UDS admission: forms, requirements, fees and deadline 2020

UDS admission: forms, requirements, fees and deadline 2020

University for Development Studies is a public university situated in Tamale, northern Ghana. The university was established to serve the people of northern Ghana, eastern region an upper west region. Being founded in May 1992, the university has registered awe-inspiring growth that has seen it being ranked among the best universities in the country. It has gained popularity for the great services offered, and the value of education offered in the campus. Looking forward to join the university, this article has a well elaborated UDS admission procedure.

UDS admission requirements, forms, fees and deadline 2018-2019

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In order for an esteemed student to make it to the uds admission list 2020-2021 academic year, the process involves an online application. Candidates pay a fee in order to complete the online form filling process. Normally, the online forms are accessed on the uds admission portal.

UD admission requirement

The University for Development Studies admission has stipulated requirements for candidates yearning to gain admission into the institution. As stated in their website, these requirements are; the candidate should be holders of West African Senior Secondary School Certificate (WASSSCE). They should at least have a C6 in their three core subjects and a C6 too in their elective subjects. This is for those with prospects of pursuing undergraduate programmes. Candidates with D7, E8 or F9 in any of the three core subjects do not qualify for undergraduate programmes and are therefore advised to apply for diploma programmes instead.

Qualifying for either undergraduate programs or diploma programs requires that the candidate attains a credit in all the three core subjects, which are Mathematics, English, integrated Science or Social Studies. The candidate should also attain a credit in any of the three elective subjects in the desired programme. The aggregate score of all the best six subjects should not be more than 3. For candidates aspiring to be admitted to The University for Development Studies should be aware that Social Studies is not an elective subject. Students who learnt business subjects and art at West African Senior Secondary School Certificate are the only ones who will be exempted and their Social Studies results used in place for Integrated Science during calculation of their aggregates if their grade in Social Studies is better than that of Integrated Science. This only applies when the candidate had a pass in the Integrated Science.

Candidates aspiring to pursue Science related courses, Social Studies points do not replace those of Integrated Science in calculating the candidate’s aggregate points. Candidates whose aggregates are not good enough but meet the requirements for degree programmes may end up securing chances in diploma programmes since the process is competitive and those with higher aggregates stand higher chances of securing the degree programmes.

UDS admission


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On the other hand, for candidates who do not meet the requirements for applying for undergraduate courses in the University for Development Studies, are advised to apply for diploma programmes instead. In order to gain admission to these programmes, the uds admission requirements are; three credit passes in the elective subjects, that is one’s area of specialization, and two passes, in Mathematics and English in their West African Senior Secondary School Certificate (WASSSCE). Candidates who do not have a pass in these two core subjects; English and Mathematics do not qualify to apply for diploma programmes and are therefore not advised to apply. Qualifying for the diploma programmes does not guarantee that one qualifies for admission. Candidates with better grades stand higher chances of being admitted since the process is competitive.

UDS admission requirements for Higher National Diploma holders

For candidates who are Higher National Diploma (HND) holders and yearn to further their studies to the degree level, the University of Development Studies admission requirements for them is that they attain nothing less than a second class lower in the related programme that they so wish to be admitted to, into level 200. Candidates who attain third class or a pass only get considered for admission level 100. Higher National Diploma (HND) holders looking forward to gain admission to the University for Development Studies degree programmes 2018-2019 academic year will be required to appear for an interview scheduled on Friday June 22, 2018, at the main campus in Tamale. They are expected to pass the set interview questions in order to gain admission into the university.

UDS admission requirements for registered nurses

For registered nurses who wish to go for the 3-year Bachelor of Science Nurse Practitioner Programme or the 2 or 3 Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme, they should ensure that they are Registered Nurses with either a Diploma in nursing or be State Registered Nurses Certificate. They are also expected to have a working experience of not less than 3 years. The 3-year working experience is a requirement and therefore candidates who do not qualify are not advised to apply. For candidates with prospects of pursuing BSc in Nurse Anesthesia programme, they are expected to have either a RGN diploma with a not less than 3 year registration working experience, or a RGN (BSc Nursing) with not less than 2 years post-registration working experience or be a holder of Advanced Diploma in Nurse Anesthesia and have at least 2 year working experience.

UDS admission requirements, forms, fees and deadline 2018-2019


University of development studies cut off points

Attaining the stipulated cut off points is also one major requirement of gaining entry to any degree or diploma programme in the university. Candidates are advised to keep checking as they will be posted soon.

The online application procedure involves first making a payment that is meant for admission. The uds admission fees is 180 Ghana Cedis, deposited for the university’s E-voucher, at any Ghana Commercial Bank. The E-voucher has a serial number and pin that is required to be filled in the online form. The online form is available in the uds admission portal.

UDS online admission form

After creating a portal, the applicant can access the uds online admission forms on the portal. The forms basically require the applicant to feed their personal details as well as their academic details. A passport is also required to be attached to the form and the form submitted. Once the online submission option is clicked and the form submitted, the details on it cannot be edited. Result slips and certificated should be printed, each in three copies and submitted to the Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs Section). These documents should be posted to the university. The university for development studies address as stated on the website is; Post Office Box TL 1350, Tamale, Ghana, Email address is: registrar@uds.edugh. Website is: uds.edu.gh. The deadline for submission of applications for 2020-2021 academic year is yet to be announced.

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After the application forms are reviewed, successful candidates are listed in the university’s system. Those who applied for the 2019-2020 academic year have their names appearing in the University for Development Studies admission system. This procedure is different from the previous years whereby successful candidates had their names listed in the University for Development Studies Admission List popularly known as uds admission list. The online admission system only involves searching one’s name using their application ID, surname, first name or the programme being pursued. If the system does not return your names or the programme you applied for, then it means that you were not selected for that programme that you applied for. Currently, university for development studies admission list 2020-2021 is not yet out. Once the list is out, successful candidates can proceed to printing the uds admission letters and paying their fees early enough so as not to risk chances of losing their chance.

Breakdown of courses offered in UDS - Faculties

The university offers a wide range of courses. The University of Development Studies Courses are grouped into faculties and schools. These faculties include Faculty of Agriculture (FOA) which has 11 agriculture related courses. These agriculture related courses comprise 4-year Bachelor of Science Agriculture Technology courses which consists of five courses namely; Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Technology, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Science and Horticulture and Biotechnology. The other agriculture related courses are 4-year Bachelor of Science programmes in Family and Consumer services, veterinary Nursing, Food Processing Technology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology and Bachelor of Education in Agriculture Science.

uds admission requirement


Another wide faculty is the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS) which comprises nine 4-year Bachelor of Science courses among them Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Science( Mathematics option), Mathematical Science( Statistics option), Mathematics-with-economics, Accounting-with-computing, Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences. This faculty also has two 2year diploma courses namely; Diploma in Statistics and Diploma in Computer Science. This faculty also provides a six-week bridging programme which is aimed at preparing candidates to degree programmes in this faculty.

Faculty of Renewable natural resources (FRNR)

Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources (FRNR) is also offered in the university. This faculty has four 4-year Bachelor of Science Renewable Natural Resources degrees in Forest and Forest Resources Management, Range and Wildlife Management, Ecotourism and Environmental Management and Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management.

Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences (FACS)

Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences (FACS) which comprises 4-year Bachelor of Science Agribusiness with the following courses; Agriculture and Resource Economics, Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness management and finance, Rural Development and Gender Studies, Climate Change and Food Security. The faculty also has 4-year Bachelor of Science in Social Change Communication and a 2-year Diploma programme in Social Change Communication.

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS)

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) comprises 4-year degree programmes in the following courses; Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science and Physical Sciences.

Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS)

Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS) comprises 4-year Bachelor of Administration Integrated Development in the following options; Environment and Resources Management Option, Economics and Entrepreneurship Development option, Development Administration option. A 2-year Diploma in integrated Community Development is also offered in this faculty.

Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM)

Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM) comprises 4-year Bachelor of Science programmes in the following; Planning, Real Estate, Land Management, Development Management. A 2-year Diploma programme in Development Management is also offered in this faculty.

uds admission portal


Faculty of Education (FOE)

Faculty of Education (FOE) offers 4-year courses in the following Bachelor of Education fields, Basic Education and Early Childhood Care and Education both being offered in University for Development Studies Tamale Campus. Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Studies and Science are offered in university for development studies Navrongo campus. Bachelor of Education in Agriculture Studies is offered in university for development studies, Nyankpala Campus.

School of Engineering

The university also has Schools offering a variety of courses. Among the schools is the School of Engineering which offers the following courses; 4-year Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering with options in the following fields; Farm Power and Machinery Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Food and Post-Harvest Engineering and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering. The school also offers 4-year Bachelor of Science courses in Thermo-Fluids Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Applied Mechanics Engineering and Design and Manufacturing Engineering.

School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS)

School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) offers 4-year degree programs in Community Nutrition, Nursing, and Midwifery. It also offers 2to 3 year Bachelor degrees in Nursing and Midwifery. A 6-year Doctor of Medical laboratory Sciences is also offered under this school.

School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS)

School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) is also an independent school that offers 2-3 year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing Anesthesia.

UDS admission requirements, forms, fees and deadline 2018-2019


The University of Development Studies Fees is charged such that every programme has the same annual fee for every year group. Every student pays the same annual amount for the time that their course will run. The university provides a well detailed fee structure for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students. For local students, the fee payment procedure involves depositing the stated amount in the specified university bank accounts. Alternatively, students can also directly pay using MasterCard.

University for development studies subsidiaries

Apart from offering education, university for development studies subsidiaries include production support services such as warehousing, packaging and assembly. These services have been extended to major manufacturing companies such as automobile, electrical and electronics, glass, steel, heavy machinery, tyre and specialty chemicals such as Petro.

By now, it is evident that the every relevant and weighty detail concerning the University for Development Studies has been clearly stipulated for both local and international students with prospects of joining the university.

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