List of best TV shows on Netflix 2018

List of best TV shows on Netflix 2018

It is undeniable that Netflix has really changed our lives for the better. For those who love comedy, horror, fiction and other genres, Netflix will never disappoint you as it offers the best tv shows for all. The old ways of having to wait weeks between episodes is a thing of the past. Netflix has made everything easier as you could watch your favorite shows from start to finish. You only need to have enough snacks with you and enjoy your favorite shows from the comfort of your home without any destruction. This article is going to talk about the different shows you could enjoy on Netflix depending on your preferences.

Shows on Netflix

Best TV Shows Comedy

If you want to serve your laughter needs or just cheer yourself up after a long day in the office or at school, you can never go wrong with comedy. Netflix has a bunch of them to offer .Therefore, if you are ready to laugh so hard that your stomach hurts, mentioned below are some of the best tv shows comedy that you could try out.

Jane the Virgin

shows on Netflix

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Jane the virgin is a show with the weirdest story line ever. It is one of the best tv shows on Netflix. It is the story of a young staunch catholic lady who is determined to remain a virgin until she gets married. Her goal is however interfered with after she is accidentally artificially inseminated during one of her routine visits to the gynecologist which leads to her being pregnant. This incident changes her life completely. It sounds more of a soap opera than a comedy but Jane who is the heart of the show; her long lost father and the narrator bring out the humorous part of the show without disappointing episode after episode.

New Girl

New girl is a comedy show about a group of single living in a loft .It is all about the life of young people trying to live life as they tackle different life’s challenges both professionally and personally. Generally, it’s all about friendship, relationships and the whole idea of growing up. It approaches all those aspects of life respectfully .This a show that will leave you glued to your seat the whole day or night. You only need to have enough snacks with and be prepared to laugh out your lungs all through the show.

The other best tv shows comedy that will leave you breathless include, Lady Dynamite , Futurama ,Fawlty Towers ,Documentary Now ,Friends , The Office ,Wet Hot American Summer and many more .

Top TV Shows 2018

From stranger things, Peaky Blinders, Orange I the new Black and many more, Netflix will never disappoint you on a dull weekend or a night .Mentioned below are more of top tv shows 2018 that you could enjoy with family members, friends or just alone from the comfort of your home.

Breaking Bad

shows on Netflix

If you have not watched breaking bad, you need to make efforts to do so as this is a show that will leave you yearning for more episodes after episode. It is a television drama series that talks about the life of a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and therefore tries through thick and thin to secure his family’s future by selling crystal meth to willing clients. He teams up with a former to ensure that he achieves his goal. He does all this behind his family’s back for some time until the truth starts coming out and things get out of hand. If you have not been lucky enough to have a glimpse of what breaking bad has to offer, you should consider doing so as you will not be disappointed at all.

Gilmore Girls

shows on Netflix

Gilmore Girl is an American Comedy drama that will make your sunny day or boring night very exciting. It majorly focuses on the life of a single mother and her daughter. The show majorly explores issues like education, friendships, disappointments, ambition, social class and many more. It is an interesting show that is worth your time.

More of the best tv shows of all time include, Detectorists, Mind hunter, Sherlock, Narcos, Master of None, Peep Show and many more.

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Best TV Shows to Watch

Due to the fact that there are countless best tv shows to watch on Netflix, it could be daunting task to get the perfect show for your purpose. If that is the case , you should worry less because this article us going to make your work easier by giving you a list of best tv shows to binge watch ever. From Travelers, Queer Eye, Jessica Jones, here are more of the best tv shows to watch over the weekend or on a holiday.


shows on Netflix

Godless is an American show that majorly focuses on a small village that is mostly occupied by women. The town’s men are not available because they all died in a mining accident and the women are left to take care of themselves to guard the village’s precious resources. Peace is the order of this village until a manhunt ensues when a well known murderer turns up and is being hunted down by a gang leader .Things are not the same again when this happens.

Master of None

Dave is the main character in this show .The show focuses on the life of Dave as he tries to jump start his acting passion and at the same time improve his dating game with the help of his friends. Dave is a thirty year old young man living in New York but still does not know what it is that he exactly wants in his life. This is a show that will leave you with tears in your eyes due to a continuous session of endless laughter. If you have not yet though of watching this amazing show, you should make an effort so that you are not left out in the fun that it boasts of.

Dear White People

shows on Netflix

Dear white people just as the name suggests is a film that majorly focuses on a group of students of color at a college .The show gives us a glimpse of how the students try to cope with different types discrimination and racism at an Ivy League College. Each episode focuses on a particular character so that you are able to tell their role in the show. You do not want to miss this comedy show for anything.

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shows on Netflix

For those who have not yet watched stranger things, you ought to create time and find out what it has to offer. The show is an American Science fiction horror television series that will leave you glued to your seat the entire night. It majorly focuses on a group of kids in the 80s .When a young boy disappears, a lot of things are discovered which include supernatural forces, secret experiments and many more.

Best TV Shows 2018 Netflix

Netflix has become a favorite among many in the past uyears.2018 has a lot in store for all the Netflix fans. There are several best tv shows 2018 netflix awaiting for you and you cannot afford missing even one. Mentioned below are some of them.

The Crown

shows on Netflix
Source:life is a cinema

If you wish to know how it is to live in a palace, you should not miss out on this show. It is majorly about the life of Queen Elizabeth 2 from when she started her reign to date. Apart from this show boasting of an array of great performances; it also gives us a glimpse of how it is to juggle a public and private life as royalty. In order to find out more about the duties of the Queen and everything else, you should not miss out on this drama that is full of history and will keep you glued to your seat all night long after a long during the long awaited weekend.


shows on Netflix

Friends became an instant hit upon its debut in the year 1994.Just like fine wine; the series continues to get better as years go by. Fourteen years later, it still boasts of millions of fans all over the world. Just as the title suggests, this show is all about friends in their youthful ages living in some spacious Manhattan apartments .It majorly focuses on the lives of Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica and Rachel. Being a comedy show, you should be ready to crack your ribs and enjoy your entire watching session.

Jessica Jones

shows on Netflix

Jessica Jones is a private investigator who tries to resist her calling by all means. She has super powers that give her the ability to track down wrong doers who seem to bring trouble to innocent people. Jessica also has a past that keeps on haunting her despite her neighbor Malcolm trying hard to help her put the demon to rest. Each episode shows her struggles and therefore leaves you yearning for more. This is a show that you cannot afford to miss especially with season two available.

Some of the other best tv shows 2018 include, Black Mirror, The Good Place, The Punisher, Park and Recreation, Mind hunter and many more.

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