10 things to do in Accra this weekend

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

Sometimes all we need after long days of working is to relax and do some fun activities.There are many things to do in Accra ranging from fun, romantic, to educational activities with a friend or a loved one and you have fun and relax your mind. Accra city is one of the safest in Ghana and so, people enjoy spending their quality time there because its not only rich historically but also beautiful physically.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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Picture walking hand in hand with your loved ones in the sandy beaches in Accra as the sun sets. Beautiful right or learning the rich history of Ghana through the numerous museums in Ghana. The options of activities to do in Accra are endless.We have the best ideas for things to do in Accra. No need to take up a tour guide, Sit back and relax as we take you through the places and what to do in Accra Ghana.Here is a summary of the top things to do in Accra Ghana

Fun things to do in Accra Ghana

Have fun as you go through the fun things to do in Ghana. You will definitely have a idea on what activity you will involve your loved one this weekend

1. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park tour

Wondering what things to do in Accra this weekend, how about paying tribute to Ghana’s first president who was at the forefront for fighting for the independence of Ghana from the colonial rule? The mausoleum is located in the downtown of Accra. The Kwame Nkurumah mausoleum was designed by Don Arthur, it also houses the first lady of Ghana Mrs. Fathia Nkrumah. It was designed with an upside-down sword which translates to a symbol of peace in the Akan culture.

From top to bottom, the mausoleum is covered from top to bottom in the finest Italian marble. At the top of the structure is a star which represents unity. The interior is cemented with marble and a mini mastaba with a grave marker surrounded by river washed rocks. The most unique feature is that at full daylight, the sunlight is reflected into the mausoleum and illuminates the marble to bring out an awesome picture of the place which many have fallen for.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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It is surrounded by water and locals look up to it as a sign of immortality of their freedom fighter. Despite his demise, through the mausoleum his life is reincarnated in the hearts of all Ghanaians. You can visit the place with your family and learn the history of Kwame Nkrumah and what he went through to give Ghanaians they freedom they are enjoying today. The place is a frequented scene by other leaders from the world who come to pay tribute and homage to the great legend.

2. Visit to the Bojo Beach

Going through what to do in Accra Ghana? What about a 25 minutes’ drive from the capital of Accra which will land you at the cleanest and chilled out Bojo beach. To let you in on a little secret, the Bojo beach is better thanmost beaches around beach in case you are in search of a less crowded and hectic place. It is a haven for many tourists and locals who are looking forward for a wonderful time. At the gate you will pay a little entrance fee and you will gain entry. The fee is used to fund a mission of some of the youth who are engaged in cleaning the beach. So, will also be contributing to a good course.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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There a host of fun activities ranging from boat rides, beach volleyball, bon fires, swimming and surfing. You can also do the occasional sand bathing as you soak in the sunlight. There are a host of hotels around the beach that offer accommodation ranging from luxurious to simple ones depending with your budget. But the prices are usually fair during holidays and other peak seasons. You can arrange for a tour guide for a tour around the beach. At night, there are cultural dances performed by the locals to entertain the visitors.

3. W.E.B Du Bois Memorial Center for Pan African Culture tour

It is a research facility and tourist attraction center in the area of Cantonments, Accra. It has been in existence since it was opened back in 1985. It was named after African-American Pan-Africanist W.E.B.Du Bois who later took the Ghanaian citizenship while spending the latter of his life there at the invitation of the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah where he compiled the Encyclopedia Africana.

The center houses a small museum with part of Du Bois’ personal library and a collection of his works, which are open for researchers. The tomb hosts the body of the freedom fighter and peace activist. It also hosts the ashes of his wife Shirley Graham Du Bois adjacent to the shrine shelters. It also publications of the life and works and D.E.B by Daniel Agbeye, post cards, books and studies on Pan Africanism and other souvenir items. The place also hosts seminar facilities, souvenir shops, open air theatre, library and guest rooms for the lovers and enthusiasts of the rich culture of Ghana.

Romantic things to do in Accra Ghana

As you are having fun moving around Accra, remember to tag along your partner and have some romantic moments

4. Time out at the Silverbird Cinemas Accra Mall

This is especially for the movie lovers. When you are tired of travelling around Ghana with your loved one, why don’t make a stop at the Silverbird cinema in Accra. It is one of the most elegant cinemas in Ghana which premier’s blockbuster and romance movies. You can also plan a schedule for your favorite move so that you can watch it together. The place is usually less crowded with people creating privacy for you and your loved one. It is the best way to relax and unwind.

Also, there are restraints nearby, you can opt in for a chef tailored made dinner. You can book early to make arrangements for a dinner date just for two. You can also describe to the chef what you would like to have or they can give you their priorities according to their specialties. The restaurants are renowned for offering the best and sumptuous sea food. I t is also nice to try out new delicacies, you can have some of the traditional delicacies loved by many Ghanaians. Most of the Ghanaian cuisines are simple and savory.

5. Sunset sail at the Labadi beach

After a long day of strolling up and down the city of Accra, you can finish off the day watching the sun set in the Labadi beach as you enjoy freshly squeezed juice from the bar. It has an incredible and spectacular view as the sun disappears in the horizon. You can lay in the sand with your loved one head on chest as you feel the wonderful sight of the beach. The place is less crowded during the day as people head home as soon as it starts to get dark. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the privacy and make the most of the moment.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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Labadi beach is very clean as it is maintained by the management of the surrounding hotels. You will be charged an entrance fee if you have not booked at any of the hotels nearby. Especially on holidays, you can capitalize on the reggae, hiplife, playback and cultural drumming and dancing that rocks the place. You can book in one of the nearby hotels and have an open date near the ocean. You can also sleep together on the harmattans available as the cool breeze of the ocean takes you away. Many couples have proposed to their loved ones on this beach.

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6.Picnic at the Aburi Garden

Prepare a lunchbox and your finest wine and head towards the beautiful Aburi Botanic Gardens. It is on top of a hill as it overlooks the rest of Accra. The botanical garden is a delight to walk around especially for lovers of nature. There are many species of plants and flowers that surround the garden. The garden is also blessed with different species of bird making it a haven for the lovers. You can also hire bikes to explore the rest of the area.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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After the meal, you can pack and embark on a sight-seeing mission. The place is secured and you can feel the purity of the air. Especially at night, you can watch over as the lights in Accra shine around. It is the perfect for you and your lover. If you are thinking of popping the ring and going down on one knee, this is the perfect spot to actually do this. You can also get the locals who act as tour guides as they take you through the whole garden. There are nearby hotels where you can visit to get food and refreshments.

7. Platter at the Chez Clarisse

Are you looking for a popular eating joint famous for its savory Ivorian and Ghanaian dishes? Well the Chez Clarisse is the perfect place to visit. The platters offered are huge and are ideal for sharing sumptuous grilled meat. You also have the chance to lay your hands on their signature offering locally called ‘atcheke’ which is a grated cassava dish that looks like couscous.

The meals are prepared by top notch chefs and you can also ask them to prepare your own meals through orders. They will set the table for you into a romantic evening. After the meal, you can watch as people in the streets go about their daily lives. Or you can decide to take a stroll down the streets and enjoy the view.

What to do in Accra on Sunday

After having so much fun on Saturday, you can have a cooled down Sunday in different places in Accra

8. Explore Artists Alliance Art Gallery Exhibition

You probably had a long Saturday full of hyped events and are looking for a less high octane, energy filled top things to do in Accra. Well if you are a lover of art well the art center in Accra is the perfect place for you. At the Artists Alliance Gallery, you will explore an endless number of free exhibits. This ranges from antique and traditional houses with unique designs, books containing the rich culture of Ghanaians, paintings of the scenic places in Ghana and leaders, sculptures, clothing’s and beads.

There is also a secluded area which overlooks the Labadi beach. It is the perfect place for a picnic or a quick rest. It is the best place to look and discover the cultural heritage of Ghana. Also, close by is the Kempinski hotel for the Gallery 197 which hosts some of the high-end artefacts. The entrance is free for everyone as you view some of the luxurious gallery on display. The hotel also has a section where you can order for drinks and other sumptuous meals. Most of the tourists flock the area due to the curios and the amazing artefacts.

9. The Accra Polo club

If you are a sports fanatic, well the Accra Polo club is the best place for you so as watching the Polo match can be one of the things to do in Accra this weekend. During the last Sunday of each month, the club holds a tournament pitching contestant from different parts of the world. If you can’t participate you can stand in the stable with the rest of the visitors as you cheer on the rest of the players. You can also visit the stables where the horses are taken care of. The Accra Polo club is set in a secluded area from the rest of the town in a peaceful and serene environment. You can enjoy the scenic view and the fresh air that makes the place loved by all sport fanatics.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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You can also order for cheap drinks at the nearby bar and restaurant. The stylish and peaceful location makes it one of the top fun things to do in Ghana. The best part is that you do not have to spend anything. The entrance is totally free for everyone to visit. In case you want to participate in the sports, you will pay a small participation fee. The club hosts international tournaments and regional competitions. If you are lucky, you can attend and see the true enthusiasts of the game battle it out.

10. Time out at the Wild Gecko

Set in a large compound in Dzorwulu, this is not only a pan-African gift shop but also a carpentry workshop where several artifacts are hand made by the artisans. The place is also home to different species of animals like monkeys and tortoises.

10 things to do in Accra this weekend

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It’s the perfect place to have a nature walk as you explore the different sites and scenes the place has to offer. You can also have a picnic at one of the house made benches. You can also explore the various fabrics on display ranging from Ethiopian to the map of the Gold Coast circa in 1789.

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Things not to do in Accra

We also have to advice on the things not to do in Accra this weekend so that you can take care and be cautious as you are having fun moving around Accra.

Shopping at Makola market

Makola market is one of Ghana’s renowned shopping district in Accra that deal in a variety of products. The busy markets are usually flooded on a daily business by traders and customers are caught up in a melee. The place is full of fresh agricultural products straight out from the farm. There are a lot of variety of fruits that you can taste. It also has several curio shops that sell different artifacts and jewelry. It is the perfect place to acquire a souvenir for this great place. The products are quite affordable and cheap so it won’t cost you much.

However, when visiting the market beware of photography. The locals do not encourage photography by visitors. It is important to ask for permission before taking pictures in order to avoid a run in with the law. Do not also walk around the streets without the help of a tour guide. The Makola market is very big and extends a long stretch. It is also common for crimes where most visitors are robbed their personals. So, next time use the help of a tour guide in order to enjoy the tour.

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