Best marriage romance love letters that will boost your relationship

Best marriage romance love letters that will boost your relationship

‘Allow me to love you, if not for the rest of your life, for the rest of my life’, ‘I love you not because of who you are but because of who I am when am with you’ and what about this, ‘you hold a special place in my heart’. These are some of the words said from the heart can make a drained soul refreshed all over again. I can now rest be assured you mind is wandering somewhere about a person you hold in your heart so dearly and the memories you made. Just out of curiosity, when did you last write a marriage romance love letter to your beloved? What was its content? How was it received?

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I have watched people of diverse age brackets in love. The youthful couple who love curdling, exchanging warm embraces even on public glare and other love dovey I choose not to mention. How about the elderly lovers who have grown fond of each other to the point of talking resemblance? They may not show affection publicly but you can tell they are in love. Walking leisurely holding hands, selfless care and devotion and the soft spoken conversation are just some of the pointers. Love is surely a beautiful thing.

Knowledge is sought in many ways, I have asked several couples what the secret could be and one response has repetitively been received, - it is the little things in life that matter. A romance love letter is one of the inexpensive yet one that lives significant impact in the long run. It’s comparable to a mustard seed; very tiny yet grows into tall trees that make the forest dense and thick. Similarly, a marriage romance love message can build an empire.

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What is a marriage romance love letter?

A marriage romance love letter is an informal note expressing affection to a person of the opposite sex who matter to you. Ordinarily, these notes are exchanges between a husband and a wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or lovers generally.

Women are known to be fascinated by marriage romance love promises but men equally need this affection. It is hard to tell of what the masculine gender desires since they are not overly open or liberal about it as the feminine are. Nonetheless, we are all created with some inherent need for love. This need has to be satisfied as long as humanity is concerned.

Marriage romance love messages

marriage romance love letters promise, marriage romance love letters trust, marriage romance stories love letters

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As long as one can love, they can write a good love letter - this is my school of thought. This is because whatever is in abundance at heart comes out in form of words. Love comes naturally knows no barriers and when it comes it sways along with the tides and storms.

The biggest boon about love letters is that there is no standard way of doing it or gauge. It is purely an expression of emotional feelings to a love partner. It matters not the choice of words or language used but that the content is convey and received. In line with these, a marriage romance love letter does not need to be lengthy, it can be short and to the point yet portray the message you intended to your loved one.

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How to write a good marriage romance love letter

marriage romance love letters promise, marriage romance love letters trust, marriage romance stories love letters

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As mentioned, a romance love letter is not formal in nature. However, there are some specific tips one need to know when writing a promise of love. Such are;

  • Know what your partner loves or are excited about. This way you will be able to draft a love message that will go down warmly to the core of their being. It would be very disappoint to write a love letter but it fail to be taken note of by your partner.
  • This is an appreciation and affection token to them but should be kept natural and realistic. Do not tell them you hardly eat because of them and bla bla bla.
  • Do not sound cliché in your letter, let thing flow naturally, write as per what is in your heart. If the other party or partner finds your text more or less proverbial, it won’t be appreciated and will obviously have not served its purpose. By the way, it is very easy to tell apart a generic love letter from a heartfelt one.
  • The letter should be personalized. Let it suit those whom it is addressed to.
  • Words that dispel love should be used. Alternatively address your beloved with their pet names; darling, honey, sweetheart, queen, king, prince, love among many others.
  • Show that you sincerely love them and that they are always on your mind and thoughts.
  • Be unique. Get to be thoughtful about the whole affection expression thing.
  • Make the love letters a surprise. Leave the letters in a secretive but accessible locations in the house.

When to write the marriage romantic love messages?

marriage romance love letters promise, marriage romance love letters trust, marriage romance stories love letters

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There is no set time when one can write their beloved a romantic love letter. It should happen randomly whenever you feel the need to appreciate them and let them know of you love towards them. It can be daily, weekly or at any intervals you know best how.

Nonetheless, there are people who pen down love letters for specific reasons chiefly for ceremonial purposes. This is not being unromantic; it is all about personality and their reason of judgment. I tend to have a similar opinion; frequent love quotes or messages may not be weighty or have impact as those done after a while. The idea could be not just to express love but also to rekindle extinguishing love flame. Love letters leave a nostalgic memory in the heart and mind of your beloved that will work long in your favor and strengthen your relationship.

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Who to write the romantic love messages to?

Although norms are changing, let us stick around the opposite sex kind of love affair – not sidelining those attracted to persons of the same gender. Love ordinarily is between a male and a female and so should be the marriage romantic love letters. There is no age bracket as to those who can write and those who can’t. Love is for all and so long as it has aroused then it should be left to naturally manifest and flourish.

A boyfriend may write to a girlfriend, a girlfriend may write to the boyfriend and the husband writes to the wife and likewise the wife can do the same. Love knows no boundaries and so is gender. Although men commonly write love messages to their beloved, in return men can be given this token of appreciation. Besides, they are humanly too with conscience and a heart.

Samples of the marriage romantic love messages

marriage romance love letters promise, marriage romance love letters trust, marriage romance stories love letters

Source: Love Dignity

Here are some sample love letters between lovers that can give you some inspiration when writing you beloved a romantic love letter;

Marriage romantic love message from husband

To my dear beloved wife,

You are the apple of my life, I never knew what life was until I met you,

You have helped my get on track, corrected my softly and lovingly,

Held my arm when I almost slide and fall,

I have watched you tirelessly work long night to ensure we all sleep comfortable,

This reminds me of the unbearable pain you went through for our bundle of joy,

Words may not be enough to show how thankful I am,

You are a gem, a treasure so refined,

I love you and always will.

Yours loving,

(The name can be mentioned but not necessary the official one)

The wife may in turn respond to the letter with a reply

To my all time sweetheart,

There have been times in my life when I have wondered truly,

What good did I do to deserve a man like you,

The answer is as real and simple as it gets,

I have seen a lot of things and paid the price, so when I finally got you for me,

I knew the labor and hardship had to make me reach to you,

You are a sweet fruit of hard work and patience.

Now that I have you in my life I never want to let go,

Till eternity, I love you.

Other love letters could take the form of;

Love Letter

We have cried together in my pain, laughed our heart out, grief over loss,

Shared my sincere worries and concerns about life,

Yet no one time have you left me stranded in the darkness of life,

When I could barely walk on my own, you held my arm and tapped me on the back to cheer me on,

When the world seemed to be falling on me, you blocked the slides from overwhelming me and assured me of my safety

You offered your arms, to which I fell on,

Embraced me so warmly and for a moment I forgot all that was around me,

You let me lie on your chest as sleep peacefully like a baby while you watched over me,

Waking up besides you gives me comfort and courage to face the day with boldness,

You have never let anything come between us and today I give you my promise to never let anything get in the way of our love,

To the moon and back I love you.

A young man may similarly write to the woman in their life telling them of their love and how they adore them. Here is a sample of such a romantic love letter;

To you my love,

I love how shy you get when I complement you,

The glares and stare we exchange when we become speechless in each other’s arms,

You are just a perfected creation; everything about you is flawless and lovable,

You are way better than the telenovela fiction actress chase left right and centre by men,

I wonder what it would be like being woken up by you with tear of love rolling down your sweet cheeks as you say, ‘I love you’.

I wonder what it would be like to see you post on social media photos of me with a sweet caption about how you love me,

I want to walk behind you, grab you tenderly and wrap a necklace around your neck

I want to surprise you with a bouquet of flowers in presence of your friends so the world know how much I love you,

I want to whisper into your hear every day of how I feel about you,

I want to travel the world with you because it can never get boring,

I cherish your companionship, friendship, love and time,

Without you we would not have made memories like we have,

I your eyes I see love and life, your face glows and your good physique leaves me melting,

Today I pledge to be forever yours,

I will always love you.

Yours loving.

marriage romance love letters promise, marriage romance love letters trust, marriage romance stories love letters

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Romantic love letters are like grandmother’s stories; they never get old despite them being repeated time and time again. Sweet words are good for the soul; they bring peace and rejuvenate love if it was diminishing. Marriage romantic love letters is just one easy way of telling your loved one that you value their time, company and appreciate the sacrifices and pain they have had to bore for your sake.

Sometimes, lovers especially those married get so consumed in their daily economic activities and neglect their other responsibilities. As this happen, they love life grows weaker and weaker and before it is even noticeable love has already been flown away by the wind. To curb such, lovers can from time to time exchange romantic love letter to rekindle the love. This way relationship can grow stronger and lovers can be more united bonded together by love. Love letter is a strong tip in ensuring you love last till eternity. Following this piece, I can rest assured lovers will love more and better.

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