Really romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Really romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Many partners may love each other so much, but there could be something missing sometimes, and unfortunately, most of the girls feel that men cannot really understand what is going wrong. That is why many people say that relationships are complicated, but that is actually not the case if we consider the differences between men and women. That is why men who succeed in being romantic with their girlfriends tend to be more capable of sustaining long and successful relationships with their partners that could really last forever, but not all men can do that, so here are some romantic questions to ask your girlfriend that will make your relationship better and more active.

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A Romantic Couple

Men and women are not just different in sex but in other few psychological principals. Girls tend to be more romantic by nature, while men are not essentially romantic by nature. In addition, all of us as humans expect our partners to feel and think the same way like us, and we really get disappointed when that does not happen sometimes.

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For example, studies have proven that females can verbally express themselves better than males, and that is why men are sometimes misunderstood in many cases, as they may say something while they mean something else. Also, most men are more attracted to youth and beauty, while women are more attracted to status. So, it is very important for all men to really understand the main differences between males and females and react according to them in order to be successful in a longtime relationship.

Read down below to know more about some of the most romantic questions and answers to ask your girlfriend in order to make her love you even more. If you are not in a relationship yet, you will also find questions that you can ask our crush or any girl you like.

10 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Research has proven that a man’s fantasies are always visual, while fantasies of women usually include romance, and that is actually purely in their nature. That is one of the main reasons girls prefer to talk more than men about feelings and emotions, while men just prefer to take some actions and expect their girlfriends to appreciate what they do and not what they say. That is the main reason why each man in a relationship should always focus on asking his girlfriend some romantic questions, and here are the most 10 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend:

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1. What makes you feel loved?

That is a very important question to ask at the beginning of a new relationship because girls like to fantasize a lot about their romantic partners and about their marriage life, and they will most probably have an answer ready engraved in their brains to this question. The question will also make your girlfriend feel that you care a lot about her happiness, dreams, and satisfaction.

2. Do you like to sing in the shower?

Who does not? Everyone likes to sing in the shower, but not many people admit it as they may consider it something silly or inappropriate. This question will make her trust you more with sharing with you some of the stuff that she does not share with other people randomly, which will bring both of you closer together.

3. What do you think about your perfect day?

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Another random question that will make you understand your girlfriend better, as you will know about her most favorite habits and some of her most important and dearest things in life. It will also make her feel that you care a lot about making her happy and that you are eager to make her live this perfect day every single day.

4. Do you like kissing in front of others in public?

If you are already in a deep relationship together, this question will definitely make her fantasize about kissing you. The answer will also make you realize how does she react to the opinions of other people around her. Girls by nature could be shy sometimes to kiss in public, but some of them seem not to care so much if they are so much in love with their partners.

5. What was your childhood prince of dreams like?

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One way or another, we are all very attached to our childhood memories, and they may still affect us significantly in our daily lives in different situations. Knowing about some of the properties, looks, and attitude of your girlfriend’s prince of dreams will be something fun to talk about, and will let you know about her deepest fantasies and imaginations.

6. What was your first impression of me?

Sometimes, girls seem to evaluate their potential partners by the way they look. For example, most girls prefer to be with a man who is a bit taller than they are, stronger, dressed well, and good-looking. It is in the nature of all females to choose the perfect and strongest partner from which they can have strong and healthy newborns. That is why knowing your girlfriend’s first impression of you will make you understand how she thinks about you, and the question will also make her think about you more as the man of her dreams.

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7. What is your dream romantic trip?

Who does not like traveling? Almost no one! Some girls may fantasize sometimes about romantic trips to romantic beaches, while others may have dreamt about visiting certain locations all their lives. It is also a wonderful feeling to realize that one of your dream destinations is also your girlfriend’s. In addition, asking this question will make her realize that you are romantic and that you care about making her dreams come true.

8. What is your favorite romantic book or movie?

This question will make your girlfriend tell you about her superhero, whether it is in a book or in a movie. It will help you understand who is she looking for in her life as an eternal partner and what are his characteristics. It could also be very nice if you both decide to watch this movie together or discuss the events of a book that you both like.

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9. How come you are so beautiful?

Let’s admit it! Any girl will like such a question from one time to another. It is simply in their nature to try to look the prettiest while men try to look the strongest. Since they are 5 years old, girls admire their beauty and stand in front of the mirror to comb their hair and take care of themselves to look better. Such a question will make your girlfriend more confident, and will also make her sure that you are attracted to her more than other girls.

10. What is your favorite love poem or song?

Girls like poetry, not all of them of course, and if not, then they may like a romantic song with nice and deep words. Asking your girlfriend about her favorite love poem or song will make her imagine you as the one romantic guy in the poem or song.

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A Romantic Message for Your Girlfriend

Romantic questions to ask a girl you like

If you like a girl and want to make her your girlfriend, then you should definitely ask her the right kind of questions. You should also understand that it should not be like an interview, but more of a romantic conversation. Also, It is best to ask those questions in romantic moments. For example, when you are walking in a nice park or on the beach. It could also be nice to ask those questions when you are watching her favorite romantic movie with her. Some of the questions mentioned above could also be nice to ask a girl you like if you already know each other for a while, but here are some of the cutest questions ask your girlfriend:

1. What is your happiest childhood memory?

Children are innocent by nature; they act, talk, and do anything they want without thinking of any consequences. Remembering good childhood memories may make us laugh at ourselves sometimes, but we will sure enjoy it, which puts us in a better mood immediately. Asking your girlfriend about her happiest childhood memory will definitely make her feel happier with you.

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2. What are your favorite hobbies?

You should definitely discover your girlfriend’s favorite hobbies and support her in what she is doing or try some of her favorite activities with her. It will make both of you close friends as well and not only lovers and will make her feel secure to choose someone with whom she can spend the rest of her life. We may all not be eager sometimes to try new activities or hobbies, but after all, it could be fun, and we won’t have anything to lose.

3. What is the most thing you like about your father?

That could be considered as one of the most personal questions to ask your girlfriend; never the less, it is a very important question indeed. Before a girl finds her eternal partner, she only thinks the most of the one man in her life who has been supporting her and taking care of her all her life, and that man is her father or any member in her family who has taken his place. That is why, most probably, any girl would choose the man who is similar to her father in many traits and qualities, and that is the main reason this question could be very important at the beginning of a relationship for you to understand if you are a good fit for her.

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4. What makes you smile?

Knowing what makes your girlfriend happy is of course very important. You should try to know the small and little things in life that make her smile every day, and this is another question that will make her feel happier and secure with you, as it means that you care a lot about her satisfaction and happiness in life.

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A Happy Couple

Romantic questions to ask your girlfriend over text

Deep love questions to ask your girlfriend, in this case, are also very essential, but it is better for you to come up with those ones since girls could be very different from one another. Long distance relationships could be tough for many partners sometimes, and that is why they require a strong power of will and true dedication. Anyway, if you are both so in love with each other, it may be hard for any of you to think of anyone else as a potential partner. That is the main reason you need to speak always whenever you have a chance to keep your relationship strong, and you also need to support your girlfriend and make her feel that you are always there for her until you manage to meet again. You also need to ask positive questions so that you can have a happy conversation with her that is full of good memories and positivity. Girls, in general, are very attracted to men’s voice, so here are some of the most romantic questions to ask your crush or girlfriend over text:

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1. What is the best thing that happened to you today?

A good question to start a conversation with your girlfriend over text, as it will make her think only of the good things that happened, and will then make her glad to remember them one by one.

2. I know we are far, but do you want to watch a movie together?

You can be more romantic by suggesting to watch a romantic movie with her while you are not together. You can just both start watching it at the same time while you are chatting or speaking on the phone, and it would be very nice then to talk it together.

3. If you could be anywhere now, where would you choose to be?

It could be very nice of you both start fantasizing about a certain destination where both of you would like to go, which will make your girlfriend more eager to meet with you and travel with you to her dream destination.

4. What is your favorite superpower?

It is definitely an unexpected question, but imagination is very required, especially in long distance relationships. After she answers, she will then most probably ask you the same question, and it would be very romantic of you if you say a superpower that would make you able to get to her in a matter of a few seconds.

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