Modern African wear for ladies 2020 (photos)

Modern African wear for ladies 2020 (photos)

Each time we have a conversation concerning a fashion topic; most Ghanaians fade away and start to think of fashion trends making headlines in the runways in destinations like Paris and Italy. This got me thinking, are we as a nation blind of the modern African dress styles for women that we have to look up to other places for inspiration? Or is it a far-fetched illusion that our local fashion industry has met the par of international standards yet?

No matter what your conclusion is, there is no doubt that the African wear styles are taking over. With the support of industry stakeholders, we could soon start seeing some of the African wear for ladies in fashion runways in foreign countries. We are psyched especially with the modern Ghanaian dress styles that are causing a stir in the streets. A big kudos should go to the local designers who are incorporating our African wear for women with modern fashion trends to give us a perfect blend of trendy but yet culturally sensitive fashion items.

Current fashion trends in Ghana for men and women

To those who are still in doubt of the fact that African wear styles are the next big thing in the fashion industry worldwide, we have put up a comprehensive list of the best of the best African wear styles for women. If you are a believer of the rich African culture and heritage, these styles will help you look stunning in any kind of occasion be it a day at the office, wedding, engagement or funeral. We have you covered. Don’t sit around and wait for an outsider to convince you that these designs are dapper. Be proactive.

African print styles


The Ankara African print has been around for some time now and has managed to capture the attention of the international fashion franchise. It features vibrant and colorful patterns with wax prints. It is a representation of the ‘Africa’ culture to the world. Want to make your normal outfit Afro-centric? Add a bit of patch work of Ankara wax and watch the magic unfold. The have been worn by celebrities around the word and a common feature in fashion runways too. Ever since it landed in Ghana, the design has multiply evolved.

Look smashing in the latest fashion dresses

Many of our local designers have expertized on the Ankara wax to give us some of the most fashionable items we have yet to get over. There are no restrictions to the Ankara wax, thus it has opened a field of opportunities and ideas for both designers and lovers of the print. You don’t have to go full beast mode but just a little hint of the Ankara wax and you are set to go. Here are some of the ideas that have managed to cross border when it comes to the Ankara wax. There is still space for more ideas, so don’t feel limited.

Modern ankara dress styles

1. Ankara faux wrap maxi dress

This is specially made for the conservative women who are somewhat afraid of showing off too much skin. It has a V-neck with long with straps sleeves with gather elastic at the wrist. It is long and elegant and covers the ankles. It also has hidden pockets and an invisible zipper on the center back. It is perfect for a special event like a wedding. It is also a favorite for the older generation since it looks decent and beautiful. Throw in a necklace to complete the look. Did I mention that it is attached with a sash?

Nice African print styles in Ghana

2. Ankara jumpsuit

We know that some of the designs can cost an arm and a leg, so if you are operating on a tight budget, the Ankara jumpsuit it meant for you. First, you can wear it to the office and also on the weekends when you are chilling out with your friends. It is also perfect for events and you can never go wrong in them. If you have a wonderful derriere and want to show it off to the world, wear some matching pants and the let the jumpsuit capture the attention of the world. Thrown in a slim bag and make up and you can even stand a chance at the runway.

Kente cloth

Let’s talk about the native Ghanaian print that has been with us since time immemorial. I mean we grew up with our parents owning at least a pair of kente clothing in their closet. Especially if you were born of royalty, your father must have wrapped it around his shoulders on your birthday. Well forget about the olden days, because there are different kente African dress styles for young women that have made a comeback. And this time, it is not the heavy fabric that was wrapped around your waist and shoulders like slave chains.

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The kente has managed to be modified and include in some of the latest modern African attire dress. Here are some ideas that are currently in use of the kente clothing:

1. Kente short African dress

The dress is serves as a vital accessory in any girl’s closet. They are really easy to style and bring out the beauty of the woman. Especially if you have long beautiful legs, it’s the perfect time to show them off. They dress runs from the shoulders and above the knees. The kente prints add an extra charm to perfect the style especially when heading out. You can also design a handbag with the same kente material to compliment your dress. It is perfect with cute flat shoes or pumps

2. Kente baby doll dress

African short dress styles

Source: Pinterest

The modern Mennonite dress is sleeveless with the waistline just below the bust and a loose skirt that ends at the knee. From the waist above, you can design the dress in a monotone color such as black or white. Another recent addition is wearing denim jacket over the white or black top. For the skirt, you can design with the kente print. The African straight dress styles features a loose skirt and hanging with different multicolored patterns. The dress is cute and is recommendable for women with medium waist. You can also tie a kente cloth ribbon over the best to make it more stylish.

Men's African wear in Ghana

3. Kente polished cotton dresses with batik flare

A combination of batik print and kente is an added touch that can make a dress look really good. It is the perfect message you want to send to let everyone know that you are sexy and elegant. It is a formal dress that can be worn during special events and to work. Fit in some side pockets to make it more comfortable. The blend of the kente and batik prints creates a totally unique print that is an eye-catch for many. You can also transform the dress into a jumpsuit and you will be able to pull out the move.

4. Kente African casual wear with denim

There is nothing more appealing than the vintage denim which has been around for a while and kente print which represents our African heritage. This two awesome fashion items can be fused together to create a perfect casual wear. The most noticeable style includes the denim jacket with hint of kente print along the sleeves and at the back of the jacket. The long-sleeved denim jacket is a common fashion accessory in most of your closets. But it’s quite boring when it is just worn just plain. But when you include the prints along the sleeves and back, it becomes a masterpiece.

Stylish Ankara styles for teenager boys 2020

5. Kente jumpsuit African print dresses

Modern African dress styles

Source: Selectastyle

The altered arrangements of the colors that make the kente print an admirable piece of clothing. Remember it is important to choose the right cuts that fit your body shape. The kente fabric is elastic and can stretch to accentuate the shape of your body. It does not have to be tight, loose jumpsuits are also an eye catch. Add in some side pockets to make it more comfortable. It has a sport-comfort vibe that can be paired off with sneaker if it’s on a weekend or flats shoes for a day to the office.

Dashiki African wear styles for ladies

People always get it wrong with dashiki by thinking it is just a T-shirt. You couldn’t be more wrong, Ghanaians are used to the synonymous loose-fitting garment, embroidered with a V-neckline dashiki that is unisex. But modern designs have improved on the original designs. It has been incorporated in various styles making it more famous than before. The print is known by anyone, but the designs are still new to many people. Here is some of the dashiki designs are currently the in-thing.

Latest African wear for men 2020

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1.Modern dashiki dress

The dashiki print is incorporated in the T-shirt dress making it not only comfortable but also perfect for the warm weather. The lovely T-shirt dashiki dress is great for a night out of town; you can also wear it over a pair of shorts, casual jeans or leggings. It has a V-neckline with the African wax print on the center front, sleeve, and bottom. It also embroidered in the mid-calf length dress with curved hem and side slits. The dress can be designed in an array of colors but the most dominant ones come in black, red and blue.

2. Modern African dress designs with dashiki top

Dashiki top is a great addition to long straight skirts or pencil skirts reaching just below the knee. You can also wear it together with stylish designs of tops and trousers. It is also compatible with a pair of straight trousers for that weekend vibe. They can be narrowed to the bottom, straight or even flared from the hip all dependent on the type of figure. They are also work appropriate, to pull the business look choose a one-color dashiki latest style with a discreet pattern or gentle embroidery in tone with the basic color of the item.

Trending African wear designs in Ghana 2020

3. Dashiki skirt and top styles

This is for the fashion gurus who want to pose for a more modest and low key look. The tone for the design should be similar to the main dashiki color. Go for bright colors that make the pattern on the fabric stand out more. For the cut, the straight cuts are always a classic move to pull. If you are a plus size with wide hips, then you can choose the alternative of the dashiki A-silhouette and make it wider than the classic version. In case you want to wear the pants version, then you will have enough length that reaches the middle of your thigh.

4. Dashiki simple African print dresses

When choosing a simple dashiki dress, do not be afraid of the bright colors and trendy designs for your look. It is a conservative look for the outfit that makes you feel comfortable and awesome when you wear it. Depending on your taste, you can go for the knee-length or ankle length, both scenarios will make a great outfit. But the knee-length dress is more conservative and is good for the weekends. But if you are confident, wear the knee length dress to work and pair it up with a pair of cute flats.

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Kitenge modern African dresses styles

Kitenge is a common piece of fabric that comes from different parts of the continent. In Malawi, it is called chitenge but the fabric is the same as the ones in East Africa and West Africa. It has traditionally been used by women as head-scarves and cloth designs. They stand out due to the bright prints and attractive patters. Initially, it was stuck only on dresses but designers have incorporated into modern African dresses styles and designs.

The type of kitenge fabric can be designed into different designs depending on your age, figure and taste in fashion. Designers have added a twist to many of the designs to make them more attractive and work appropriate. They can also be worn in different occasions including; formal functions, informal functions such as graduation after parties, weddings and picture shoots. It is becoming largely accepted by the international market as models have been seen rocking the fabric in fashion runways.

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1. Kitenge chiffon styles in Ghana

Chiffon styles in Ghana

Source: Ghana Rising

You can never go wrong when in a chiffon, it is a necessity and if you lack one rush to your nearest designer. You are really missing out on a lot if you haven’t jumped on the chiffon train. The kitenge chiffon gown is a trendy outfit in the market and the cocktail and festive outfits are usually long. They come in an array of different colors with options to the knee length dresses. For the knee-length, you can go for the different African short dress styles.

2. Kitenge silhouettes as latest fashion styles Africa

Silhouettes are generally straight, A-shaped dresses that come with a narrow waist. The kitenge fabric is inserted running from the shoulders to the feet. They are common especially during the summer. Depending on your taste, you can go for long-sleeved but often they are sleeveless. A common trend is the ones with the shoulder straps. The neckline also comes in different designs like classical: oval, V-shaped or boat. They can be also used for casual and pulls out the modest and decent look. A good thing about the dress is that it doesn’t need a lot of accessories.

3. Kitenge chiffon formal African wear for women

African dress styles for young women

Source: NanayahStudio

The kitenge fabric is elastic and can stretch for fit different sizes and accentuates your figure perfectly. The chiffon looks elegant on its own but with the kitenge print addition, it kills the look. You can add a belt to hide the pot belly if you have one. You can also add ornaments in the decoration area. Remember, the way to perfect the look is going completely simple and natural. Plus size women should not wear items with a big difference in length. You can opt for the midi pencil skirt with emphasis on the hemline below the knee.

4. Kitenge African print tops for ladies with plain pants

Planning to go out for a weekend with the girls but have no casual look to pull off? What about a Kitenge top matched with plain color pant or casual jeans? The crop top is the current fashion item for the young women especially who want to show off their finely lined body. The best way to rock a rock top is accompanied with something high-waist. Do not be afraid to show off the skin of your stomach above the belly button. If you do not want to show off too much skin, wear it with a high waist skirt and a blazer. It looks so cute from a distance.

You can also pair the kitenge crop top with a loose cardigan and cutes shoes for that perfect date look. Another favorite way to hop on the trend is to wear a loose one over a tight skirt. It is way more conservative and doesn’t expose your mid-section and looks really cute. Another idea is to wear the kitenge crop top and an overall. Especially a denim overall will make the look classic. You would have kill two fashion trends with one stone. It is perfect for a night out with the girls. Especially for the young generation, you can attend classes making you the envy of others.

Agbada modern Nigerian dress styles

Agbada for a long time has been a fashion item for men, which features a large gown worn during special and formal occasions. But fashion has changed the concept, to give women a gist of what it feels like to wear the Agbada. The dress symbolizes more than just wealth and status in the society. They are extremely wide at the shoulders with the neck embroidered and the pocket styles in silk. They feature knee-length tops with represent the Yoruba style. The style used to be not too main stream but it has been modified to add a new definition.

The feminine version of the Agbada resembles that of the men but it has been the cuts have been modified to define the female figure. It also comes with frills at the shoulder with embroidered center and a V-neckline. It is one of the simple African print dresses that are more fashionable when accompanied with accessories and makeup with flat cute shoes. You can also add a bit of details with the headscarf in order to keep up with the culture and trend. It is common in formal cultural events or occasions themed according to st

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