Central university college fees, hostel prices, and admission requirements

Central university college fees, hostel prices, and admission requirements

The central university college fees details can now be easily accessed by everyone in various parts of the country. This is all because of the advancement of technology and internet connectivity in several regions. The fee structure is plainly posted on their official website with different fee amount for different courses. The same applies to the admission requirements and hostel prices for those seeking accommodation services.

Central university college fees


The university also has a portal. The portal is used as a medium for the staff to communicate with individual students regarding their learning progress at the institutions. The issues range from fee arrears, academic reports, deferment, course registration, course timetable among others. Indeed, since the institution has embraced technology, the internet is rather a necessity than just an alternative.

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Central University fees

The central university college in Ghana is a reputable learning institution in the country. It’s well known as one of the biggest private universities in the region. It was established way back in the late 20th century, particularly 1988 by the International Central Gospel Church. It started off as a pastoral training institute in Accra. In 1991 it was changed to Central Bible College. It retained that name for only two years before being renamed again to Central Christian College. It was in 1997 that the name Central University College came to spotlight and never withdrew ever since. It received a charter in 2016 from the president and climbed up the ladder to become a renowned university.

The university campuses

Central university college fees


The central university college Miotso campus is now carrying the torch for being a permanent campus after a significant part of the administrative responsibility was moved from the capital city of Accra to that campus in a community town near Dawhenya. Currently, there are five campuses located at strategic locations in the country. They include;

  • Kumasi Campus
  • Dansoman Campus
  • Mateheko Campus
  • Miotso Campus
  • Christ Temple Graduate School Campus

The Christ Temple Graduate School campus is known mostly for postgraduate business classes. It's in this institution that the Master of Business Administration program is conducted for a duration of about nineteen calendar months. The environment is supportive for an intensive and quality studies for the students.

The Central University College Mataheko campus particularly is known for having distributed its schools and smaller campuses all across the capital city of Accra. It houses the faculty of arts and social science, the Central Business School for undergraduate programs and administration offices.

The Dansoman campus which mushroomed in 1998 as a pastoral school is mainly known for theology and mission programs.

As the ultra-modern Kumasi campus is located on the serene grounds of the Calvary Charismatic Church, the permanent Miotso campus rests on a two hundred and the forty-eight-acre plot just about sixty kilometers away from the capital city. It’s not only big but regarded as the trademark of the Central University College. It houses many schools in the compound, ranging from the School of Applied Science, the Central Business School, the faculty of law and the Central Business School. With its size and magnificence, most of the administration tasks of all the campuses are conducted from it.

Central university college courses offered

Currently being the biggest of all private tertiary institution in Ghana, the central university college courses also tend to be diverse. With the diversity, many disciplines are accommodated for all the ambitious students who may wish to pursue them. The learning environment and curriculum is also set for Ghanaians as well as students from beyond the borders.

It initially began with pastoral training for the pastors of the International Central Gospel Church. In 1993 after it got renamed, it’s started offering other courses as well. The trend has been going on ever since and included not just Christian theology, but also business administration, computer science, economics among others. In 2008/2009 academic year schools of pharmacy and architecture were finally established.

There several undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are further sub-divided into the different schools and faculties-actually, there are four schools and faculties that the institution houses. The schools and faculties have their own particular departments which are kept in charge of the courses.

The schools and faculties with their undergraduate courses are listed below;

School of Theology and Mission

Having started as a pastoral institution, this is actually the oldest school in the university. It has four different programs which include;

  • Biblical and Historical Studies
  • Christian Education
  • Church administration
  • Family counseling and theology

The study option for this type, of course, is stipulated as full time. Therefore, you will be required to commit yourself and attend all the classes at full-time level.

Central Business School

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Central Business School emerged in 1997 just after the institution was renamed and is usually regarded as the second oldest. There are six courses offered in this school;

  • Marketing
  • Management studies
  • Agribusiness
  • Banking and Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management

Similar to the School of theology, students are required to attend the classes in a full-time capacity.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

This school followed next after the establishment of the central business school. It came into existence in 2006.It offers five courses;

  • English language
  • French language
  • Economics
  • Environmental and Development studies
  • Communication studies

School of Applied Sciences

This school is specifically found in Miotso campus. Similar to the central business school, it also offers six different courses;

  • Nursing
  • Physician Assistantship
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Pharmacy
  • Civil Engineering

Faculty of Law

This is the latest school established at the institution. It's located in Miosto campus. It only focuses on Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) under-graduate level. It allows part-time and full-time study option.

Graduate School of Business

Central university college fees


While the rest of schools offer undergraduate programs. This school focuses on postgraduate kind of learning. Its course outline only runs for eighteen calendar months. There are three courses that are mainly offered in this school;

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Foreign language training (French, English)
  • Personal Professional Development

Central university college requirements

The requirements for admission vary one faculty to another in this institution. There are stipulated cutoff marks from the national examinations for any student who may wish to further their learning in this institution.

For instance, at the School of Applied Sciences in the pharmacy course, one needs have six passes in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) with aggregate twenty-four or better. This should include the three primary subjects; English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Sciences. The other three elective subjects should comprise of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics or physics. The passes should have a minimum grade of D.

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As for the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). There also needs to be six passes with a minimum aggregate of thirty-six. The core and elective subjects should be similar to the SSSCE examinations. The grade should at least be C6.

In the General Certificate Education (GCE) entrants should have five subjects with credits at the ‘O’ level with the core subjects included in that criteria. Three passes for ‘A ‘level examinations will be required in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Physics.

There is room for mature applicants as well. They need to be twenty-five years and above, with a comprehensive science background in the three primary science subjects. They also need to pass a special examination carried out by the University Holders of Bachelor of Science and related subjects.

As for foreign students who may not have participated in the national examination, their qualifications would be scrutinized according to their form of merits.

This set of requirements may not be similar as in the School of Theology or Central Business. But interestingly, unlike the School Applied Sciences where each course has its own form of conditions, the other schools and faculty have requirements that apply to all the programs that fall within their sphere.

For instance, the conditions for BSc. Marketing under the Central Business School is similar to the ones needed in BSc. Agribusiness, Accounting, and Finance or even Human Resource Management.

Central university college fees

Source:Student Portal

On the same note, students applying for business-related courses should have passed in the core subjects; English, Mathematics and Science and other three elective subjects. In aggregate, have a minimum of twenty-four in their West African Examination Council (WAEC).

Alternatively, they can also be considered qualified if they get an aggregate of thirty-six in their West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The passes need to be at least grade D in the SSSCE exams and grade C6 in the WASSCE.

As for the General Certificate Education, one needs to have at least credit-score passes in five subjects at the ‘O’ level, with English language and mathematics included in that criteria. Two passes will be required at the Advanced level with either one of them having at least a grade D. In addition, there also need to be a pass in General Paper.

As for applicants who may wish to pursue studies in any business related studies but lack the relevant qualifications, yet they are twenty-five years and above, may only be considered for admission if they have relevant and all-inclusive professional experience in such a field. They may also be issued with an examination or interview by the school to demonstrate how well they are versed in the course.

Central university college fees


People applying for Master’s degree in business administration must have a first degree in any related business course with a grade of not lower than second class lower division.

For more information about the central university college cut off points and requirements, you can simply get it on their official website via the link below; http://central.edu.gh/index.php/entry-requirements.html

Central university college hostel fees

The university offers hostel accommodation services for both Ghanaian and foreign students. Some of the hostels are based within campus premises while others are situated away from the compound, but still not very far from the school. Either way, they are fitted with quality and essential amenities for all the students to use. Some of the facilities include; bed, wardrobe, mattress, kitchen, study room as well as toilet and bathroom in every room.

The number of occupants ranges from two to four which also determines the charge rate. For instance, people staying four, in one room are required to pay one thousand US dollars each in one year through the specified bank accounts. The minimum payment, before the rooms are assigned is seven hundred US dollar per student.

Two occupants in a room relatively pay more. Each student is charged one thousand five hundred US dollars with a minimum of nine hundred US dollars before assigning the room. Then again, take into account that these rates are applicable to only international students who may not get hold of the Ghanaian currency.

Central university college tuition fees

The central university college Ghana academic calendar usually plays a significant role in the making of the fee structure. The format, which is more or less similar to UCC fees 2018-2019 structure, used by the University of Cape Coast, clearly drafts the figures of various courses offered by the institution.

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The two institutions have a reputation in the whole Ghana for their immense contribution in the education sector. They also have a lot similarity when it comes to fees, for example, the UCC fees for continuing students tend to be relatively lower compared to the freshmen in the institution. The same is also noted in the central university college. With the progression of technology, for those who may want to scrutinize more about the UCC fees payment as well as the CUC, they can simply browse through the internet and get a well detailed UCC fee structure and its correspondent CUC.

Finally, the central university college application deadline for the 2018/2019 is scheduled to be soon, though the date not yet released. For that reason, interested applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible before the door is shut. The application is absolutely free as you will only be required to fill the form truthfully before submitting. Everything can be done online, filling and even submission.

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