park history. The place was infested by tsetse flies, which depended on the wild animals. The policy ended in the 1950s after the site was successfully cleared. In 1971, the Park was formally developed, creating villages within its boundaries. Presently, 33 communities are leaving within the perimeters of the park. The park management is pursuing all avenues possible to empower the economic opportunities for over the 40,000 habitats.

Mole national park Ghana

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Where is Mole National Park in Ghana?

Mole National Park safari Ghana is memorable considering its strategic location, which is suitable for tourists. In spite of charging more than other places in Ghana, it is worth visiting. The Park has been termed many times as an easy to get to area.When it comes to accessing the park, there are so many options, and they include:

  • Private Car- Thanks to the completion of the new road that joins Larabanga and Fufulso, you no longer need a big car to get to the place. The journey is between 2 to 2.5 hours from Tamale. Mole National Park tours are exciting as there is much to see when traversing through the various roads. Using your personal car is expensive but the most comfortable way of getting to the park. For foreigners, rental cars are available, as they cannot drive in a route they do not understand. When renting a vehicle, the driver’s accommodation is inclusive of the fee being charged. To get the best vehicles, visit the website.
  • Chartered taxi - A chartered taxi from Tamale to the Mole National Park is quite expensive with charges ranging from 250 GHc. The maximum time before getting to the Park undisturbed is three hours.
  • Tro-tro- It passes through Bole and Tamale with stops at Labaranga. The first trip departure is from Tamale at 4 o’clock with other services taking on later in the day. When you alight at Labaranga, take a local taxi to mole national park Ghana hotel at 25-30 GHc. Other options are walking from Labaranga to the Park, which is approximately between 60-90 minutes. However, it could be exhausting during the day when the sun is hot. Another alternative is use a motorcycle for 15 GHc.
  • Bus- It has been two years without direct vehicles to Mole National Park. The fastest and closet you can get there is by using public service vehicle, which leaves you at the small town of Labaranga. If you are lucky, you can catch the Metro Mass Service from Tamale to Wa and from Tamale to Mole. It leaves very early, between 5:30 and 6:00.

If you are moving from Accra to Mole National Park, you have to take a bus yo Tamale ad from there you can get a bus to Mole National Park.

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Mole national park Ghana

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Among the facts about Mole National Park Ghana, is that it harbors many species of animals, birds, and butterflies and there are so many adventures one can partake when within the area.

If you have a four by four car, you can go on a driving safari as long as you are in the company of an armed ranger. It gives you the opportunity to see a full area of the park.

You can also just relax while taking Mole National Park pictures to show friends when you go back home. At the park's viewing area, there is a watering hole, and you will have a chance to see herds of elephants bathing and grazing.

During the early mornings around 6 am, and the late afternoon from 4 pm, you can go on a walking safari with an armed ranger. Depending on the number of people staying within a specific unit, each group is assigned a ranger.

In the surrounding area, you will come across the well-preserved picturesque mosque made from mud and sticks. When at Mole, the closest you can get to this is the compound, since no one is allowed to get inside. If you are an enthusiast for stick and mud mosques, visit the ones in Upper West region.

If you plan to stay for several days within the park, Mole National Park Ghana hotel offers a variety of accommodation that best suits your budget. Some rooms are well equipped with en-suite chalets, air conditioning system, and bunkbeds to make you comfortable. Mole motel was more expensive in the past than any other hotel in the region, but recently, the opening of Zaina Lodge subsidized these prices. Another option is to pitch up tents and have a camping visit with your group. Lastly, you can take a walk to Larabanga by making a right turn from the Park where you will get two guest houses. The only challenge is, there are no direct vehicles from here to the village, unless you take a ride with the locals who have cars. Other necessary things include:

Mole national park Ghana

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Eating- There is a staff canteen serving Ghanaian delicacies in vast amounts at modest rates. To get served you need to make an upfront order. There is also a restaurant that serves local and western style food. The prices range from 40 GHc upwards, and they always advise visitors to order their food several hours before the intended eating time to get the best services.

Drinks- There is a small kiosk at the main visitors center selling soft drinks and water at lower prices than those in the hotel. The motel has a bar and an area where they serve the regular mineral water, wine, and liquor. Canteen for the staff closes a little bit early but sell water and other beverages at affordable prices.

There is a souvenir shop where visitors can buy their daily necessities, but like all other places in the ark, the prices are also high.

Mole National Park animals

Mole is famous for a lot of species of wildlife. There are more than 300 types of birds in the park. The largest bird category comprises of the Bateleur, Kingfishers, Egyptian Geese, kites, pelicans, egrets, and storks. The small bird life includes flycatchers, rock partridges malachite kingfishers, guinea fowls and ground hornbills.

The number of mammals follows second with more than 94 species. Elephants in Mole National Park Ghana lead in the list followed by buffalos, baboons, warthogs, several duikers, patas, antelopes, kobs, bushbuck, and green vervet monkeys. Balancing the ecosystem is a bunch of predators namely leopards, aardvark, genet, civet, lions, caracal, mongoose and spotted hyena.

Mole national park Ghana

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There are 33 reptile categories with the amphibians coming least in number with nine species. Mole National Park Ghana animals are in various parts giving both local and international tourists an ample time when they visit the place.

Apart from being a hub to many animals, the park is an ideal water catchment area with most rivers and streams having their source at this Park and drain into the White Volta. The spectacular Polzen falls is also found here. Other attractions within this area include:

  • Mole Airstrip
  • Conference facilities
  • Experienced tour guides
  • Other tourist facilities (viewing hides and platforms, camping facilities, car rental service)
  • Overnight accommodation

Slave caves: some caves in the Park are said to have served as hiding places o the people who fled the raid of the two notorious slave raiders, Babatu and Samori. The Park headquarters was their main area of operation during the slave trade.

Waterfall: At the Northeast of the park headquarters, you will come across the amazing Konkori falls. The place is reserved for individuals out on adventure since the place is complicated.

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Mole National Park Entrance Fee

The price for getting into the park ranges from children to adults, institutions, Ghanaian nationals and so much more. Below is an image illustrating how different people, organizations and individuals are charged when they come visiting from Accra to Mole National Park.

Mole national park Ghana

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Mole National Park Ghana Accommodation

The Mole Motel has 34 rooms that comprises of three-bedded family rooms, single, double, chalets, and dormitory rooms(guests in dorm rooms share common facilities) Apart from overlooking an elephant bath, it provides restaurant facilities and overnight accommodation.

Zaina Lodge is another accommodation option for visitors within the national park. It provides unparalleled service and luxurious accommodations in most of Ghana’s park including the Mole National Park. It overlooks two bus waterholes and an endless savannah which is visited by most of the animals living in the park. It boasts of a swimming pool, restaurant, outdoor bar fire pit. The lodge has 25 rooms ach with private balconies and chalets. For those who like bathing under the stars, there are outdoor showers.

Apart from being a low cost safari in Africa, having an idea of the mole national park history will go a long way. Staying for more than two nights will give you the opportunity to see all the animals within the game park. Right from elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, and the wonderful game rangers, one cannot ask for more. The grassland and woodland Savannah puts Ghana on the map for preservation of nature where animals reside.

Touring the magnificent park will leave you with wonderful memories. In the distance, you can see fires burning possibly from compounds of the people living around the area. The national park is a gem. In spite on not possessing what other parks in Africa can offer, there are so many amazing physical features.

The warthogs will walk past you from time to time without a care in the world. When feeling bored, you can take a walk down the motel but ensure you do not get too close to the animals especially the baboons and elephants. There are several viewing platforms where one can freely see the animas walking around during the night without getting too close.

Mole national park Ghana

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The game rangers at this place are amazing people and are always on standby to assist whee possible.The Mole National Park is located in the Northern part of this great country and is a home to different animals, species, and birds. The park is 430 km from Kumasi and 700 km from Ghana. It is one in a million destination place because it provides tourists with close encounters with the wild animals found in the park.

It is located in a beautiful undisturbed portion of the Guinea savannah zone with open woodland being the most dominant. Rain mostly falls between April and October, and it is around 1100 mm. Between November and March, the area experiences partial drought. The grass in this area grows up to a height of three meters during the rainy period. Along most of the streams, you will get bands of a riverine forest where you will get different bird species perched on the trees during the day. There are 742 species of plants growing at the Mole where 24 are rare and four endemic.

In case you need to make inquiries, here is Mole National Park contact information;

Mole Motel & National Park

Damongo, 146km south east of Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana

Main Number: +233244316777

Mobile: +233277564444

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