List of telecommunication companies in Ghana 2019

List of telecommunication companies in Ghana 2019

Telecommunication companies in Ghana have come a long way since the first cellular phone service was launched in the late 19th century. The number of Ghanaians with mobile phones has increased over the years to reach an all-time high. Most of the telecommunication companies have advanced from just connecting people but also catering for payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, and also offering data storage and communication solutions to different businesses

telecommunication companies in ghana

Telecommunication is the main economic sector in Ghana. It has helped to push the economy of Ghana. The telecommunication companies in Ghana has diversified their services from the normal data, voice and IP providers to include supply of fiber optic, satellite an international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of different sizes.

List of Telecommunication companies in Ghana

We have compiled a list of mobile telecommunication companies in Ghana that have really revolutionized the means of communication and are categorized as the leading telecommunication companies in Ghana

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1. MTN Ghana

It is affiliated with the South African based multinational telecommunication MTN Group. It has its headquarters in Johannesburg. MTN Ghana is the leading telecommunications company in Ghana with high subscription numbers, connecting subscribers in 22 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It entered into the Ghanaian market following the acquisition of Investcom in 2006. Their mission is to propel the economic development and growth by promoting strong potential in the provision of world class telecommunication products and services.

telecommunication companies in Ghana
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MTN Ghana has over 12 million subscribers increasing the competition for other mobile telecommunication services in Ghana. The company offers a wide range of products and services under the postpaid and prepaid subscriptions. It has an extensive network coverage in most parts of Ghana. The network coverage includes 10 regional capitals, major cities and other rural and remote areas. The company has a laid a deep foundation in the investment of infrastructure to ensure more coverage on all parts of the country.

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The company is guided by values such as; Leadership, innovation, integrity, relationships and can-do spirit. The core values have seen the company maintain high quality service standards with a total subscriber base of over 200 million, serving a population under license of over half a billion people. Through the experience gained over the years, it delivers uniquely designed and tailored telecommunication solutions. It has partnered with other institutions like the Government, community groups geared towards improving the quality of service.

The company uses the different products and services that have tailored to meet the lifestyle and expectations of the subscribers as a means to gain a competitive edge on the local market. The company has diversified its services, such as through MTN Business, customers are provided with data solutions and IT infrastructure for small, medium and large-scale business enterprises in order for them to meet with their operations with up to speed solutions. The popular innovative services offered include Call me back, MTN Me2u, voice SMS and the MTN Zone.

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2. Gateway Communications

It is a subsidiary of the of the PCCW Global limited. The company was founded in 1983 with its headquarters in Sandton, South Africa. The company connects different types of businesses in Ghana through unifying data, voice and video that has been designed to meet the expectations and lifestyles of the customers. It has a wide an extensive network coverage that covers the major cities and towns of Ghana and the remote and rural areas.

Also, its network coverage consists of 150countries with an advanced global network support for intelligent network solutions for employees ‘and customers and systems. It continues to operate the largest pan-African telecommunication networks that supplies Africa’s foremost mobile operators and Internet Service Providers. They assist other multinational businesses and telecom companies to penetrate into the untapped African market by providing communication solutions and services such as offering fiber, satellite, microwave and wireless connectivity services.

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Over the course of their operation, the company has won GTB Innovation awards for Corporate wireless broadband access in partnership with Cambridge. It also has won the Submarine cable innovation in partnership with Seacom. Some of their big clients include the Deutsche Post DHL, where they managed the network. The company offers an enterprise with a security portfolio customized to meet the needs and specifications of your company. They also offer data protection due to their complex IT Security.

3. Airtel Ghana

Airtel Ghana is among the leading telecommunication company in Ghana. The company s infamous for offering innovative standard and value-added services for your personal and business use. The products and services are tailored and designed to meet the expectations and lifestyles of the customers. The company offers different favorite services includes: Airtel credit, Airtel Infotainmen, Caller tunes, data credit, hello tunes, magic voice, Me2u, move to, SMS Infotainment and web 2 SMS.

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telecommunication companies in ghana
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They are committed in providing affordable, relevant and innovative mobile solutions to all businesses and phone users. They also offer network expansion and IT transformation to create improved customer satisfaction as well as matching the economies of scale. Partnerships with other stakeholders in the industry is one of their mission in order to improve the service offered to customers in order to generate superior value. The network coverage of the company is widespread in many areas in Ghana including coverage in rural areas.

The company has Airtel Money which is an award winning and innovative mobile commerce service that allows customers to pay utility bills, pay for goods and services, direct payment for your savings and loans contributions, purchase Airtel data bundle, money transfers with other Airtel Ghana users and deposit and withdraw cash from your Airtel money account. The feature has really improved how people send and receive money in Ghana. There are many Airtel Money agents spread across the country.

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4. Vofadone Ghana

It is an operating company of the Vodafone Group Plc which is the world’s leading mobile telecommunication company which operates in the Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States. They offer complete communication solutions when it comes to mobile, internet, fixed lines, internet, voice and data. It is the second ranked operator in terms of market share of telecommunication companies in Ghana.

telecommunication companies in ghana
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The company has formed partnerships with the private sector and the government in order to provide innovative and responsive services that meets the expectations and lifestyles of customers. The company has many accolades including 70 local and international awards within the past four years which comprises of CIMG Telecommunications Company of the Year and CSR Programme of the Year for three consecutive years.

The company also diversified in offering solution to small, medium and large-scale businesses as well as Government agencies in Ghana through the Vodafone Business Solutions. This done through providing network-based IT and communication solutions. Vodafone Business Solutions has attributed to the profits of most business ventures in Ghana by cutting down the costs and increasing efficiency.

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Also, through the Vodafone CSR wing which is a Ghana Foundation, the company is involved in delivering socially relevant and economically impactful programs for the sustainable development of the Ghanaian community. They are in charge of initiatives such as the Instant School for needy scholars, Healthfest where medication is offered to Ghanaians, and the Health Line TV and Healthline 255 which is a 24/7 customer care support system call center for medical emergencies in different parts of Ghana.

5. Tigo Ghana

It is a subsidiary of the Milicom International Cellular (MIC) South Africa operators. They are leading international developers and operators of cellular telephone services worldwide. They are a worldwide brand with presence operating across Latin America and Africa. They were the first mobile operator to launch in Ghana in 1992. They have steadily developed over the years from GSM, 2G and 3G networks. The company has also heavily invested in sponsoring critical social issues and promotional events.

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telecommunication companies in ghana
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They provide affordable and widely accessible, readily accessible communication services to more than 30 million customers in 13 emerging markets in these continents. They have a business model that follows the three A’s which stand for Affordability, Accessibility and Availability. They have increased their network work significantly in line with the rapid smartphone adoption and the current high demand for data services. Also, though, Tigo cash, which was launched 7 years ago, has over 3 million transactions monthly.

Customers are guaranteed the best experience and offers in terms of products and services throughout the 10 regions of Ghana and beyond. The company has the vision to be the most consumed digital service provider in urban areas. There has a target to reach 180 million subscribers and connect to dream, work and achieve. The company provide services for customers who want to stay in touch, belong to communities and to be informed and entertained, giving them the chance to express emotions and enhance their lives.

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New Telecommunication company in Ghana

There are also new upcoming companies that are well established in the telecommunication industry that are contributing majorly to the development of the economy of Ghana

6. Mobile Choice Ghana

It’s a corporate establishment that provides marketing and distribution opportunities for service providers in Ghana. The company is involved in marketing, communications, telecom consultants, telephone engineers and business activities. The company s steadily increasing its network coverage to cater for the major cities and towns in Ghana. Over the years of its existence, the company has increased in terms of subscriptions made by customers.

Despite battling it out with the other telecommunication giants, the company has cut a niche for itself for offering telecommunication solutions that are designed to cater for the specific needs of the customers. The company works hand in hand with small-scale, medium and large-scale business enterprises. They offer top quality internet, voice and data services to their customers. The company has partnered with other stakeholders to increase the value generated and given to the customers.

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7. Expresso Telecom Limited

The company was formally established as a corporate office in Dubai. But they changed into being an African telecommunications and information services company. Although they have in existence for a short while, there presence has definitely been felt. They are focused on evolving and growing the existing business and gaining returns for the shareholders. They are on a mission to cut a name for themselves in the dominated industry.

They offer a wide range of products and services that are tailor made to meet the expectations and lifestyles of the customers. They have an established network in Accra and its environs through fixed lines and mobile network infrastructure and servicing the customers of the business. The infrastructure that the company has put in place enables customers not only connect with each other but also, share pictures, videos and stream T.V and surf the web. They main aim is to satisfy the needs of customers.

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The brand aims to transform lives by enabling people to connect with the world to fulfill their potential. The whole idea behind the brand is to create a sense of optimism and potential to grow for its customers. The company has partnered with some of the major stakeholders in the market and the government to ensure they provide value to the customers. They are also engaging in community changing activities to help shape the society and bring up a generation that reaps the benefit of telecommunication n Ghana.

8. Teligent Wireless Ghana

They are a telecommunications solution company in Ghana specializing in marketing of Least Cost Routing and enhanced telecommunications solutions to both corporate and small, medium and large-scale business enterprises. Their aim is to provide services that make communication affordable and effective. The company is involved in offering solutions when it comes to internet in Ghana. They aim to provide innovative and responsive services to meet the specifications and needs of customers.

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They partnered with local GSM service providers to provide a mesh of wireless network connections to provide direct access to high speed internet throughout Ghana. The seamless Wi-Fi project is a product of the company that is designed for individuals and organizations to access high speed internet in Ghana. The company has also partnered with private sectors and the government in order to work together to meet the high demand for data services in Ghana. They also train individuals in small, medium and large-scale businesses on its benefits.

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9. Globacom Limited Ghana

Glo is steadily gaining acceptance in the Ghanaian market and the leading mobile telecommunication companies in Ghana. Although it is based in Nigeria, the company has extended its services to cover for areas in Ghana. They are interested in offering telecommunication solutions to small, medium and large-scale business enterprises. They also offer consultancy in IT based and network configuration in Ghana. They have partnered with the private and government to increase the network coverage in Ghana.

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The company unveiled the Glo 1 high capacity undersea fiber-optic cable with an assurance for Ghanaians that the Glo package to include a wide range of products and services. The cable links Ghana with the rest of West Africa and the rest of the world in terms of high speed data and internet traffic. The innovation will ensure telecom operators are connected together in order to get the quality services through multiple and high quality direct links.

The move will enable different telecom operators to interconnect with international networks and other traffic carriers in the rest of the world in order to direct the traffic locally to their businesses and organizations. Customers are guaranteed of high internet connectivity and will be the start of the growth of different businesses in Ghana and the rest of West Africa.

telecommunication companies in ghana
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Evolution of Telecommunication services in Ghana

Ever since the first mobile operator came in existence in 1992 the future of the telecommunication in Ghana was dim. Very few people had access to telephones. This included limited telephones lines and payphones which was also limited in access in Ghana. The journey has however since seen incredible and tremendous changes. Currently, in Ghana mobile phone users has multiplied over the years where one in every four Ghanaians owns or has access to mobile services.

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A big step in the telecommunication sector came in 1997 after the establishment of the National Communications Authority (NCA). The deregulation of the telecom industry opened up more opportunities for the growth of the industry. This lead to the creation of wireless telephones as a result of the heavy investment by stakeholders and the Government. This was only a drop in the ocean since few people could access the telephones services especially those in rural areas and other remote areas.

The industry realized major improvements when the government started investing in network coverage to include various areas of Ghana. The process of deregulation attracted investors and telecom industries who saw the benefits of the services in Ghana. Major interest was paid in developing the infrastructure to connect people together. This lead to the expansion of the sector as more people were involved in the development of the services in Ghana.

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The development of the telecom industry in Ghana spurred the economic growth of the country as major investments by stakeholders were in place. It also led to job vacancies in the telecommunication companies in Ghana such as IT experts, software engineers, creative technologists, graphic designers, and developers. The industry formed the foundation of careers to cater for the technical aspect and investors to manage the capital-intensive industry.

By 2010, the infrastructure had been put in place and most of the Ghanaians were reaping the benefits of the industry. However, another trend for high consumption of data come up. This was catapulted by the introduction of smartphones. The smartphones have over 20 million users in Ghana leading to high demands for data services. This led to most telecom companies to diversify the products and services to cater for not only voice but also data.

Many of the telecom industries are currently working in cooperation with international companies to provide value to the customers. It has become obvious today for large international multinational companies to acquire purchasing rights and telecom properties in Ghana or acquiring licenses to venture into new operations. The capital investment has boosted the economy of the country.

The long list of all telecommunication companies in Ghana has created a competition which has seen the increase in value of the services offered. Many of the companies are offering tailor made services to cater for the different scope of customers ranging from individuals and small, medium and large-scale business enterprises. It has also seen investment in the education sector to bring more innovation and skills in creating new technologies to improve the value the customers get.

Corporate social responsibility of Telecommunication companies in Ghana

With the raise in competition between different telecom companies, most are pushed by profits. That is why the Corporate social responsibility comes into play to through programs and good ethical practices. The rise in the telecom industry has led to a paradigm shift in terminology from social concerns such as environments concerns regarding the behavior of the companies. That is why it is mandatory for any of the telecom company to follow and uphold the following practices and actions.

All the companies should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and consumer concerns in their corporate structure and core strategy not because it is a requirement by the law. It is a way of giving back to the society the benefits they reap from the telecommunication business in Ghana. It also strengthens the relationship between the corporate organization and the society where both parties benefit mutually from the activities of the company.

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Companies are expected to put in place measures and controls that take care of the environment. This is done through the liaison with the stakeholders in the company in creating an environmental management system to be included in their projects in order to reduce the effects of the infrastructures and reduce the potential visual impact. This can also be achieved through acting in emergency or disaster situations with a view of guaranteeing communication services.

The transmission infrastructure has a significant impact on the ecological environment. The companies provide technology support and other allied services. This leads to emissions through the telecom towers which generate harmful radiation. The data centers also use a lot of power for cooling. They can install the towers in places where radiation does no harm.

They can also reduce on the amount of e-waste generated through phones, batteries, sim cards and assorted equipment through recycling in order to prevent them from reaching landfills or handled in unsafe ways. The devices contain harmful chemicals and when not handled properly can lead to the poisoning of the environment and even affect the health standards of individuals.

It is the CSR to ensure that the customers can reuse and recycle some of the different e-waste generated. They can also develop and innovate new materials that don’t cause harm on the environment. They should also the health risks and safety of their services to the customers.

Telecommunication companies offer varieties of job opportunity in Ghana. From IT jobs, to Engineer, sales and marketing.


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