African wear designs in Ghana 2020 (photos)

African wear designs in Ghana 2020 (photos)

It is with no cloud of doubt that many Africans are becoming conscious of how they dress and look in public. This can be attested by the latest African wear designs that are currently making waves in the country. Even men are becoming part and parcel of the latest African wear designs; people of all ages, be it children, the youth and also those in their late years, fashion is not longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

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The latest African fashion industry is at its all-time time best, and with time, it will takeover the world. It is become ubiquitous to run into women rocking trending African print dresses on their way to work.

The workplace is no longer that boring suit and tie function but it has transformed into a creativity place where workers push the envelope and show their versatile tastes in fashion and the latest African print styles. Most of the government officials and leaders have jumped onto the bandwagon of the trending African fashion during formal occasions. We have rounded up some of the latest fashion style Africa that have taken Ghana by storm. Spice up your wardrobe with some of these latest African wear styles and stand out from your peers.

Trendy African dressing styles

African dresses trending i

There is no better way to express the rich heritage and culture of Africa than wearing the African styles of dresses. It shows your deep respect for the culture and how it manifests in your life. The best part is that you can rock the dresses in any occasion be it a wedding, engagement, to the office, on a trip or on a chilled-out weekend. You can go even further an add your own design and styles to make you stand out from the rest. The fashion industry in Ghana has grown and has given us some of the best designs and trending African print styles for the African dresses.

We have compiled some of the jaw-dropping African styles of dresses that are suited for any occasion. We guarantee you will find the perfect African print dresses for a night out or an event. Its high time you renovated you closed with these awesome designs that will surely change your entire outlook:

Nice African print styles in Ghana

Long African dresses with Dashiki African print

Dashiki print has become a fan favorites all across the world. Especially in Africa where it expresses a unique taste. The beautiful and comfortable Dashiki can be designed inform of a long, knee, or ankle length dress depending on your preference. It is perfect for the warm weather in Ghana or for an evening out on the town. You can design the Dashiki print and rock it over shorts, jeans or leggings.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

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It is a formal wear African wear for women. Moreover, it is comfortable, lightweight cotton dress material that is fitted with African wax print on the center front, sleeve and bottom. You can also curve the hem and slits. This is a common style that has been rocked by many Ghanaian celebrities and Governmental officials. It is work appropriate and also can also be worn during engagements and by the bridal party during the wedding.

Couples should try these African dresses and outfits

African dress designs with Meria African print

The midi pencil dress is one of the latest African wear designs for ladies. It can stretch with a touch of either white or green gem is another design that will bring out that wow! Factor in your outfit. The Meria dress is made of a unique African print called Onna fabric. Onna is a new, innovative and trending African dresses, the fabric can stretch to fit your curves perfectly. The Meria African print can be worn to the office or at an official event.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

Source: Diyanu

You can design it to have short sleeves to fit the midi dress with a scoop at the back. You can also have it unlined with side pockets. You can play around with the colors with the center back invisible zipper. It is best for weddings and engagements. It has been rocked by several elite celebrities in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Short African dresses ladies are rocking in 2020

Genet African print faux wrap maxi dress

The dress is one of the best, among the, modern African maxi dresses. It is elegant and has unique fashion designs that are currently being rocked on the red carpet by celebrities. It is beautiful especially with the white and teal swirls print.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

Source: Diyanu

You can design it to have long sleeves with gathered elastic at the wrist. It has an invisible zipper at the back with hidden slide pockets. It is unlined with faux wrap neckline with a pleated skirt in addition to an attached sash.

Modern African dress designs with Adisa print

Adisa dress is one of the most sought- after especially due to its unique style and fabric. You can rock the cocktail style knee length dress with some cute flats for a night out. It also comes with three straps that can either be worn over the shoulders or with 1 strap up and 2 down.

Top African print styles ladies need in 2020
Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

Source: Diyanu

It also has an invisible zipper at the center back. The fabric can stretch in order to fit your curves perfectly and accentuate your body. It is a common in fashion shows made by Ghanaian designers.

Latest African engagement dresses

We all have to get engaged in style or make a statement in engagement parties. However, they are not necessarily only for engagement parties, you can also wear them in other parties.

Kitenge African styles of dresses

Kitenge fashion has been in Africa since time immemorial. It is the most worn outfit by women compared to other designs. The beautiful fact about the Kitenge is that every year it revolutionizes in order to meet the demands of the people. The fabric is very unique and special that can be rocked in different ways. You can spice up your normal look by wrapping around your waist or as a complete dress or just a headscarf. It the best addition for an engagement or any other occasion.

Modern African wear for ladies in Ghana 2020

With time, many designers have opted the Kitenge and mashed it up with different designs and prints to bring out a final product. Kitenge is a modern touch that has become a favorite by the young generation. It has been utilized into making different accessories such as bags, jewellery and shoes. Here are some few tips how you can add a touch of Kitenge to your outfit.

African wear long dresses with kitenge

Many of Nigerians have used the full kitenge in making their outfits. For an engagement, the fabric and colors of the kitenge should be immensely bright, unique and gorgeous to the eyes.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

Source: Outfit Trends

You can add a few African accessories such as a timeless necklace and a purse made of the same kitenge fabric to bring out that formality look. The prints in the kitenge present the African cultural trends and values which are distinctive in various countries.

Nigerian latest African dresses to rock in Ghana

Modern Kitenge African dress designs for young women

The modern style kitenge is made of a saker dress or a beautiful skater skirt with a stylish print. It Is a common trend for the young women, when added with makeup and a stylish hairdo brings an executive and finished look.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

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It is also perfect for summer when trying new bright colors like yellow or orange. You can combine the colors with blue and pleats to help you give the dress a better tone and structure.

Kente cloth dresses

Kente cloth was traditionally used as a sign of royalty but times have changed and now Kente is a common necessity for special events such as weddings, engagements and funerals. For those who are fashion daring, you can push the envelope and include it in your formal office wear.

The different colors define the type of event the dress should be worn for. Also, the patterns send a message and have meanings. You have first to determine the choice of color and pattern in order to make it appropriate for the type of event.

Top trending African dresses in 2020

Latest wear for women with Kente print maxi skirt

The kente print skirt is a gorgeous and must-have piece to add to your wardrobe. It has a bold pattern that guarantees you to stand out from the crowd. It has a 42.5 inch from the waist to the hem. It also has zipper on the center back and elastic on the sides. You can pair it with a top with plain color.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

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It can be used for both formal occasions like weddings, funerals and engagements. It can also be worn at the work place.

Latest African dresses with chiffon dress

The reason why kitenge has stood the test of time, its due to its potential to adjust and blend with modern Africa prints. You can sew the kitenge into an altered top design or a similar alike accumulated with added fabrics in our case the chiffon to appear up with annihilation but affected outfits. It can come in different forms such as the peplum, high-low, off shoulder, bodice kitenge architecture acme among others. Kitenge chiffon dresses are stylish, elegant and edgy for women especially for this season.

Latest African styles for ladies 2020
Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

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The fabric is elastic and can stretch to fit and accentuate your curves. They can be worn in various occasion especially for absolute summer o a wedding. They are versatile and include other materials such as the lace to create a fun and stylish look. Added with makeup and high hells you can have a perfect mix on the red carpet. It is also a timeless top-rated piece for women. You can design it with an invisible zipper at the back and side pockets to make the design unique and supreme.

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Ankara African print jumpsuit

African print jumpsuits and rompers are the best way to unleash your creative side when it comes to fashion. There are several designs of playsuits that come in vibrant Ankara prints. A trending fashion in jumpsuits is the halter neck Ankara jumpsuit with feature.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2019

Source: Madivas

It is perfect for a day out in the town or during a meeting with friends. You can add side pockets to make it more comfortable. It has been rocked by many celebrities in the Ghanaian entertainment industry and its common in the fashion runway and the red carpet.

Best African dress styles for weddings in 2020

Ankara African print skirts

Ankara is one of the latest African print styles in Ghana that took over the African fashion industry by storm. It has grown and enriched the African culture. You can style it in lots of ways whether with a tee, tank, blouse, layering and an appropriate accessory for an accomplished look. You can upgrade from dressed up fancy to an extra tiny bit funky, work appropriate to playful weekend or a night out.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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Some of the different styles you can rock the African print skirt include; African pencil skirts, African maxi skirts, printed midi skirts and many more. It is also suitable for the formal African wear for women.

Dashiki midi skirt with denim

This can be a mid-length skirt that stops anywhere from right below your knees to the calves depending on your height. You can through in a sash for a complete look. The denim top can be tucked into the midi skit with a kind of knob or belt at the front to hide the inside of the top.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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It can also be unlined, elastic on sides of the waistband. You can adjust the waistband to reach 26 inches from the hem. You can add a center back invisible zipper with a hook and an eye that makes it more edgy.

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African print tops

There is nothing more fun to play around with when it comes to fashion items that tops. There are lot of African designs you can include to make your top look stylish.

Trending african wear designs 2018

Source: Reed Fashion Magazine

The dashiki and kente print are common in the tops. They are fashionable and can be worn along a pair of jeans or shorts.

Latest men’s African wear

When it comes to fashion, the men have not been left out. Many of the men are putting in the effort and time to look good and stylish. This has also led to the growth in the industry as fashion designers are making strides to include men in some of their collections. There are numerous of options for men who want to keep up with the ongoing trend. Here are some of the latest African wear designs for men to watch out for in 2020.

Kente cloth

Unlike olden days where kente wass worn by royalty and women, times have changed to give a chance to the men to enjoy the rich African culture and heritage that comes with the kente. Also, the way men used to wear the kente design wrapped around the shoulder has changed.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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Some of the top designers are using small details of the kente design in men’s t-shirts and trousers. For those who are daring, there are even semi-formal coats and jackets made of the kente design. If you are trying out your taste in fashion, begin with the ones with the small kente details.

Maasai ‘shuka’

The Maasai ‘shuka’ is a fabric that has been in use for centuries by the tribe of Maasai who live in the East African parts of Africa including Kenya and Uganda. The fabric is part of their identity. They are also one of the few tribes in Africa who still uphold their cultures. Normally, many people go for the red and blue stripped fabrics but there exist many colors that are unique and have not yet been explored.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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Fashion giant house Louis Vuitton held a Maasai ‘shuka’ collection back in 2012. The show displayed some of the unique styles and forms that can be made of the fabric. Some use the fabric to make scarfs and t shirts. It all depends on your taste. You can go full blown and rock it from head to toe or just wrap around your shoulder. It is unisex and can be worn by any person. Recently, it has been used to make bomber jackets and many people are getting used to the idea. If you don’t have a Maasai ‘shuka,’ its high time you upgrade your wardrobe.

The Agbada as latest African wear design for men

West Africa gave birth to the Agbada which is one of our praised fashion items. It consists of a large gown that covers the shoulders, knees or even ankles. For many years, the younger generation have shied away from the clothin since it looks ‘too much’ and needs constant repositioning of the shoulders. But fashion designers have made it easier with new Agbada designs that are way easier to walk around with and still make a fashion statement.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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It is made of royal colors which run from head to toe. You can a bit of details to the clothing by embroidering different designs. A head cap would completely finish the look. The Agbada is worn during formal occasions such as weddings, engagements, celebrations and burials. Most of the government officials and other dignitaries including male celebrities have been captured rocking the Agbada.

Kitenge men outfit

Whoever said that the kitenge was for women clearly did not live to see the day where men rocked kitenge designs. The kitenge fabric is unique and has adds an African touch to the general outfit. Many designers are incorporating the designs into formal t shirts, blazers and even casual shorts for men during the hot summer period. There is no limit or restrictions when it comes to the kitenge design. Most of the men wear the design during weddings, burials, official meetings and even during church.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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The kitenge comes with an array of different colors and designs. A common trend in weddings today is where the bridal party wear the same kitenge material but all in different designs. You can also break down the boredom of your normal shirt by adding fine details of the kitenge design. It has become a fashionable wear for men and its subtle for men who are afraid of wearing too many colors.

Senator style: latest African fashion styles for men

Take a walk down the streets of Accra on the weekend and you will definitely run into a lad rocking the senator style. It has become a popular trend among the youth due to its simplicity and trendy design. There are no color restrictions when it comes to the different African fabrics. The senator style is made of native styles consisting of a suit or trouser material. Unlike other designs, it is plain and only has one color. But many designers have added little details based on the preferences of customers who want to stand out from the rest.

Trending african wear designs 2018

Source: Manly

It does not have any embroidery but has a thin line of contrasting and stylish design running in the midline over the chest and downwards to the ankles. Although, you can also add some vertical designs that cut across the breast region. As an added accessory, designers add some buttons over the designs that are sometimes gold or silver in color. The length can either be short or long depending on the liking of the person. If you go for the long-sleeved type, ensure you have cuffs that bears holes for cufflinks.

These latest African Print styles for men proove that they have also not been left out with the prints, have a look

Senegalese Kaftan

It is an ankle length clothing with long bell sleeves, that consists of a matching pant. It is made of cotton brocade, lace or synthetic fabrics that are common throughout West Africa. It is a formal wear for event like weddings, celebrations and official meetings. Many fashion designers have modified the look of the kaftan to become trendy and fashionable. This includes the introduction of short-sleeved tops worn on top of a t-shirt and matched with shorts or trousers. To have a complete look, you can finish it off with a cotton hat or fez.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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A common trend includes a well-tailored kaftan made from first grade brocade combined with high quality lace. You can also modify the design to include embroidery of a specific pattern with a tasteful finishing with stones. You can also add an accessory to compete the look with a timeless or vintage necklace and a watch. It is a common trend by most of the Ghanaian celebrities and rocked numerous times on the red carpet.

Kiba mens style

It is a new men’s collection made with a traditional modern style created by the fashion house Kefya. It is a fusion of the charms of the jacket ad that of the traditional African boubou. The shoulders are tailored carefully with refined jacket sleeves which are specific to the African garb attributes. They add an African touch to the whole costume.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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It can be worn on important business meetings and occasions like weddings and special events. The fabric is made of original fabric to make the look elegant and trendy.

African print blazers

Tired of that boring official blazer? Want to add some spice to the blazer? Well there are many African prints you can include in your blazer. Kitenge blazers are a perfect idea that will make you stylish. You can also use different patterns in order to represent your cultural heritage. Ankara blazers have been around and many people have taken to liking it.

Trending african wear designs 2018

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You can wear it with jeans, shorts, trousers or even skirts for women. Many have infused it with bomber jackets to bring out that stylish and edgy part and thus becoming one of the latest fashion styles Africa.

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