African wear dresses for ladies 2020 (photos)

African wear dresses for ladies 2020 (photos)

African wears for ladies express their beauty and that is the reason the wears stand out. If you are an African and you don’t own a piece of the African attire for women I bet you don’t have a taste for fashion. To all the fashion geeks and those ladies looking for inspirations here is the article for you. All you need is to find an appealing design dress and create your own unique piece. If you are a kind of women who loves to stand out in any occasion, read on for inspirations.

The African dresses for ladies can be designed from different rich fabrics like Kente, Kitenge, Aso Ebi, Dashiki, Agbada, Aso –Eke, Laces, and Ankara. Have in mind that the design style of the dresses will determine the occasion.

Ankara dresses

This rich fabric has stand out and it is being embraced in almost every part of Africa. Ankara fabric is very beautiful coming with various bright colors that are just irresistible. Do you own a piece? Well, you have to design a unique piece so that you can rock in that occasion. This is because they have the ability to make an ordinary lady look more classic and expensive. If you have been yenning for that look, here are different Ankara dresses that are very unique fashionable, trending, and very beautiful for all body sizes.

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1.Ankara African wear long dress designs

As Africans, we should greatly appreciate our designers for their creativity and efforts put to create unique pieces of long dresses making them a multi-occasion wear. They make one look decent, respectable, and yet very beautiful as well.

It is just a few years that have past the young ladies thought that the long dresses are for the old or wears to go to church only. Well, they are the best to attend a church service, they look awesome on any women, and the 2018 designs make them a wear to attend any occasion including a dinner date. All you need is a unique design like the off shoulders, straight or the balloon dresses.

2. Ankara African wear short dresses styles

The short Ankara dresses are for those African ladies who need a rocking look, attractive, fashionable, and yet trendy. What many do love about ladies who prefer the short dresses is that they are very confident and you cant differentiate an ordinary from a high professional lady with this Ankara wear. Create a unique piece that you feel comfortable with either an off shoulder dress, long or short sleeve. Combine your wears with beautiful accessories from handbag/pouch, classic shoes, a unique yet trendy hairstyle, and a perfect make up. Logically, is not too expensive to rock for the African ladies. Right?

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3.Ankara dinner dresses with sequence

Are you having a hard time to come up with an Ankara dinner dress with that special someone? Well, why don’t you try this Ankara with sequence fabric that comes out perfectly as it is easy to be designed. You can purchase a ready-made sequins Ankara dinner dress or have your designer create fashionable and a unique piece for you.

With these kind of a dress piece, you will definitely be among the ladies having sexy African Dresses. A perfect applied make up, an amazing hairstyle and beautiful accessories will definitely give you that look that you have always wanted. If you aren’t comfortable with the heels, just find unique beautiful flat shoes for the day.

4.Ankara official dresses with stones

This rich Ankara fabric with stones have been modernized and now it is getting embraced this year by many women both young and old. An official dress does not necessarily have to be too lengthy; a medium Ankara short dress with a unique decent design can make a perfect official dress for you. The pics below are there to inspire own a piece and as always look fashionable, expensive, trendy, unique, awesome, and focused. A blending handbag or a pouch, accessories, a perfect make up and a unique yet beautiful hairstyle will give you that look you have always wanted each morning while going to work.

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5.Ankara dress for a plus-size

Being plus-size does not mean that you cant go for the trendy this year, 2018. If you are a good observer, am sure you have noticed that if a lady of any body size appreciates their look, they always try their level best to go trendy, fashionable and beautiful. this basically means that the African designer have now created pieces with unique design styles just for the plus-size ladies. Appreciate you body and get inspired by the pics below of beautiful plus-size dresses looking awesome with the Ankara African attire for women. Don’t be left out this year, own a piece and also have that amazing look you have always wanted.

6.Ankara lace dresses

The beautiful thing about this rich Ankara fabric is that it blends well other African fabric. In this case, the article wishes to inspire you with African print dresses combined with laces. They look extremely fabulous making a woman have that classic, beautiful and trendy look. Right? Go for them and create a piece that will be unique from either the local or the established African designers that charge an affordable price. The laces can be at the bottom of base line of your Ankara dress, the Ankara dress can have laces sleeves, the laces can be at the upper part of your Ankara dress or any design that will be appealing to you.

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7.Ankara dresses for maternity

Who said that you don’t have to look outstanding and fashionable while pregnant. Well, the African designers’ efforts to create beautiful Ankara maternity dresses has owed many ladies. The 2020 African fashionable dresses for the pregnant women are making them rock and they just enjoy their journey to motherhood. The pictures below are there to inspire you to make a piece so that you can also feel comfortable in that occasion that you want to attend. Combine you beautiful Ankara maternity dress with classic accessories like very comfortable shoes, a beautiful unique hairstyle, and if desired a perfect make up for the day.

8.Ankara chiffon dresses

Fashionable African dresses
Source: Pinterset

Ankara makes a great combination with the chiffon fabric. In fact, the Ankara Chiffon dresses are a multi occasion wear in that you can design a dinner, official, casual, wedding, and other occasion. The design and the fabric color is what makes one to look unique. Most ladies prefer their Ankara fabric to be at the top most part of their body then the rest of the lower part have the chiffon and others may prefer the chiffon to take the sleeves part only. You choice of design will make you stand out and look unique this year. The picture below are there to inspire you to create an extremely fabulous yet unique design.

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9.Ankara casual dresses

Most ladies think that a casual wear don’t require to be trendy. Well, you are being left out. You need to rock with an Ankara casual wear that allow you to have any design style from the sexy, crazy, and decent dresses. You can go for swimming, go for an adventure, or just stay beautiful indoors with the comfortable Ankara dress. One thing you should have in mind is that we Africans need to embrace their wears.

Kente dresses

The Ghanaians embrace the Kente rich fabric and they wear it mostly during their traditional weddings and during their graduation ceremonies. The trending and most beautiful engagement dresses in Ghana designs styles photos are here to inspire you so that you can also rock during your big day, engagement.

Are you about to graduate? Well, this article have a collection of graduation designs and styles that will inspire to create a beautiful piece. All you have to is to read on and you must find an appealing dress among the listed be a graduation one or a wedding gown.

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1.Kente graduation dresses

It is your big day and you have to look beautiful as you celebrate your academic success. Right? Fact that the design style might be the biggest challenge you are under-going right now having in mind that all eyes will be on you. Not anymore because the collection here will inspire you to create a unique piece that will give you that unique look that you want.

You can go for a short or a long dress with your appealing design style and you wont have any regrets.

The African designers have favorable prices that any lady who have a taste for fashion will afford to create a piece. If the graduation is too soon, go for a ready-made dress in one of the Ghanaian boutiques of a local or an established designer.

2. Kente bridesmaid dresses

Are a you a Ghanaian lady about to wed? Well, you must be stressed out to find a unique design style for your bridesmaids. They need to look perfect and this article will offer you with pictures hopefully that one of the designs will be appealing to you. The western bridesmaids wear have become too common and its time for you to go for the African wears that will never be a disappoint.

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The African designers need to be given credits for their efforts to compete with tough market of the western wears and finally managed to out-do them. You can go for the Kente balloon or straight dress styles.

3. Kente with polished cotton dresses

The moment the rich Kente fabric is combined with polished cotton, it qualified to be a multi-occasion wear in Ghana. you can either go for the white or the black polished cotton and blend it well with your rich Kente fabric; you will definitely have that look that you have always wanted. Choose a unique style, design, and rock in that occasion having in mind that how you design your dress will most likely qualify it to be a multi-occasion or only a one special occasion wear. Below is a collection of the latest Ghanaian dresses with polished cotton that you will definitely find an appealing one to inspire you.

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4. Purple kente dresses for the bridesmaid

Purple kente dresses
Source: Pinterest

The purple Kente fabric seemed abandoned some time back. Right? All the credits goes to the African designers who are making this rich purple fabric to be embraced all over again this year, 2017. Are you stuck in finding unique bridesmaid dresses? Well, this is the fabric for you. It is so beautiful and the bridesmaids purple Kente dresses for engagement collection below is there to inspire you. All you have to do is go a little creative with your designer, so that you can create pieces that are perfect, beautiful, trendy, and most of all unique.

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5. Purple kente with polished cotton dresses

The purple Kente with polished cotton look extremely fabulous. Right? You can design a casual dress or go for the official one. Don’t limit yourself with this fabric because it comes out perfect with any combination of the polished cotton colors. Some prefer the polished cotton to be at lower base part of the dress, others at the sleeves of the dress, and for you just find a design that will make you unique yet beautiful.

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6. Purple kente graduation dresses

The big day is finally around the corner and you need to be in your best wears, as everybody will be appreciating you for your efforts to succeed in your academics. It has been a long journey and treating yourself with a trendy design of the purple fabric, will make the day better. Below is a collection of the best and beautiful purple Kente dresses for you to choose for your graduation.

7. Kente with ankara dresses

Did you know that the combination of both rich fabrics, which are Kente and Ankara, comes out perfect? Create a piece and you will definitely fall for the dress. If you want a lengthy, short, or a medium dress go for it and have in mind that the design style will give your Kente and Ankara dress its occasion. For instance, if you want a church dress, you will definitely go for a medium or a lengthy dress that will give you that decent look. If you want to look attractive in that occasion, you will go for that sexy Ankara Kente designed dress.

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Dashiki dresses

The dashiki dress designs have proved the ladies rock with the fabric more than the men do. A few years a go this rich fabric used to be embraced mostly by the men. This because people knew that this fabric could only be designed into a half body shirt. All the credit go to the African designers for modernizing this fabric thus utilizing it to the fullest. We present to you the long and the short Dashiki dress wears.

1.Short dashiki African straight dresses styles

The short dashiki dresses look extremely amazing on girls who love to rock with attractive and beautiful wears. Below is a collection of dashiki straight dresses that will inspire you to create a piece that will give you an amazing, fabulous, awesome, and attractive look that you have always wanted. All you need is to find a design that will match with your intended occasion so that you can fit in well.

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2.Long dashiki dresses styles

If you want a long dashiki dress for a church wear or that official occasion, then the collection below is there for you to get inspired. You need to always look trendy and beautiful with the African wears that gives the true definition of beauty. Right? A long or a short-sleeved dress will come out just perfect. For instance, if you come a cold region, a long sleeved dress will fall perfectly, but if it is a hot summer, the short sleeved will make you more comfortable. Rock with the amazing designs of the Dashiki fabric dresses in that occasion.

Aso ebi dresses styles

The Nigerian women mostly embrace the Aso Ebi dresses and when they complete the wear with the gele; they come out perfectly looking awesome. Gele is a popular name for the headgear you see the Nigerian women tying in different amazing styles in different occasions especially the wedding ceremonies. The African designers have preserved this Aso Ebi fabric and making efforts to use their creativity to combine it with other fabrics like the laces/ chiffon/ organza and it is proving to come out perfectly.

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You should have in mind that the Aso Ebi dresses for the Nigerians are always long, decent, and flayed or straight. The shoulders can either have round neckline, off shoulders, one side off shoulder, or any styling that will make you comfortable.

The Aso Ebi have a matching color transparent bodice with the rest of the dress. Make a piece of your own and rock in that occasion. If you are greatly interested in knowing how tie the Gele, the research engines will give a step-by-step way and you will have that look that you have always yenned for. Below is a collection of the Nigerian Aso Ebi dress styles to inspire you to create a piece.

Aso – oke dresses styles

The Aso- Oke fabric is standing out and just years ago it used to be an old Yoruba traditional fabric. The designers use this rich fabric mostly to create the Agbada wears that are mostly embraced by men and to create the Iro and Buba designed dresses for women. The fabric have now been more modernized and the ladies look perfect especially when the choose a perfect unique styles and awesome accessories.

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Below is a collection of the Nigerian style dresses that have made it to the top in 2018. Mostly the Nigerian designers create this Aso-Oke dress pieces to be a very long and preserve its decency. This might be the reason why the Nigerians wear the lengthy dresses, complete it with a head gear, and they come out perfect. Right? The beautiful think is that the look upgrade a ladies social status; differentiating an ordinary lady and a high profession lady becomes a had assignment.

Agbada dresses styles

Who said that the Agbada styles are only for the men? It is amazing how the Agbada is being embraced by ladies and they look perfect with the wears. You can create a long or a short dress; blend it well with beautiful accessories from the handbag/pouch to the shoes and a perfect applied make up if desired will give you that look that you have always wanted. Many ladies say that Agbada designs are for the unique ladies and the fact is that we all want to be unique. Create a piece and rock with this modernized African Agbada outfit.

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African lace dresses styles

The African laces styles have been modernized making them to be embraced by all most every lady in African countries who has a taste for fashion. The interesting bit is that the laces are blending well with almost every fabric and they come out amazing. You need to own a piece of this African laces dress styles. Here is a compiled collection of the long and short plain laces dresses that have stand out to be the most beautiful this year, 2018. This article hopes that the collection below will act as a great inspiration for you to desire to own a piece.

1. Long African lace styles

You can create either a straight long dress or a flayed one and you look amazing. Yes, the African laces fabric can be designed into different styles, but you have to keep in mind that your choice of design will determine the fit-in occasion. Create a unique piece and rock into that coming occasion.

2 .Short African lace styles

Short African lace styles will forever give you a super fine look that will make you catch the attention of everyone in that occasion. Fact remains that whenever you feel comfortable and make headlines in your beautiful wear, you become more confident. Right? This means that you should go for a design style that will suit your body size it be either a long or a short sleeve. The short laces African dresses below are there to inspire you to own a piece in your wardrobe.

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