Where to get instant loan in Ghana? Try these instant loan companies in Ghana!

Where to get instant loan in Ghana? Try these instant loan companies in Ghana!

Getting an instant loan in Ghana in this modern era is much easier. Currently, the enormous number of micro-finance firms accompanied by other lending associations is astonishing. In fact, they are all buzzing like bees in promoting themselves, with the hopes of luring needy borrowers. This is not to mention the online lending firms, which are sprouting on daily basis trying to get a slice of the market’s pie.

Instant loan in Ghana

Nowadays when I need a quick loan in Ghana, I simply browse through the internet to find the ideal lender to borrow from-since many of them have websites. Alternatively, with this age of smartphones and applications,downloading an app from a reliable and reputable firm is usually my next move into solving my financial predicaments.

Desperate times call for desperate measures; it may sound more of a cliché, but it’s still a fact. When life becomes strenuous and almost unbearable-with so many debts and bills hovering around-these quick loans come in handy. Fortunately, there are quite a number of quick loan companies in Ghana such as Fido Money Lending Limited that may come to your rescue.

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Ever heard of ‘Consignment’ and ‘Quick cash? Well, these are among the trendy offers for people in need of instant loan in Accra and its surrounding. They were introduced by, CashGhana, yet another company with an outstanding reputation.

Consignment, according to CashGhana, is simply a way for customers to convert their assets-which may not be necessary for them anymore-into quick cash. The idle asset exchanged with this company, may be kept for a month, as security. After which, according to the stipulated contract, the firm is allowed to sell to any prospective buyer in case the money is not refunded.

The difference between consignment and quickcash, generally, is that unlike the former, where thirty days have to elapse before the asset is sold, in quickcash you simply agree on the asset’s price, and with a snap of a finger you have your cash.

These are just some of the ideal ways to escape your financial tight spot. But then again, in your quest for ideal instant loan companies in Ghana, there are some essential elements that you need to take into consideration. They are basically precautionary measures for you not to end up in yet another different tight corner.

Tips for finding quick loan services in Ghana

When people are in need of a quick loan, their first instinct is to rush to the popular lender in town. The popularity of the lenders is enough to sway desperate minds into their offices. Even though this might be a basicaction, it’s always advisable to take a step back and scrutinize all the lending firms, before hopping into any office.

For instance, take a closer look at their reputation. Normally, the reputation of such firms speaks volume. Assess the quality of their services; customer care, discretion and leniency status for late payment. Only go for firms that offer the best services and have an exquisite track record of performance to show for it.

Traditional lenders such banks and the credit union may have been in the industry for long enough to have attained adequate experience. However, their requirements are usually stricter compared to the modern online lending counterparts. For, example, when in need of a quick loan to uplift your business which is slightly financially slipping, it ought to have been operational at least two years before they consider your loan request.

That is not all, you as the owner must have a perfect credit score rendering you reliable. This is not to mention the tedious paperwork involved such as business plans, analyses of the market competition and the legal documents like accreditation certificates.

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When you finally take a sigh of relief, after your loan request has been approved, you will again have to wait for weeks or months before finally getting your funds. That is why the traditional lending firms are not for the faint-hearted and those really in need of urgent cash.

As luck would have it, the online lending firms emerged to fill the gap. In as much as they were mainly propelled by the advancement of technology and spread of internet, they were still committed to providing quick loan services in Ghana. This was so as to serve the ever-growing demand, especially from startup businesses.

All in all, do not be carried away by the hype of online lending until you forget to pay attention to the Annual Percentage Rate. This is the total cost that comprises interest rate and fees that you will be required to pay back alongside your loan. If the annual percentage rate is high, then you will definitely be in another tighter spot.For that reason, it’s always advisable to inspect all the firms and their charge rates before sticking to any of them.

Where to get Instant loan in Ghana: Best companies


The interest rate is one aspect that online lenders tend to focus more on their marketing. Lower interest rate means less burden to the borrower. As competition has been tightening, even more, many firms find themselves lowering their rates to capture the markets’ attention. This is undeniably good news for prospective borrowers. But then again, be careful of the fees hidden on their long ‘terms and conditions' lists. This is where many borrowers seeking a quick loan in Ghana find themselves trapped.

In comparison to the traditional lenders, the Annual Percentage Rate for online counterparts is relatively high. Hence, when you are still wondering about the loan amount, be careful on the long-term loans. They may end up costing more on interests. In most cases, stick to the short-term loans for your short-term needs.

On the same note, reflect on your repayments options. Ensure the repayment schedule is convenient enough for you to still live your life comfortably. Incorporating such new bills may be difficult to cop up with sometimes and so select a time frame that you feel most suitable.

Examples of instant-loan lending firms in Ghana

1. Fido Money Lending Limited

need a quick loan in Ghana


It's one of the well-known financial institutions in Ghana that is not only secure and easy to use but also processes your requests in minutes. It based in Accra but you can still access their services through your phone conveniently, without having to go to their offices. It has a special app that assesses the loan applications and sends feedback after a short while. There are no guarantors or application fee required whatsoever.

In addition, there is no paperwork for verification, instead, you are only asked to provide your Identification details and a mobile money account. The identification details may be your driver’s license, NHIA membership, Voter ID, passport or even your national identification card. In order to access the loan service, you must be eighteen years of age and a resident of Ghana.

The interest rate for beginners is usually sixteen percent for one month. This is usually clearly displayed on the app screen. Returning customers who have been consistent, honest and loyal, with a positive history of prompt repayment are usually rewarded by a lower interest rate on their future loans. Nonetheless, the lowest interest rate is ten percent for one month.

Instant loan for government workers in Ghana


In addition, first-time borrowers are only eligible for two hundred cedis which is to be paid within ten to thirty-three days. After which, they can climb up the ladder and borrow as much as six hundred cedis and at a lower interest rate.

Failure to pay the loan on time calls for penalties in your loan that will be accumulating as each day passes. The company also has the right to take any legal action to get their money back and report you to the relevant authority.

The institution is licensed by the Bank of Ghana and so legitimate and certified to provide loans. With its remarkable reputation, it has also earned the public trust that it is reliable and efficient. You can contact FIDO using the contacts provided below:

No. 48 Blohum Road

Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana

Near Sid Theatre and Medlab

From Perez Chapel junction, continue down the road to Dzorwulu (inside) until you reach the T-junction.


Customers: 0307 08 2134

Corporate Services: 0302 76 4805

Operating hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 17:30

In addition to this, you can reach FIDO via their social media platforms, i.e., facebook - fidocredit, and twitter - @fidocredit.


2. Cash Ghana Limited

If you are still wondering where to get instant loan in Ghana, then this is the institution to go for. It offers both payday and pawn loans. The reviews and comments from customers are enough to eliminate all doubts that may be circulating in your mind. It provides quick cash to either boost your business, pays rent, provides school fees, medical expenses as well as urgent money to get you through the month. They are usually ideal for people who may want to sell idle assets in exchange for cash. Their offices are in Accra and open for any borrower. Below are contacts that you can use when reaching Cash Ghana Limited:


Zongo Junction

Madina, Accra


Get in Touch:

Tel: +233246777000



3. Izwe Loans

Where to get Instant loan in Ghana: Best companies


This is one of the most reliable lending institutions that can provide instant loan for government workers in Ghana at a reasonable interest rate. It has been operational for more than ten years with branches across various states. It’s a non-banking financial institution and well registered by the Bank of Ghana and thus rendered legitimate.

It usually targets the informally employed as well as those who are on government payroll. Its main goal is enriching the lives of people by offering them financial solutions to their various needs. With its experience in the industry and financial stability, it’s certainly worth giving it a try.

In conclusion, when you need a quick loan in Ghana, you need not worry as there are quite a number of companies that you can get a quick loan in Ghana. The industry is filled with so many companies that seek prospective borrowers. Nevertheless, you should always be careful in your selection. Stick to the experienced and reputable firms that are registered by the Bank of Ghana. A legitimate lending firm is always a reliable service provider.

You can reach Izwe loans ghana through the following contacts:

Izwe Loans - Ghana

Offices: 1st Floor, Maestro Plaza,Kotobabi, High Street, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 (0) 302 251 042

Email: info@izweghana.com

Website: https://www.izweghana.com

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