Interview questions for accountants in Ghana

Interview questions for accountants in Ghana

Accounting profession is one of the basic positions applicable to any profit-making firm. It aids in the resourceful management of money and compiling of comprehensive bookkeeping records. The records act as a reference for predicting the future of the business; its growth trends and weak links. It’s for this that interview questions for accountants tend to be intensive and carefully articulated to filter in only the best for the job. There are various accounting careers in Ghana, you should not be seriously worried about where you will land a job on. Be more concerned about your preparation for the interview when the opportunity comes knocking. Many people simply bury their heads in the sand and only imagine themselves working in that particular firm. Well, It’s good to be optimistic but then again you need to be thoroughly prepared and equipped with skills.

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Interview questions

You may be among the best accountants in Ghana with certificates and experiences on your resume, but without a meaningful presentation, the opportunity will just slip away. The first step in your preparation is basically to anticipate the kind of questions to be asked. This article will guide you through many of the typical challenging questions and how to answer them and also giving you a hint on where you can land an accounting job in Ghana

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Interview questions for accountants with answers

Interview questions for accountant position are normally diverse in nature. In as much as many employers are interested in the skills and level of expertise, they may be also interested in your personality and work habits. No one wants to hire a troublesome employee who has poor team-work spirit!

Therefore, while presenting yourself to the interview panel, take into account that your first impression is the best impression interviewers will use to rate and assess you, make it worth their while. Check out the following interview questions for accounts executive position to give yourself an upper hand.

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In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge that accounting career is being faced with, in present times?

This question is meant to verify whether you are committed to your profession-well enough to experience the hurdles that come with it. Since it's based on your opinion, there is no right or wrong. You may give any contemporary challenge that accountants such as yourself are facing. All in all, it should be a reasonable and intelligent response to show acquainted you are with this profession.

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Why did you choose accountancy?

This is also one of the common questions to expect. It’s a plain question that deserves a straightforward answer. The best way to go about it is to talk about your accounting passion, goals and motivations. Do not give your narration about how you had no other degree career to pursue.

An example of a response would be like this;

Accounting is thrilling to me, I have always loved working with numbers. Identifying a cost-reducing technique for a company like this or undertaking a crucial analysis for revenue increment in future sales has always been my objective and motivation as a whole.

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What is the greatest accounting task that you have ever solved?

This yet another question meant to determine your level of expertise and how you go about solving problems. It’s mostly in interview questions for accounting clerk, but still applicable in any other rank.

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The last thing you may want to do shares a challenge that you experienced while in class, it may only prove how limited you are in dealing with real-world accounting issues. Try to focus it on a professional level, even if its curbed around internship.

Once you have indicated that particular task that you managed to solve, the next question is obviously how you went about it. Be confident and methodical an in giving your description. Never give them a chance to doubt your competency. They may not be really interested in that particular problem but in the manner in which you present it.


Why do you want to be part of our team?

While your obvious reason may be because the opportunity presented itself, and you were willing to grab it, it’s only safe to shift your mind from such a perspective. The best way to handle such a question is by giving the company some credit for having a firm ground in the market.

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Many business owners believe that their company is unique and powerful in its own ways. They definitely have the vision to take it to even greater heights. As a prospective team member, assure them that you are the right candidate for that dream to be realized. You need to view the company as the best in the industry, even if it is not.

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How good are you with creative accounting?

This is another twisted question that you should be very careful with when responding. Typically, a number of people limit their skills to suit various accountant jobs description and put much emphasis on the stipulations. But what employers really want, are the kind of candidates who are smart enough to use their skills in dealing with contemporary issues, such as new tax laws, cost-cutting measures and legal loopholes.


It’s common interview question for accounts executive positions. It’s meant for the kind of managers who have been in the field for long enough to employ new techniques beyond just the ordinary.

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These are just among the few typical assessment questions that you need to be aware of, as they may come in handy. Remember the manner in which you answer these questions matter a lot as the answers themselves. Your confidence, composure, and body posture speak volume during interviews. You need to practice them as well.

There are certain essential aspects that you need to consider, during your preparation that may act as a guide.

Factors to consider during preparation

Getting a hint of the kind of questions to expect are just baby steps to becoming fully prepared. They may be useful but it’s the general presentation that matters the most. That means that on the day of the interview, instead of worrying about the answers to give, you need to spend time thinking about your chronological career journey up to date. When you know your own journey, giving examples and clarifications to about any question becomes easy and less tense.

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  • Your body language matters a lot. The only trick to go about it is to take a deep breath just before facing the panel, relax your shoulders and smile freely. You can practice about your posture and stance in prior so as not to be distracted or rather distracting during the interview. For instance, sitting with your arms and legs crossed basically means you are defensive. Being defensive is not a good trait, especially if the company is targeting a team player.
  • Get enough sleep. This may sound like a joke, but you will be surprised what a fresh mind can do in an interview. Whether answering interview questions for financial accountant or any other post, not only will you be alert but memories would also be flooding in just when you need them. A good mind-rest will make formulating your presentation way easier.
  • Aside from your psychological preparation, your dress code is also very crucial. Choosing a perfect interview outfit can be rather overwhelming-especially if the company has a business casual dress code and you have no idea how to go about it. Anyway, you can simply keep your look conservative and plain.

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Choosing an outfit may be one thing, but having it cleaned and pressed is another. Make sure it’s clean and well-tailored to bring out the confidence in you. This also applies to your hair and fingernails. Having your hair trimmed or well combed and your fingernails short and manicured will add a glimpse of beauty in your presentation.

These are also some of the basic preparation tips that you need to have at your fingernails.

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Accountant jobs in Ghana

Getting accounting jobs in Ghana has been easier than in this generation. The internet has made searching really simple. There are various jobs posted on very many websites ranging from accounting clerk duties to accounts’ office management and senior financial accountant. All of them seeking competent personnel, either freshly graduated or old with experience.

For instance, there is a vacancy at Jumia Ghana, an international online business franchise with outlets in over twenty African countries. It is seeking a Head of Accounting officer. He/she needs to have at least two years’ experience accompanied by relevant certifications. That is not the only site with a bucket full of goodies as ‘JOBLISTGHANA' also posts a various vacancy for qualified and interested individuals. In overall, the internet provides a platform where job seekers can easily send in their CVs.

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Accountant salary

Finally, after passing all the interview questions for accounts officer or any other post for that matter, the salary will not necessarily be same to a similar post in a different company. The weight of the paycheck depends on the size and intensity of the workload.This may vary from company to company. Although the expectation of an accountant's pay is reasonably high, it helps to note that you may have to be open minded and ready to discuss your remuneration first.


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