4 times the police have disappointed the public

4 times the police have disappointed the public

The Ghana Police Service has over the years done well to execute its mandate in maintaining law and order across the country.

However, like in any other field or occupation, there are bound to be hitches somewhere during the course of work.

As a result, the police – despite their efforts – cannot be said to be perfect in delivering their mandate to the public.

4 times the Police have disappointed

Inspector-General of Police. Mr Asante-Appeatu

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In fact, there have been some instances where police officers acted in bad taste against citizens, which either resulted in casualties, public disgrace and sometimes even death.

We take a look at four occasions where the police did not act well against citizens:

1. Lydia Forson escapade

Earlier in January, there was a viral video of an encounter between a National Security officer and actress Lydia Forson.

In the said video, the officer is seen trying to forcibly whisk away the phone of the actress after she attempted to record at a location he (National Security officer) deemed “unauthorized”. The scene was definitely unpleased, coupled with the foul words that were used by Lydia.

However, the officer’s paramount aim is to maintain order and not to stoke confusion. Therefore, it was wrong for him to ‘assault’ the presenter in that manner.

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2. Death of aeronautic engineer

The actual cause of the death of Ghanaian aeronautic engineer Prince Kwabena Kumi is not yet really known. However, judging from the reports so far, it is obvious that the Police did not act the right way towards the deceased.

The police reportedly prevented him three times from boarding a commercial vehicle to his destination after he was accused on drink-driving.

The Police were right to stop him, and even more on point to spot that he was driving whiles drunk. But to seize his, as reported, and ask him to walk to his destination was totally out of place. Now he is death – killed and dumped into a ditch by unknown assailants, but who can be blame?

3. When the police 'beat' Gabby Otchere Darko during a demo

In 2015, a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, was beaten and manhandled by the police during a demonstration.

As part of a group who joined the ‘Let My Vote Count Alliance’ to protest against the Electoral Commission at the time, Gabby was reportedly assaulted by the Police after some of the demonstrators veered off the approved route.

The police fired teargas to disperse the crowd, whiles Gabby later revealed that he was lashed with a horse whip whiles in police custody. Obviously, there are better ways to maintain law and order.

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4. Shooting dead two ‘innocent brothers’

Also, in 2016, the police shot dead two brothers at Mampong in the Ashanti region after mistaking them to be criminals.

After receiving a distress call about a robbery case in the area, the police rushed in but filed to do due diligence so ended up killing the wrong people.

The take the lives of two innocent people was careless from the police and no amount of explanation can explain it.

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