Student Loan Trust Fund statement check, repayment, and recovery

Student Loan Trust Fund statement check, repayment, and recovery

If you are a Ghanaian tertiary student pursuing accredited program in one of the tertiary institutions in need of a loan, Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) is there to support you to facilitate your financial resources. This public institution also promotes as well as facilitate the national ideals per the enshrined by the constitution. Student Loan Trust Fund Statement Check is easily accessed by the borrower who was luckily qualified for the loan. You can use your computer or your smartphone to easily check your balance at the comfort of your house

Student loan trust fund statement check


SLTF (Student Loan Trust Fund) institution is under the Trustee Incorporation and it was established in 2005, December. The parliament has passed this public institution; if you are still interested, here is all you need to know about the qualification, application, statement check, repayments, and recovery.

Student Loan Trust Fund Accra

You first need to know what makes you to qualify for the loan before you go a step ahead to embark with the application. Your institution and program is what will make you eligible for the loan. Here is all you need to get qualified.

Student loan trust fund statement check


  • You must be a needy Ghanaian student

The Student Loan Trust Fund will help you satisfy your personal expenses that you will need during your study from the cost of boarding, books, equipment, lodging, and fees. In simple word, some of the major needs during your course of study will be taken care off with the public institution.

  • You need to be a Ghanaian

This public institution is for the Ghanaian tertiary students only. You must be a Ghanaian who is admitted in an accredited tertiary program in one of the accredited tertiary Ghana institution. You also need to be pursuing a diploma or a degree/ undergraduate tertiary program. Keep in mind that for a weekend / sandwich, pursing student is not eligible for the loan.

  • Personal email address

Your personal email address must be valid. You can create an email account if you don’t have one.

  • Have one guarantor/ guarantor-ship

The guarantor is important because he/she will help the trust fund to track you for repayments. You also need a guarantor to back you up outstanding debt incase you are unable to pay. To be qualified for the loan, you need a guarantor from a recognized religious, corporate, metropolitan, District Assembly, SSNIT Contributor, or municipal body.

An SSNIT Contributor must be:

1. A Ghanaian citizen.

2. Less than 53 years old.

3. Active in contributing the SSNIT pension scheme for not less than 36 months/3 years.

4. Have been a guarantor for more than peoples.

A recognized religious body must be:

1. The religious body have to be a member of the nationally.

2. It needs to provide evidence of approval to guarantee any student loan.

3. 2 signatories (authorized) need to be indicated at the resolution.

4. The religious body need to at least existed for more than 10 years and an evidence to be provided by the body certificate given by the Registrar General’s Department.

5. An assembly must approve the religious body to guarantee students loans.

Corporate Bodies must be:

1. The senior management position must put 2 signatories.

2. A board resolution must be there to authorize the guarantee.

3. The corporate body have to belong to the Ghana club 100 or among the companies listed on the (GSE) Ghana Stock Exchange, which must be current.

Even if you are a student worker contributing to the SSNIT, you still need a guarantor. Keep in mind that cross guaranteeing is not also allowed.

  • E- Zwich Card is required

You need to be registered with an E-Zwich card.

  • A social security number is required

You need to register with one of the SSNIT office to get the social security number.

Students Loan Trust Fund form

There are application requirements that you require like having an active telephone number for both you and you guarantor, having a social security number, two quality passport photographs, you should be a registered student, and you need to have a E-Zwich account. Once the application begins, the SLTF campus offices get notified, which takes place at the beginning of a new academic year. Here is the step by step way to successfully apply to get the (SLTF) loan.

Step 1 – Visit the Student Loan Trust Fund website that is website

Step 2 – They will provide you with an online form that you will fill in carefully all that will be required. Make sure you upload a quality passport for you form.

Step 3 – Your application loan form has summary pages that you need to print them out to finish up with your fillings on the Guarantee Deed and the student loan. Keep in mind that you do the fillings with block letters/ black ink only.

Step 4 – place both your fingerprints and for your guarantor, for the index and the thumb only. Remember that the SSNIT guarantors only are the ones needed to provide the thumbprint.

Step 5 – you need to attach the following photocopies;

  • Both sides of you E- Zwich card
  • SSNIT ID card or the reference number.
  • Your student Admission letter and the Student ID of the tertiary school you belong.

Step 6 - For the submission, they will need 2 original copies of your duly filled student loan trust fund amendment form. Documents to support from your SLTF campus office may also be required.

Student Loan Trust Fund statement check

Student Loan Trust Fund Statement Check is easily accessed and one can use their smartphones or computer to check their balance. Follow the steps below carefully to succeed.

Step 1 – Use one of your browser especially chrome to visit their website

Step 2 – Enter your SSNIT dialogue box number/ your social security number once you open the website and click on ‘Check Now’.

Step 3 – You will successfully find all your student loan details on the statements that you will require.

Student Loan Trust Fund repayments

The loan helped you out to easily pursue your program course. Right? Your repayments will help another Ghanaian student to also complete her/his studies. An interest is charged on the loan, meaning that you have to add extra cash as your repaying. The interest loans gained from the borrower’s payments are commonly referred to as Student Loan Trust Fund recovery.

Student loan trust fund statement check, repayment, and recovery

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What most SLTF defaulters do is to repay the loan even sooner that the period they were given. This is because it lowers the total interest charged. How will you do the payments? Well, you can mandate your employer to deduct the loan from your monthly payments, pay via cheque at the SLTF head office, or use your security number to pay through:

  • Your smart pay – Ghana Commercial Bank.
  • A special SLTF in slip – National Investment Bank.
  • Collect – Eco bank Ghana Bank

An alternative provided for you to pay the loan is by visiting their head office that is at Crescent Avenue Asylum Down (near Highgate Hotel) at room number 47, 3rd floor.

If you have travelled, you can use one of your friend or family members to do the payments on your behalf. Others prefer to send the money directly to the SLTF, but remember to check your current balance as well as the exchange rates.

For those who have not been employed and they get unable to pay the loan, the SLTF terms and conditions does not depend on that, it dependent on you exhausting the 2 years grace period they offered.

Student Loan Trust Fund contact

You can either contact the Student Loan Trust Fund through zonal offices or campus offices. The (LRO) Loan Relationship Officer is the one in charge of supervising the activities on going at the offices. Here are the fixed line and cell phone number of the offices.

Student loan trust fund statement check


Zone Offices

  • Accra Poly – fixed line 050-1402577 & cell phone 050-1402577
  • UPSA- fixed line 0302 923928 & cell phone 050-1402579
  • Legon - fixed line 0302 521036 & cell phone 050-1402578

Campus Office

Accra Polytechnic

  • Accra Poly - Former Rector’s
  • UG City Campus- SRC Office

Kumasi Polytechnic

  • Kumasi Polytechnic located at the Old Library (Entrepreneurship and Finance Department)
  • UEW (Mampong) - Campus Security Block

Sunyani Polytechnic

  • Sunyani Poly Accountancy - Department Block D
  • University of Energy and Natural Resources - SRC Office (SRC Block)


  • Koforidua Polytechnic located at Room C108-Ground Floor of the Computer Science Building
  • All Nations University - Sky Room 5.3 (BASA & Alumni office)


  • KNUST - Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) Building
  • Garden City University College - SRC Office on the main admin block or you can ask at the help desk at the main entrance


  • UDS – Navrongo located at the Savannah Annex.
  • UDS – Tamale Campus located at the ICT Block Ground Room 8.

Central University

  • Central University (Mataheko) - Annex A Frank Roberts, Mataheko – Accra
  • Central University (Miotso – Prampram) located at the Dean Of Students Office.


  • University of Professional Studies - UPSA AB9 Office
  • Valley View University - SRC Office

University of Education-Winneba

  • University of Education –Winneba located at the University Hall Annex, North campus.
  • University of Education –Winneba located at the NUGS office, South campus.

Takoradi Polytechnic

  • Takoradi Poly Main Campus. - Mechanical Engineering Dept. Room 11
  • University Of Mines And Technology - The SRC Presidents Office, Near The Chamber Of Mines Hall.

University of Ghana

  • University of Ghana - SRC Office
  • GIMPA - Students Affairs Office

University of Cape Coast

  • UCC - Old Education behind the Assembly block (old site)
  • Cape Coast Poly - Admin Building

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