5 reasons why Ghanaian men are 'afraid' of getting married

5 reasons why Ghanaian men are 'afraid' of getting married

Marriage is a revered thing in Ghana as our customs and traditions duly recognize it.

Apart from the recognition, it is considered as one of the things that brings glory to one's parents and family.

In fact, it goes without saying that, every Ghanaian parent and well-wishing relative longs for their young ones to get married successfully.

It is therefore, ideally, supposed to be the dream of every young person.

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But these days, it does not seem a priority for many young people especially, the males. When you meet 10 guys on the street and ask them about marriage, you will likely get more than half having no immediate plans or showing no interest at all.

And even for the old ones, some literally fear getting married.

YEN.com.gh set out to find why some Ghanaian men afraid of getting married and has compiled some of the reasons.

1. Financial (Lack of funds) reasons:

Most answers to YEN.com.gh's question suggested that respondents were not necessarily afraid of getting married but lacked the necessary funds to get married.

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And Mrgoodman pointed it out clearly.

Asare supported Mrgoodman's position adding that Ghanaian women only loved 'already made' men

2. Lack of good women (marriage materials:

Some of the respondents said they were not afraid of marriage but afraid of the women they were to marry.

According to them, many of the women are just not marriageable

Kwaku put it aptly as:

Da Osei claimed that only 10% of ladies were marriageable hence the difficulty in getting married.

3. Over-demanding ladies:

For some, though they could afford to marry, the demands which come from some ladies put them off.

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Richard reminded us that Ghanaian ladies are not supportive and once you propose to them, you become a debtor to them.

4. Inability to propose (Fear of being rejected):

The problem of some of the respondents had to do with proposing to ladies. They literally fear being rejected or going after the women they like.

Akwasi is interested in friendship leading to marriage but it seems it's not been working for him.

5. Not interested in settling down:

A good number of respondents were simply not interested in settling down like Fuseini who wanted to "enjoy all them."

Sham Sham had a funny analogy to the whole issue of marriage.

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In the video below, the deputy education minister, Mrs Barbara Ayisi, speaks on how President Akufo-Addo inspires her, and how the president's success story must also inspire the youth of Ghana to greater heights:

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