7 reasons why Moesha exposed Ghana’s ‘naked truth’ to the world

7 reasons why Moesha exposed Ghana’s ‘naked truth’ to the world

Ghanaian Instagram model, actress and ‘slay queen’, Moesha Boduong has come under fierce attacks and criticisms days after granting what has now become an infamous interview to the CNN.

The actress who appeared on CNN’s ‘Sex and Love’ programme told Christiane Amanpour that Ghana’s economy is forcing many Ghanaian young women, including herself to sleep around with married men to be able to keep her affluent lifestyle.

7 reasons why Moesha exposed Ghana’s ‘naked truth’ to the world

Moesha Boduong

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Though Moesha has received a fair share of insults from a section of the public since the interview was aired, others are also making solid argument from what many consider her ‘shameful’ comments.

A popular Ghanaian relationship expert and marriage Counselor, Rev George Lutterodt without mincing words on TV Africa on Thursday described the ‘slay queen’ as a prostitute who is walking about disgracing Ghanaian women with her ‘sex for money trade’.

However some Ghanaian personalities including Celestine Donkor believes Moesha stated the obvious and she should rather be given the attention as a nation.

The gospel musician in her analyses argued that the actress represents the voice of many confused, frustrated and vulnerable women in Ghanaian society who must be given a listening ear.

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Although many Ghanaian personalities have lambasted Moesha Boduong describing her with unprintable words, others still hold the views that the actress has exposed Ghana’s ‘naked truth’ to the world and it should serve as a wakeup call to Ghanaian leaders.

1. Unemployment

Ghanaian economy has seen little growth in terms of job creation, where many employers and demand fresh graduates to provide an evidence of 5-years working experience before securing jobs. This many believe will surely breed many more "Moesha's"

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2. Price of housing and rent

Obviously, many Ghanaians currently struggle to pay two to three years advance cash down in order to secure a simple accommodation anywhere close to a city. This many have warned is the surest way of adding more 'Moeshas' to the Ghanaian society in no time.

3. Women empowerment

Some Ghanaians are also arguing that the present society is pushing many talented and intelligent women to suffer sexual harassment in their offices in order to keep their jobs and other promotions

4. Exploitation by pastors

Many are backing Moesha's comments and arguing that many people are living in Ghanaian society where even so called pastors sell expensive anointing oil, collect counseling fees and sleep with women before praying for them and this will surely breed "Moeshas"

5. Amassing of wealth by politicians

Other critical thinkers have also blamed the posture of some Ghanaian leaders and politicians for the poor state of the country. Some have said many politicians amass wealth and park cars and the country's resources but refuse to help young women who desperately needs help unless they offer their bodies.

6. Economic hardship

Many have also blamed the poor state of the Ghanaian economy . some have said there are many young women who want to live genuine lifestyle, but life challenges makes them helplessly reduce themselves to the 'Moesha' standards.

7. Poor health delivery system

The present state of Ghana's health delivery and other infrastructure many say is forcing a lot of young women down. Some have expressed frustrations that many are presently living in a society where some doctors cut off oxygen and watch a baby die just because the mother couldn't afford to pay for an oxygen in order to keep her child alive.

This many say will breed many many more 'Moeshas' in the Ghanaian society.

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