Men with erectile dysfunction may be gay

Men with erectile dysfunction may be gay

- New research says men struggling with erectile dysfunction may actually be gay

- The research says up to 100,000 British men may be gay and struggling with erectile dysfunction

A new piece of research conducted by the British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM), has it that some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), may actually be gay without knowing it.

According to the BSSM's research result, although there are many reasons - drugs, alcohol, stress, depression - why a man may experience problems getting an erection in the bedroom with a woman, some men may be experiencing a crisis in sexuality.

The research estimates that up to 100,000 British men suffer from erectile dysfunction could actually be struggling with their sexual orientation.

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Moreover, the research suggests that healthcare providers directly ask patients if they could be struggling with their sexuality, a loaded question that could be uncomfortable for some patients.

According to the research's author, Dr. Geoff Hackett, those struggling with the sexual orientation need to be given direction.

"This may be your one and only chance as a doctor to do so. If a man is in a relationship with a woman and is having problems with erectile dysfunction it might be because they are in a relationship with the wrong gender.

They might be able to overcome their issue if they come to terms with this. If you do not get at this problem, you will waste a lot of time and ineffective treatment going down the wrong path."

On the other hand, Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, from the Royal Collage of GPs, disagrees.

According to her, there are many reasons why men could experience ED, and that patients need a safe place to talk about such matters when they feel like they want to.

She said she does not believe asking direct questions would instill the confidence needed to broach the subject with the doctors.

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