Sarkodie songs: Top 10 in 2020 (videos)

Sarkodie songs: Top 10 in 2020 (videos)

The Ghanaian artist still manages to release hits that trend worldly in spite of his raps being in his mother language, Twi. Sarkodie songs have elevated Ghana in the world and his fans have a long list and they enjoy his great uniqueness, vocals, and performance. One thing is for sure, Sarkodie does not disappoint.

Top trending Sarkodie songs 2018

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If you are a good observer, am sure you have noticed that Sarkodie songs video don’t have naked women dancing. Right? That is one reason that makes the Ghanaian rapper unique and respected. He sings to motivate or portray a meaningful message with his great lyrics, but not to impress.

Sarkodie songs 2020

Sarkodie songs list is trending because of his awesome collaborations with great and popular musicians. Going by his songs, the musician has vowed to work harder, and this is good news to his fans. It seems 2018 will be a good year, for all of us.

10 best Sarkodie songs in 2020 (Videos)

Sarkodie ‘Glory’

Sarkodie released this song on 2017 in his ‘Highest’ album and it was featuring Yung L, a popular artist. It shed light and played in almost every part of the globe. This song has great lyrics, you can never get bored. Its lyrics also motivate people to work hard to achieve their dreams and to put God first because he is always in control.

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In the same song, Sarkodie talks of his past about his friends Kwame Boadi in particular, doubting his dream wish of becoming an international artist. Losing hope does not exist to Sarkodie and he has made it, even though this seemed a fairy tale to many. You need to listen to this top trendy song. Download it and it will act as a great inspiration to you.

Sarkodie ‘Mary’

Sarkodie released this song on 12th September 2015 and the awing bit is that it is still trending this year, 2018. The song takes the listener to a journey of love, belief, and sorrow. He dedicated this song to his late grandmother Mary who took her rest in 2012, saying how she always wanted his Grandchild Sarkodie to record live music.

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‘Mary’ is among the Sarkodie songs instrumentals and it portrays Sarkodie's versatility to all his fans and those who criticize his hits. You need to listen to it and you will be in love with the great vocals and lyrics of the song.

Sarkodie ‘Gboza’

Sarkodie songs released in 2017 were all amazing, but ‘Gboza’ hit all music stations with a blow and up to date it is still rocking. His rapping skills and the quality of the video becomes more great to the viewers since Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo, a Ghanaian actor who is popularly known as Dabo, plays in the video as a funny and a mischievous character.

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Most people say they also love the way Sarkodie gives a story of hustle. You need to listen and watch this great song if you have not done so. I bet you will not regret it downloading it, but you will enjoy it to the fullest.

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Sarkodie ‘Almighty’

‘Almighty’ was released on 7th November 2017 and it is still trending this year. He dedicates this song to those people trying to throw shades on him so that they can pull him down. Sarkodie even goes ahead to summon his haters before the almighty God. According to him, he has done nothing to deserve that and he even asks the public through his song if he needs to apologize.

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The great lyrics indirectly tries to tell everyone that not everybody is happy with your success and they would really love to see you fall. It is true and a big fact. Right? You have to listen to this song and update your playlist with this amazing hit.

Sarkodie ‘Far Away’

This amazing song was released in 2017 under the ‘Highest’ album featuring Koredo Bello. If you have not listened to this song, upload it today; the great vocals and lyrics will take you to a journey of love. Sarkodie and Koredo Bello dedicated this song to their lover s, telling them how much they want to share the good moments with them forever.

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Who said you can’t dedicate this song to your lover too? Surprise her and she will even love you more and more. The great vocals and lyrics will make your lover feel special and appreciated. Download and also enjoy the great Sarkodie hit.

Sarkodie ‘Overdose’

This is among the Sarkodie best songs that I don’t think they will never go out of the top listed trendy songs in years to come. This song was released in 2017 under the ‘Highlife’ album featuring Jesse Jagz, a popular artist. It has amazing lyrics with a message condemning those who talk about the rappers copying Sarkodie's style and he tells them that he is very proud of that, but not mad.

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Many would think that he gets mad; now people know he does not give a bother, but feels super excited with the act. ‘Overdose’ has a quality video and you should add to your playlist to get entertained.

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Sarkodie ‘Jennifer Lomotey’

The artist of this song is Kurl Songx with Sarkodie featuring it. Sarkodie is known for being a talented artist and his rapping skills in this particular song rock, maybe since its genre is more like an RNB/ Soul. You have to download, watch, and listen to it by subscribing on Sarkodie YouTube videos and you will truly enjoy the music.

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‘Jennifer Lomotey’ will take to a journey of romance and it will be a great dedication to your life partner to make them feel special and appreciated. Some lack words to express their feelings and I think this is the best song with amazing vocals.

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Sarkodie ‘Come To Me’

This song is just amazing and a favorite to many because of its awesome lines with a message that will take its listeners to a journey of romance and laughter. ‘Come To Me’ was released in 2017 featuring Bobbi Lewis. They dedicate this song to their one and only lover that holds the key to their heart.

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Download it and am sure you will fall in love with it. Girls love attention. Right? Why don’t you dedicate this song to your girlfriend or wife to make them feel loved. The vocals are on point and you need to listen to this special track.

Sarkodie ‘We No Dey Fear’

This trending song has made his fans even think that it is a 2018 song due to its quality. This song was officially released in 2017 under ‘Highest’ featuring JAYSO. Its lyrics is full of praises of how fearless the artists are and the amazing vocals make it just perfect. You need to upload this song and add it to your playlist.

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Sarkodie ‘Highest’

‘Highest’ song made it to be the title for Songs by Sarkodie album in which a number are trending this year. The album has a total of 19 tracks and it was released on September 8th 2017. Sarkodie took 2 years to do the recordings of this track and he made collaborations with popular talented artists like Runtown, Flavour, Koredo Bello, Victoria Kimani, Yung L, Jesse Jagz, Moelogo, Bobii Lewis, and Jayso.

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You need to listen, watch, and download these Sarkodie latest songs of this album and add them to your playlist. ‘Highest’ a great song with amazing lyrics and vocals will answer you why it made it to be the title of the whole album.

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