Cost of visa from Ghana to USA in 2018

Cost of visa from Ghana to USA in 2018

The cost of visa from Ghana to USA has been a heated topic in recent times, across various airwaves and social media. Many people have fallen victims of the far-reaching online scams. People posting themselves as visa agency personnel, usually take advantage of the naivety of Ghanaians to siphon money from their wallets. All in the name of lending a hand.

The most targeted section of the public is that which is made up of people who assume they can buy passports and visa for another person and hence keep hopping from one agency to another seeking the most effective cost of visa and passports from Ghana to USA. They forget that American passport cannot be bought, more so by people who are not even citizens of that country. As for visas, the best and sure way of getting quality services for visa application is by physically visiting the American Embassy in Ghana. You will be required to pay an application fee, which by the way, is not refundable if things go south.

what is the cost of visa from ghana to usa

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Visas and passports go hand in hand. Even though sometimes they are usually issued as separate documents, in most cases, visa is represented by a genuine stamp on the passport from the relevant authority. Visa is simply issued for permission purposes for entering the visiting state. It temporarily allows the visitors to stay in the country for a specified duration of time before their vacation is rendered invalid. However, this only applies for the non-immigrant kind of visa

Passports on the other hand are basically documents issued by the government for its own citizens. They are used for personal identification when traveling abroad. They basically certify the identities of the passengers at the airports. The details contained in the passport include; name, date of birth, sex and place of birth. Nonetheless, there are different type of passports ranging from the ordinary, family, diplomatic, temporary and official passports. While the rest may be for civilians, official and diplomatic passports are issued for official governments’ related obligations. However, they do not necessarily guarantee automatic diplomatic immunity in case you are involved in a crime.

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That aside, for people who may wish to apply for a visa, you need to take into account that there mainly two types of visas; the immigrant and the non-immigrant kind type of visa. The non-immigrant visa is for people who are only visiting the country for a temporary stay like a vacation. The immigrant visas, on the other hand, are for the kind of people who are seeking permanent residence in the USA or any other country for that matter. Fortunately, the American embassy offices in Accra can process both types of permits. With the right documentations and money you are good to go. So, how much does it cost to acquire a Ghana visa to the USA?

What is the cost of visa from Ghana to USA?

Depending on the type of the visas, the cost of a visa from Ghana to USA varies in relation to the class type in which it falls. For instance, visas in class B, D, C-1, and F belonging to business, crew, transit, student category respectively require an amount of one hundred and sixty dollars as an application cost. While class H, R and L falling under seasonal workers and employment, religious workers and intracompany transferees respectively need and amount of one hundred and ninety dollars for a similar application process. Below is a detailed breakdown of the fees you will be charged on your respective visa application to the USA both in USD and the Ghanaian currency (GHS).

the cost of visa from ghana to usa

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Visa types and application fee amounts - Sorted by fee class

Fee Amount (USD) Fee Amount (GHS) Visa Type Description

$160 736.00 B Business/Tourist

$160 736.00 C-1 Transit

$160 736.00 D Ship/Airline Crew

$160 736.00 F Student (academic)

$160 736.00 I Journalist and Media

$160 736.00 J Exchange Visitors

$160 736.00 M Student (vocational)

$160 736.00 T Victim of Human Trafficking

$160 736.00 TN/TD NAFTA Professionals

$160 736.00 U Victim of Criminal Activity

$190 874.00 H Temporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees

$190 874.00 L Intracompany Transferees

$190 874.00 O Persons with Extraordinary Ability

$190 874.00 P Athletes. Artists & Entertainers

$190 874.00 Q International Cultural Exchange

$190 874.00 R Religious Worker

$265 1219.00 K Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen

$205 943.00 E Treaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty

Visa types and application fee amounts - Sorted by visa type

Visa Type Description Fee Amount (USD) Fee Amount (GHS)

B Business/Tourist $160 736.00

C-1 Transit $160 736.00

D Ship/Airline Crew $160 736.00

E Treaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty $205 943.00

F Student (academic) $160 736.00

H Temporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees $190 874.00

I Journalist and Media $160 736.00

J Exchange Visitor $160 736.00

K Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen $265 1219.00

L Intracompany Transferees $190 874.00

M Student (vocational) $160 736.00

O Persons with Extraordinary Ability $190 874.00

P Athletes. Artists & Entertainers $190 874.00

Q International Cultural Exchange $190 874.00

R Religious Worker $190 874.00

T Victim of Human Trafficking $160 736.00

TN/TD NAFTA Professionals $160 736.00

U Victim of Criminal Activity $160 736.00

Now that you know the respective fees you are required to obtain your Visa to the USA it is important you learn about the different Visa types and how to apply for one.

Applying for a non-immigrant visa

The application process for a non-immigrant visa is not usually as hectic as commonly assumed, the only challenge is getting it approved though, considering the conditions that you are required to adhere to before finally getting the stamp. All applicants are required to fill out the DS-160 form. The form is basically an online application document that can be accessed at the official U. S Travel Docs Website. The language used in filling the form is primarily English with comprehensible characters based on the English language.

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Once the form is completed and submitted, you need to book an appointment with the embassy for an Interview while having your passport with you. The passport should be valid and have more than six months beyond your proposed stay in the country expires. Additionally, you also need to have a 2 by 2 passport photo of yourself and a receipt for the application fee. Generally, the cost of visa from Ghana to USA is one hundred and sixty dollars which can simply be paid through the local currency then converted into dollars. It should be noted that the fee is non- refundable once issued and also not a guarantee that your application process would be a success, though often it does.

Types of non-immigrant visas

The non-immigrant visas, just like passports are also in different categories which include;

Tourist/business visa

cost of visa from ghana to usa

Source: buzzghana

Officially known as visa type B. Its issued for Ghanaians who are visiting America for either medical treatment, leisure or business intentions. The only way for this kind of visa to be approved is by stating that you are visiting the state temporarily and only intending to stay for a specified period of time before flying back. You should also be financially stable to sustain yourself during that short stay. Additionally, you should indicate that you have strong ties to Ghana both economically and socially with a permanent residence to affirm that.

Exchange visitor visa

For the Ghanaians who are intending to visit America for either cultural or educational exchange program. The exchange visitor visa is the one ideal for them. However, for the application to be approved, you first need authorization from the program sponsor confirming that you are indeed part of the program before getting your application forms and other necessary certification. Its officially classified under visa type J class.

The transit/ship crew visa

This type of visa is mainly intended for people who are in transit to another destination and only need layover privileges from America. However, for the visa to be approved they still need to affirm that they are in the state temporarily, have enough funds to sustain themselves while in the country and evidence of transportation arrangements. In addition, they also need to provide their permit certifications for their next destination. The ship crew visa which is mainly for aircraft and sea vessels passing through the regional waters also functions in a similar manner as the transit visa. It falls under class D of the visa type while the transit in type C-1.

Student visa

When privileged to further your studies in the united states of America, you will be required to have a student visa for your stay in that country. The application process should be formal and through a recognized Ghana-based school or program. The common type of this kind of visa is mainly for people who will be studying for more than eighteen hours a week and hence officially classified as class F-1 type of visa.

The work visa

Just like the student visa, those privileged to work in the US would be required to apply for a work visa as non-immigrants and only working within a specified time frame. For the process to be efficient, your prospective employer needs to file a petition allowing you to apply for the visa. You will then be required to wait for approval from the U. S citizenship and immigration offices. Nevertheless, the period for your temporary stay in the country will highly be based on the nature of work and how you will be needed.

There are also other work-based visa types that require the people to visit for only that intended purpose then fly back as soon as possible. The length of their stay is limited by the purpose of their visits. They include; athletes, artists, and entertainers, religious workers, intracompany transferees, journalists, and media crew among others.

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Applying for an immigrant visa

Applying for an immigrant visa tends to be more personal than non-immigrant visa as you need to seek sponsorship from a legal permanent resident or a U.S citizen that is currently residing in the country before the application process commences. The sponsor who may be your relative or prospective employer must also file a petition for you to apply for immigration. The U.S citizenship and immigration offices are the ones in charge of the petition and hence you will have to wait for their approval before filling the visa application documents.

There are five main types of immigrant visas cutting across all the possible reasons why any Ghanaian may wish to be an American immigrant. They include;

Family-based immigration

The family-based immigration visa is found in two main categories; the immediate relatives and family preference categories as stipulated in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The immediate relative immigrant visas allow an unlimited number of immigrants intending to seek permanent residence in America. They are usually founded on a close relationship with a U. S citizen termed as immediate such as a parent, spouse, child under the age of twenty-one and adopted an orphan, either adopted within America or abroad.

The family preference category, on the other hand, tends to be limited to an only certain type of members for immigration purposes. They are for specific family relationships such as unmarried sons and daughters.

However, the law also clearly stipulates that cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws are not eligible to sponsor any relative for immigration.

Fiancé visa

This is also another type of visa that is pretty straightforward. It is issued to for a non-US citizen who is a finance/fiancée to a U. S citizen. The law states that non- citizen ought to have been married by ninety days once landed in the country.

Employment-based immigration visa

Every fiscal year that runs from 1st October to 30th September, about one hundred and forty thousand visas for prospective employees are made available as directed by the U.S immigration law. The law also directs that spouses and children below the age of twenty-one may also be included in the immigration process.

The duration taken for this type of visa to be fully processed and approved may take quite some time since in most cases, applicants do not follow the instructions as required. But still, the time frame for the approval varies from one individual to another and cannot be fully be predicted.

The diversity visa

how much is the cost of visa from ghana to usa

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This is yet another type of visa that came as a result of the need to diversify the immigrant American population. Therefore, each year united states of America, generate about sixty thousand visas that are to be distributed through the lottery. The US Visas website has the instructions for participating in the lottery clearly posted.

Returning resident visa

Returning resident visa is simply a confirmation that even though you stayed abroad for more than one year, you are still an American and you need to go back. Even so, it’s not as simple as imagined since you still need to prove to the consular regarding some issues before you qualify for the visa, they include;

  • You have permanent resident in America that is acknowledged as lawful by the government authority
  • You left the country with intentions of going back and have not changed your mind ever since
  • You left the country only for a temporary departure but if you ended up overstaying, was because of some factors that you had no control over and for which you were also not responsible for.

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When applying for the visa, you need to notify the U.S embassy of your intended travel at least three months in advance to give room for processing. There are also some vital documents that you need to submit to the consulate, comprising of re-entry permit, permanent resident card, and a completed application form.

I hope we have been helpful in answering your question how much is the cost of visa from Ghana to USA? With that said now you should be able to comfortable pack your luggage in preparation for your fight.

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