Ghanaian African wear styles 2020 (photos)

Ghanaian African wear styles 2020 (photos)

When I think of the African wear styles, my mind wanders in the throw back times. Fascinating right! What king of traditional African wear styles in Ghana that you smile about? Those that when you look back you just appreciative of the creativity levels that are of age. If given chance I would have a whole list of them but am glad that what the modern day designers make is awesome in all aspects. The hides and skins ear is long gone and replaced by some contemporary attires befitting each and every occasion.

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The beautiful thing about life is that it is made of very diverse elements that express new interests where this diversity makes life more pleasant. Allow me to get to the demographic aspect; people have been socialized into different environment have different practices, norms, beliefs, taste, preferences and opinions. It is also possible that within a group of people there are people with different approaches about life even those within same community. This difference also applies in African wear styles for men and African wear styles for ladies.

Essentially, you must understand that people have different body structures, tastes, preferences and purposes. The kind of Ghanaian African wear style I would find great and decent may be indecent to other people and the opposite is also true. This has caused a lot of variations in clothing by nevertheless, designers work with simple to sophisticated clientele to ensure the end product is satisfactory. Ideally this is what prime business people aim to achieve; a state where they are providing to the market what it needs and not what you have and in fact supersede their expectations among all target customers.

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Primary determinants of African wear styles

There are certain factors that determine the kind of African wear styles both for men and women. Here are some of those factors that are put in place:

1. Socialization

This simply means the environment one is brought up into. It determines how one leads their life including small details such as clothing and the food they eat. A traditional set up for instance could have their dos and don’ts and this was adhered to and people would not derail from.

Ideally, if one is brought up in a Muslim society, wear style that are revealing and body shaping is a no to them. This kind of wear may b accepted in other communities. Hence the environment one is in determines their grooming style by a large proportion.

2. Cost

Before one acquires anything, there is a trade off that happens which ordinarily is in monetary form. If finances are constrained then it is impossible to get quality, long lasting and unique high end clothes. This would make one go for cheap African wear styles. On the other had is finances are non-issue one can get a good African wear style 2019 from seasoned designers around the world. Worthwhile noting is that the more attire is priced or valued the more efficient it is in your pocket though I would not advise one to break a bank in order to have notch clothing from the stores.

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3. Age

Just as I had mentioned there above, diversity is propelled by different factors including age. Naturally, you do not expect the elderly, middle aged, young and children to have similar dressing styles. If you have a close look at the African wear styles for men and the African wear styles for ladies there are styles that are for a certain age which vary from that of another age bracket of people.

Among the youthful generation which is more liberal, they are more welcoming to different creative designs. For instance, most would not mind an African wear short dress style for the ladies. On the other hand men of this age have embraced crazy casual wears. This is not something that would be received well among the older generation let alone wear it.

4. Purpose

I have heard people say that, ‘dress according to the occasion’. In the modern age, there are ceremonies who asked the attendees’ to be groomed in a particular way according to the host’s or events organizers’ desires. In other cases, we know a certain ceremony calls for a particular code e.g. dowry ceremonies, baby shower, marriage ceremonies among others.

On the other hand, there are normal occasions or what an ordinary African wear style should be like. This means that you do not have to go for very elaborate clothing always. However, it is in wisdom to dress right based on the purpose and not to be so outdated or uninformed.

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Ghanian African wear styles

Having outlined what encompasses the African wear styles, it is right to now get more specific on the dressing styles of men and women. Here are the trendy African wear styles 2019 for both the masculine and feminine gender;

1. African wear styles for men

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Men wear styles in the past has been less fashionable since a lot of designers had not invested their creativity into bringing out awesome designs for men. This has made most men dress in a particular way year in year out as options are limited. Chiefly, suits are what they mostly did regardless of the occasion they are attending. This had even been made worse because even color variation ranged from black, blue, brown and grey. I am glad that the African wear style 2019 for men has brought a paradigm shift making men clothing get sleeker, edgy and elegant.

The reality of the matter is that men do not dress do elaborate and therefore are not as sophisticated in style as women are say for the celebrities. Here are some of the design a modern man can rock in;

2. Smart casual African wear

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Far away from the serious corporate look, one of Ghanaian African wear styles of the day is smart casual wear. It is easy, more relaxed and gives most men a different look form the conventional black suit and a tie. Ideally not all men work in offices so an office look is somewhat out of place.

A smart casual African wear comprises of khaki pants- the color of your choice, matched up with a good semi official shirt or t-shirt fitting and not too small again you don’t want to look like you have borrowed your younger brother’s clothes. A black or navy blue pair of pants can be completed by a bright colored shirt or t-shirt and a pair of canvas or loffer shoes would be a good complementary wear. This is a trendy wear commonly during the weekend, holiday and when on vacation.

3. Embroidered African wear styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Men have been known to shy away from some looks. However, men have come of age and actually most have embraced looks that customarily would not be worn. In dowry, marriage or generally traditional ceremonies, in the African set up men put on kingly fabric lined wear made of cotton print fabric.

There has been a pattern designers have innovatively crafted where a fabric is embroidered skillfully so that the end product is attractive, show stopping and one any other person desires to have them on. African wear styles for guys have some exceptional touch; great in aesthetics, slinky finish, and fancy appeal, festive, slip on and flirt. I doubt anyone would not fall for such.

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I once eavesdropped a girl talk, what I found out really amaze me. Guys here are what I gathered; women find a guy who can rock an embroidered African wear styles to be sexier, attractive, cool. In fact some said such depletes an image of a gentleman, the dream kind of man anyone can take home as a better future husband. I would not hesitate rocking in such if such praise and link could be directed to me any time girls set eyes on me; irresistible Ghanaian African wear style for men.

4. Kente African wear style

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Kente is a classic Ghanaian fabric used to make African wear styles. This fabric ordinarily is made of African print kind of material which has floral patterns, symbol pattern or just pattern. They range from brightly colored to dark colors but in all its awesomeness, the kente styles are irresistible.

Customarily, African wear kaba styles have been part of the Ghanaian traditional practices. Women would rock this African wear style for various occasions. Men on the other hand would have an outfit custom made for them from kente. This would give an out of this world appeal. Surprisingly, this style has a great prevalence in this modern generation now say that style and fashion has gone a notch higher.

The cloth making industry has just liked other sectors of the economy revolutionaries positively. Creativity is something that will not depart from us in fact it even gets more astounding as time goes around. There are modern kente African wear styles we can’t get over them; the body con long dresses, short circular sexy dresses, peplum tops and dresses, off shoulder and strapless dresses and tops, kente pants for both ladies and men, palatial look for men, smart casual kente look, fine touched of kente fabric on shirts among other trendy styles.

5. Bold color African wear styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

It is not every day you will walk into an event and find a man groomed in yellow, orange among other bright colors. I am yet to understand why most prefer to hide under dull to dark colors. We have been used to this norm and find it as culturally fit for the masculine gender to be dark to dull. Designers for some time equally contributed to this notion and probably brought us to a comfort zone that has last for year though slowly diminishing.

The Masters of Ceremonies have had a hand in this as they fearlessly rock any color even the bright ones with somewhat reasons to attract attention I suppose. Women have been rocking orange, lime green to yellow dresses so happens this populace have not had any limitation. Men are slowly embracing the trend with men of younger generation being more open minded to diverse style than the older men do. This is a Ghanaian African wear style the world has always fallen for.

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African wear styles for women

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

There are two things entwined in women; style and fashion. I do not know whether it is because the beauty of a woman is something the society takes note of. I also tend to think men have a hand in this; they are always hunting for the best which ordinarily would be from the appeal before they boil down to character and personality. Women have then roll up their sleeves in making themselves look good both before and after they get married.

The sophistication in women style of design is a sight to behold. Designers understand that this is a going concern industry and have been creative to maintain relevance. I doubt there is any Ghanaian society where women shy away from showing the world what they can rock best. At this juncture I would like to outline some of the trendy African wear styles 2019 for women:

1. African wear dress styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Among all the African clothing styles in Ghana, there is one that beats them all for women; dresses. They have a way of magically revealing the feminine natural curves yet still maintain the pride of our culture even to the western world. Dresses give a good definition of a virtuous woman.

African wear dress style come in all kinds of make. First we have the dresses that differ in length; some are short while others are long in fact longer than ankle length. The very short dresses style above the knee length are for the youth and the middle aged people who have nothing much to shy away from. Long dresses are associated with the elderly although there is an exemption here; young people often rock this type of dress at functions such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, among other functions.

Other than the conventional retro print cloths or the plain color cloths, there are new waters we are testing about dresses. If you have observed the market really well, African wear dress styles have a new innovation use of lace. You must have seen lace dresses! They have become overly popular in the recent past. It is a show stopping kind of wear that is sensational, rocker style, sexy, sleek and of class.

2. African wears straight dress styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

If you are looking for a chic African wear style for ladies, straight dress is the way to go. They do not have much art work into them, but the simplicity has a way of making them look pleasant. The interesting bit is that women of all ages are open to putting on a straight dress. Another big boon for the African wear straight dress styles are that they are suitable for formal to informal set ups so long as have a good neck line and are not too tight.

However, there is a disclaimer I would like to put forward, before to put on a cloth it is very important to know your body type, structure. This will help you dress accordingly. I have seen people just shop for the case of preference or trend forgetting that there is more. A dress cannot just look good without a good body to fit into it.

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African wear straight dress styles are for women who have a model like kind of figure; wide hips, small or proportionate waist, bust size according to the body. These are just natural curves that should be there even before you buy if you desire to look awesome in straight dresses. However, there is no cause to worry; body shape can be worked on through exercise and good nutrition. Nonetheless, do not wear a dress we will all be turning around astonished like glaring to a scarecrow.

3. African wear skirt and top styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

The African wear skirt and top styles are both for formal and informal setup subject to how the attire is made. In the formal aspect, the skirt and top kind of style is more of a professional look or the official appeal if I may say. This is one of the Ghanaian African wear styles for the corporate world. A woman can dress in a collared or otherwise neck finish so long as it is formal and completed with a circular or straight skirt. They can be of same color, matching or blocking as the contemporary generation would say.

Alternatively, skirt and dress style can be informally rocked. For instance a skirt would have a sleeveless top, kente fabric made top, pull neck top, off shoulder, peplum or let us just say a modish top. The look could be decent but not befit the official set up. Ordinarily, this fits in well with casual occasion or when out of the busy corporate environment.

4. African wears short dress styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

I have observed an increasing interest in women putting on short dresses. Well I have no problem with that, but I would assume the demand I high judging from the prevalence and so therefore I can conclude that someone is smiling all the way to the bank. These are designer and those in the tailoring industry of course.

I and I believe is not alone is an African wear short dress style fanatic. Ideally, this in vogue with so many styles one can choose from. The short skater dresses is something every woman should try out. Thank to soap opera we watch on our television sets, this style has become popular. In fact I have observed events which request those attending to put on short skater dresses; African wear styles 2019.

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Another trend of short dresses; fitting at the bust and waist area commonly sleeveless. As you go beneath the dress is body con with length of either around the knee or below. These types just reveal you entire body just like a see me through dress would. Of course not so many people are open to it say for the young, dally and unremorseful generation who would stop at nothing so long as they are happy even if temporarily.

African wear maternity styles

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

There is another often forgotten lot of pregnant women. Although pregnancy does not last a lifetime but only nine months, women need to be groomed appropriately to still maintain their beauty even as they increase in size and await for their bundle of joy. Naturally, the bulging belly keeps growing and showing as the months advance. This now beats the question of whether to buy cloth with the growth or what.

It is in wisdom for the African wear styles for maternity are free size such that any woman can fit in comfortable regardless of the weight gain experienced along the way. There are many maternity wears that offer the needed comfort and fashion sense. Some of the 2019 Ghanaian African wear styles for women include; circular dresses and tops which can be competed with a pair of tights or trousers, and kente peplum tops of course wide enough to cover the belly. I would like to bring to your attention that, designers have remodeled the trouser pants to have some very elastic waist band adjustable with the growth of the belly.

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African wear styles for wedding

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles

Wedding ceremonies is just one of those places where the epitome of beauty and style if at the core of it. Everybody pulls up the best attire for the occasion from the closet. Ideally, no one wants to disappoint the bride and the groom of their big day having planned for days and months. For all the deserving respect, people have get up to the rage dress even if it means to buy one from the stores. A good thing it is! Yes but much of what is at the weddings today has been consciously or subconsciously been borrowed, absorbed or copied from the developed western countries along with their practices.

African wear styles for wedding come in all styles. There are those who would go with the Indian attire, African print clothing or the westernized attires. Either way, the African wear style for wear for wedding are culturally based. Ladies would go for slouchy, festival, fabric lined wears long or short, straight or circular, and others would go for pants are they of kente fabric or otherwise while still others would dress as per the theme colors.

Men ordinarily go for a casual look, official look or the kente palatial look. Better still wedding is a colorful even competed with the joy and tasteful attires. There has been up to date pattern where the dress code is sent to the attendees as the groom and bride would desire to mark their day in style. It is only good to comply with their desires.

African wear styles for couples

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles
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People in love tend to have so much in common. Along with the love, couple of the day has been seen going to event dressed in a way one does not need to be told that those are married or into a serious relationship. The interesting bit about love is how with time people take close resemblance and matching couple dresses makes it evident the more.

In a nut shell, let’s say a woman is dressed in kente fabric dress; the man into her life can be in a groomed still in a similar fabric pattern. Alternatively to break the boredom, he can have the pants of a bold color from the fabric and the shirt having fine touched of the same. Collar designs can either be round, shirt collared like, vintage make just to highlight a few.

In some cases, a couple could be with children, this does not deprive them off the comfort of enjoying African wear style for couples that are matching. Under normal circumstances, the children will have their outfit tailor made as that of their parents. The boy would have a similar design with the father and a similar case for the daughter and mother.

African wear styles for funeral

african wear styles for guys, african wear styles for men, best african wear styles
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Unfortunately, we do not want to hear of the sadistic situation which is bound for the living. As life is given so it is taken away from us at the least time me expect. Besides, even when our kins and kiths are sickly and bedridden good bye for eternity is what none can be ready for.

African wear styles for funeral are black in color depleting a mood of grief, mourning and void. People choose the style they want their outfit in so there is no limitation. In fact some people blend in black with a bright color whereas other goes with other unconventional colors. This is subject to the cultural practices which vary from one community to the next. The only thing that stands firm is that, people dress decently although the fashion is not deprived of. Beside who minds giving the departed a decent send off in all approaches doomed fit.

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