Best download manager for Windows 2019

Best download manager for Windows 2019

For internet lovers, there is nothing more exciting as getting yourself the best download manager for your personal computer. These programs aid in downloading files, games and other programs very easily and at a faster rate. With a very simple technique of using parallel servers for one download, they are particularly effective for people living in areas with poor internet speed.

Best download manager for Windows 2019

Download managers for windows

Internet usage has become a necessity for a majority of people around the globe. Other than making life a little easier, there are very many advantages of online services. That is why download managers come in handy- particularly in retrieving and accessing files.

However, to satisfy demand and also get a slice of the market pie, the number of download managers has been increasing steadily over the years. Several brands are competing for recognition. It has now become quite a daunting task, for consumers, in selecting the best internet download manager.

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Anyway, with intensive research and scrutiny, getting an ideal downloading software is not much of a hurdle. Below is a list of the best download manager for windows 10 and other operating systems as well.

Free Download Manager

Well, popularly known as FDM, it has set of powerful features and a very efficient user interface. It is the best alternative to Internet Download Manager, which is equally perfect, but its services are not charged. Other than being free, it has a special feature for storing files in different folders making it easy for managing files. It also has a media player enabling users to access files without having to open another tool.

With a download acceleration feature, it makes files to be sub-divided and downloaded into smaller chunks all at the same time, therefore improving on the general speed. Apart from that, it can also filter and download only the essential parts of a ZIP file, leaving out those that are unnecessary.

All in all, FDM has so many appealing features such as automatic download management, online remote administration of downloads, downloading a whole website not to mention that you can pause and resume downloads whenever you want. Thus making it particularly the best download manager for chrome. But the best feature of all is its BitTorrent protocol support which is faster compared to other tools in the market.

FDM is an excellent download manager for windows not only because it has outstanding features, but also has a no-ad user interface. There is also a Lite version as well, for those using low-configuration computers. Its set to have comprised features to work seamlessly with such PCs.

Internet Download Manager

best download manager for windows

If you are looking for a powerful software to take care of your downloading needs, look no further, as the Internet download manager never disappoints. It has been on tops ranks for the best download manager software for long enough to earn a remarkable reputation.

Apart from the basic download management characteristics such as sorting files in various categories and queue support, IDM also has a drop-and-drag system and command line support for download management. There is also a timer for proper scheduling of your downloads and other wide range of performance. It's ideal for a developer-based scenario as it features Site spider and Grabber.

With a relative charge rate, IDM has proven to be very efficient in terms of stability and speed in downloading voluminous files.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Best download manager accelerator

Being among the best download manager accelerator in the market, it’s no surprise that DAP is integrated into almost every browser. It has series of impressive features with an easy user interface for all its customers. With DAP, you can download various types of files ranging from audio, video, and a truckload of applications at a very high speed.

Other than that, it has an exceptional feature of locating faster mirror servers even when the files are still downloading, and then spontaneously switches to the fastest of them all for maximum download speed. It also comes with a number of convenient add-ons for its users such as automatic malware scanning and security reports.

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Of course, it also comprises other basic download manager’s features such as the ability to resume interrupted download processes and automatic sorting and categorization of the files downloaded. All in all, Download Accelerator Plus is a concrete software and much more is also offered on its premium version.

GetGO Download Manager

Best download manager software

This is yet another marvelous download software going rounds in the market. It’s easy and suitable for users who want to manage their downloads without having to skip through so many hoops. It has a built-in web browser. This makes it simple to use it to get into the web page you want and initiate download process without breaking a sweat.

Since it has effective batch download abilities, it can detect and download multiple videos at once on a webpage. Just like FDM, it also has that special feature of breaking down files into smaller chunks for speedy download process. This is through the use of its Multi-Threaded Download Engine that aids in splitting files.

For a proper timing process, it also has a download scheduler which can initiate download automatically at a scheduled time. Among these features, it also has the basic characteristics as well, such as integration of browsers and automatic categorization.


Best download manager for Windows 2019

FlashGet can never in the list of best of download manager. It’s a very simple software but highly operative. Its main specialty is on the security of the files downloaded. It can be configured to initiate anti-malware scan immediately a file has finished downloading for precautionary measures. Nevertheless, it can only do that provided you have an anti-malware program on your personal computer.

Aside from security, FlashGet also comes with similar goodies found in regular download software such as categorization. Through a drag and drop technique, you can move downloads from one category to another and sort them according to your preference. It’s also well designed to work seamlessly with various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and eMule. That is not all; it also has a multi-server hyper-threading method for maximum speed and efficiency.

Orbit Downloader

Best download manager for Windows 2019

With a very small size, orbit downloader has some amazing features taking it account that it is also free. It has a speed acceleration feature just like Download Acceleration Plus (DAP). Ensuring all download processes are at rocket speed. With all the standard download management features in check, Orbit Downloader also has other exclusive characteristics.

Particularly, it has the ability to download media files such as music and videos from a number of social media and other third-party video and music streaming websites. The websites include RapidShare, Myspace, Pandora, and Imeem. It also supports a number of protocols such as RTSP, HTTP, and FTP other being compatible with a various web browser.


Best of download manager

JDownloader is written in javascript and is particularly ideal for users who are so much into downloading. It ensures you get the most of what download managers have to offer. For example, it can get a new IP address when a particular service has blocked yours from getting a high-level speed. It also has about three hundred plugins that that aid in handling a number of services such as WordPress.

It helps in pausing and resuming downloads as you wish. It incorporates all other basic download manager features such as multiple download option and supporting content from various websites such as Youtube. Being a free, open source software, its normally loved because it supports various languages and different themes.

Other than being the best download manager for windows, it also functions well in other operating systems such as Mac and Linux.

Microsoft Download Manager

Best download manager for Windows 2019

Other than being one of the best download manager for pc, it’s also the simplest and easiest of all the download managing software. It has standard features and very reliable especially when downloading large files like applications and multimedia. With a space of fewer than two megabytes, this software can manage your downloads in Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

It was specifically created in 2011 for downloading files from Microsoft websites. Even though it’s a simple software, it works efficiently in various protocols like HTTP and HTTPS and also usable in multiple languages.


Best download manager software

To summarize the list of the best download managers, we have ‘DownThemAll.’ It’s not a standalone download manager but rather an extension of Mozilla Firefox browser. It has capabilities of bringing advanced downloading services using the free browser. Even though some of its abilities are not as sophisticated as the other fully-fledged download managers, it still enhances speed and has customization features.

All in all, this software brushes shoulders with the best download managers in the market and is regarded as the best built-in download manager.

Anyway, the list of download managers is tentative as more advanced and powerful software are being launched on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s always advisable to conduct intensive research and be up to date on the latest and ideal software in town.

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