Unforgivable telenovela full story and cast

Unforgivable telenovela full story and cast

Unforgivable telenovela full story, popularly known as ‘Lo Imperdonable’ is an exciting Mexican love story that features two great stars; the famous Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez, who are the main characters in the twisted story. Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez have starred in most common award winning TV shows like Triumph of Love and Wild at Heart among others, which makes it so obvious that unforgivable telenovela full story in english is not any different. This article will prove to you that watching the unforgivable telenovela full story in english as a TV show, is going to be one epic moment that you will not regret.

Unforgivable telenovela full story


Being one of the telenovelas that have been produced by Salvador Mejia Alejandra, one famous producer who is behind great telenovelas like La Tempestad and Corazon Salvaje, it definitely strikes one’s mind what to expect at the end since Salvador is known for his creativity. The story has been written by Ricardo Fiallega, Ximena Suarez, Alejandra Diaz and Janely Lee.

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Unforgivable telenovela cast

Released on April 20th 2015, unforgivable telenovela cast comprises the following protagonists; Ana Brenda Contreras who stars as Veronica Prado Castelo, Ivan Sanchez who comes out as Martin San Telmo, Sergio Sendel as Emiliano Prado Castelo, Juan Ferrara as Jorge Prado Castelo, Claudia Ramirez as Magdalena Castilla Botel, Grettel Valdez as Virginia Prado Castelo, Guillermo Capetilllo as Padre Juan, Gaby Mellado as Ana Perla Sanchez, Alicia Machado as Claudia Ordaz, Guilermo Garcia Cantu as Aaron Martinez and Sebastian Zurita as Pablo Hidalgo.

unforgivable telenovela full story in english


Over to the co-protagonists, unforgivable telenovela cast consists of the following actors and actresses;Mar Contreras as Nancyaga, Marcelo Buquet as Aquiles Botel, Paty Diaz as Raymunda Alvarez, Juan Angel Esparza as Manuel Sanchez, Roberto Ballesteros as Joaquin Arroyo, Delia Casanova as Matilde, Jackie Sauza as Mariana, Cami Hazouri as Polo, Michael Duval as Teo, Elsa Cardenas as Jovita, Ricardo Franco as Julio, Salvador Sanchez as Cresencio Alvarez, Patsy as Salma Prado Castelo, Pablo Montero as Demitrio Silveria, Osvaldo de Leon as Dr. Daniel, Gonzalo Vivanco as Pierre Dussage, Tania Lizardo as Blanca Arroyo Alvarez Blanquita, Raul Magana as Alfredo, Danna Garcia as Rebecca Rojo and Diego Olivea as Jeronimo.

Unforgivable telenovela directors and scripting style

Competent directors and script writers are the people behind the unforgivable telenovela full episodes which are short, one hour episodes full of drama and lots of humor. With only one season out, the telenovela has a total of one hundred and twenty episodes. These episodes are chronologically titled according to the flow of events in the telenovela. Being a Mexican story, these episodes are titled in Spanish. For instance, the one hundred and twentieth episode has the title, ‘Amor hasta el final’.

Unforgivable telenovela full story


Unforgivable telenovela story line

Based on love and revenge, full story of Mexican telenovela unforgivable features a young man, Ivan Sanchez, known as Martin in this TV series, who loses his brother to a lady and goes an extra mile to revenge his brother’s death. In the process, he comes across two ladies, both with V names. Martin is not sure who the murderer is between the two sisters since the only clue he had was the first letter of their names, V. He identifies his target by judging their personalities. He pretends to have fallen in love with his suspected ‘criminal’ and goes to the extent of marrying her, just to humiliate her and accomplish his interests of revenging his brother’s death. It turns out that his ‘lover’ is not even his target as he earlier thought. Her cousin whom she grew up with is. This happens after Martin has tortured Veronica, thinking that she was responsible for his brother’s suicide. When Veronica, Martin’s victim, finds out Martin’s intentions, she leaves him and Martin ends up losing everything, both his brother and the love of his life. Full details on how Martin tortures Veronica and how he ends being in the losing end are clearly stated in details in the unforgivable telenovela story line.

Full story of Unforgivable telenovela - Unforgivable telenovela full episodes

The full story of unforgivable telenovela story commences with Ivan Sanchez as Martin, receiving a letter from Pablo Montero as Demetrio, his brother. In the letter, Demetrio pleads with Martin to come home because he is going through a difficult moment. Out of love and concern, Martin complies. On arriving home, he learns that his brother has committed suicide. This creates bitterness and anger towards the woman who is responsible for his brother’s death. Martin comes up with a plan to revenge his death. In the process of going through his brother’s stuff, he comes across a medallion with the name ‘V Prado Castelo’. He remembers how his brother used to hold on to it and carried it everywhere when he was alive. This definitely is clue to the woman who caused him the heartache that turned out to be reason for his death. At the back of his mind, he is aware that Prado Castelo is one of the rare and fancy jewelry stores in the city. This marks the first step of his journey.

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Martin goes back to the city where he meets Sergio Sendel, Emiliano. Emiliano has just arrived from Mexico and is supposed to inherit the Prado Castelo property. His parents decide to throw him a party to welcome him. Martin decides to go pay him a visit on the same day. He comes across Ana Brenda Contreras, Veronica and Grettel Valdez, Virginia Prado. The two are Emiliano’s cousins, who have lived with their uncle Prado Castelo. Martin gets carried away by how beautiful Veronica is. Apparently, Emiliano too has an eye for Veronica and intends to marry her. Virginia on the other hand has liked Emiliano and gets jealous at the thought of losing him to Veronica. She plots a plan to make Emiliano change his mind about marrying her. She tells Martin that Veronica has so many lovers, among them Demetrio. This is exactly what Martin wanted to hear.

unforgivable telenovela cast


Martin, however, disappoints Virginia by ‘letting everything go’, and asking for Veronica’s hand in marriage. This is still in his line of revenging his brother’s death. The two get married in a colorful wedding. They later go to live in Demetrio’s (Martin’s late brother’s house) in Mina Escondida. Veronica is made to believe that Martin is bankrupt and that is the reason behind their stay in her late brother in-law’s house. In Mina Escondida, Veronica suffers humiliation and the pain of being rejected by her husband. This causes her so much disgrace. She is helpless and cannot comprehend what has gotten into her man. She barely understands him. If only she knew what Martin had in store for her before she agreed to get married to him, she wouldn’t have said yes.

Back in the palace at Prado Castelo’s, egocentric and jealous Virginia finally has Emiliano for herself. She, however, does not have sincere motives of marrying him. She intends to earn herself the Mrs. Prado Castelo title which will imply that she’ll have a share of the property that her husband supposed to inherit. Practically, her intentions are to benefit her selfish self.

Unforgivable telenovela full story


After days of mistreating Veronica, Martin learns that his wife is not capable of the heinous act of causing his brother’s death. By the time he notices this, Veronica too finds out that she was being used as a tool to revenge Demetrio’s death. This makes her so bitter and she chooses to leave him because she barely trusts him. Martin is left to regret the decisions he made after listening to the ‘snake’, Virginia. He feels so bad that this whole issue has also costed him his marriage. The only thing he has left is to try so hard and fight to have his wife back, a very difficult task because he already broke Veronica’s trust.

After going through this unforgivable telenovela full synopsis, I am certain that your next step is checking out the unforgivable utv telenovela full story as it unfolds. The good thing with utv is that you get to watch unforgivable telenovela full episodes. To find out what poor Martin has to go through to get his love back and whether Veronica is going to say yes, watch out for full story of Mexican telenovela unforgivable.

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