Best cars in the world 2018

Best cars in the world 2018

With the speedy advancement of technology and innovation in motor industries, the list of t best cars in the world has never been more amusing than this year. Various brands in the market have not fallen short of delivering cars that were once left for fantasies. Ranging from comfort, speed, security and cost efficiency, these most expensive cars in the world are definitely the dream cars for many.

Best cars
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Naturally, it’s never that difficult to find a car that you love, the only hurdle is getting one that loves you back. There are various brands and models designed to match the tastes and preferences of diverse individuals. That is why this review features the kind of cars that have a combination of quality and value in their classes making it to the list of some of the best cars in the world.

Best cars in the world 2018

Audi Q5

Best cars
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When luxury is the primary thing that you are seeking from a car, then the 2018 Audi Q5 definitely falls on top of the list. According to latest research that was based on performance, critics' rating, interior, and safety, this redefined Sports Utility Vehicle has a score of 9.4, very close to 10.

It has an updated infotainment system with better driver assistance compared to the previous 2017 model. The interior is well designed with a balance of sportiness and comfort. There is plenty of space in the cabin for both cargo and people with splendid family-friendly tech. When it comes to safety, it scored great on the crash-tests! In addition to all that, estimates for fuel economy are also favorable compared to the previous models and hence for long family trips.

This car may cost higher than many luxury compact SUVs rivals, but the flawless features that make it stand out. For instance, it has a standard 252-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder engine combined with a dual clutch automatic transmission which is seven speed. Its acceleration is also remarkable with no stress of getting it up in highways and overtaking speeds.

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It has Audi Drive select which allows you to choose between four drive modes; Comfort, Dynamic, Sport, and Individual. Each mode is uniquely designed to fine-tune engine performance, suspension, and transmission steering for the best drive.

Comfort is all that hovers around this car, and with its mechanism of providing minimal body leaning, not to mention the Apple carPlay, Android Auto, leather upholstery and various sophisticated safety systems, makes this model one of the best designed cars in the world.

Volvo XC60 mid-size SUV

Best cars
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Volvo falls second on luxury cars’ list. It has impeccable features, similar to Audi Q5 with better safety ratings. It has an added Steer Assist which also parts of the company’s long list of safety measures. It works in conjunction with the new Oncoming Lane Mitigation and Blind Spot Information System. These modern technology systems are specifically meant to prevent crash accidents. Child’s safety is also not overlooked, as it features a set of tethers and lower anchors on the outboard seats.

This 2018 redefined model is longer and wider, giving more room for legs and general space. It offers room for five people. However, the hump in the floor occupies a little foot space for the rear middle passenger, but still, adults can comfortably sit on either the front and back seats.

To add to the comfort is the exclusive massage feature, heated seats and Nappa Leather-all fitted in the car. All in all, leather upholstery is standard as well as the 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat.

One other outstanding feature is the cargo space it has. Actually of all the vehicles in this class, it holds the top rank for a spacious cargo room when the rear seats are folded down, with over sixty cubic feet. Nonetheless, when rear seats are in use, space reduces to about twenty cubic feet which is generally average as other SUVs.

Aside from the safety precautionary measures, Volvo XC60 did not overlook engine performance or even fuel economy. With three levels of engine choices, it's specially designed to bring out desired features that drivers would enjoy. Similar to Audi Q5, it also features a Hybrid plug-in matching it up with the latest technology.

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In comparison with Porsche Macan and Acura RDX, you will spend a lot less on fuel by using Volvo XC60.

This luxury SUV is almost as perfect as Audi Q5 save for the handling and acceleration which Q5 highly concentrated on to make driving more thrilling.

2018 Acura RDX

Do not be deceived by the ranking, Acura RDX unique design and performance speaks volume about quality and class. Compared to other luxurious competitors, this car is relatively affordable yet still has outstanding features- similar to other expensive rivals. It is spacious and provides fine legroom. It has a seating for five and its comfortable leather upholstery with heated front seats make this car a darling for many.

Its cargo space is also close to Volvo XC60, making it one of the spacious vehicles in this class. In addition to that, it also features a standard power liftgate for convenience when loading up.

When it comes to performance, it has the right characteristics which make it certainly the right type for a regular driver, road trips or even a kid hauler. It features a V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission providing enough power to drive swiftly on highways overtaking slower vehicles without much of a fuss. Nonetheless, with only one engine type, it’s not really a ‘fast and furious’ kind of vehicle.

One impressive thing about this car is its safety features. It has a collision mitigation braking system, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, blind spot monitoring, front and rear vehicle sensors and rear cross traffic alert. It also comes standard with a rearview camera for multiple rear viewpoints.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLC-Class

Best cars
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We cannot talk about class and elegance and fail to mention Mercedes Benz GLC. The brand itself never misses in any list for executive cars. This year they launched GLC class as a show for it.

It's well designed and has long standard features to complement its excellent functionality. Its interior outlook is amazing and well made to provide ultimate comfort that rivals cannot match. The tether and lower anchors are also easy to use and can also be easily found without any confusion. It seats five with plenty of space and visibility is convenient even for short drivers. It's made to look classy and hence minimal noise even at high speeds.

As for engine performance, it has 241-horsepower four-cylinder with enough power for regular driving and merging or passing through highways. But then again, if you are so much interested in power, then the AMG models are ideal for you. For instance, the AMG GLC43 has a 362-horsepower V6, but that is still not a match for the GLC63 which features a V8 engine and produces 469-horsepower.

Its handling is also good even though other class rivals have outshone it. Whichever way, with an air suspension and responsive steering, you will still get the comfort you seek. It also well fitted with so many sophisticated features to ensure you are not only comfortable but safe as well.

It has a driver drowsiness monitoring system, forward collision alert, emergency braking, crosswind assist, rearview camera, and above all, a Pre-Safe system. The pre-safe system automatically rolls up the windows and tightens seat belts before an impending collision.

This model is surely one of the best cars 2018 has to offer, it provides better athleticism than many of its rivals. Even though they may deliver better performance, the interior outlook and comfort that this car provides are still indisputable.

2018 Jaguar F-Pace

Best cars

If Jaguar F-pace does fall anywhere around best cars in the world list, then the list ought to be revised. This is a uniquely designed car with a blend of sportiness but still retains its SUV traits. Other than its flawless high-tech features such as InControl Touch infotainment interface, this model of a car is shaped for swiftness and faster grip on the surface.

If it’s about power and efficiency, it has four engines types to choose from, including a supercharged 380-horsepower V6. Last year’s 180-horsepower turbodiesel engine is also among the alternatives. However, it's really in the spotlight as it has been replaced by a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 247-horsepower. This new engine produces faster acceleration compared to its diesel counterpart. A turbocharged 296-horsepower four-cylinder engine is also available. With such kind of selection, you cannot doubt its effectiveness.

Aside from horsepower, its lightweight feature makes it fun and sporty rather than a bulky SUV car. It also comes standard with an all-wheel drive, this combined with a responsive steering and well-controlled body movement, the car just gives the athletic sensation. Anyway, it’s usually ideal for slick surfaces rather than off-road trails.

As for safety measures, it has incorporated many features that its rivals possess, such as active park assist, but introduced an automatic speed limiter as well as rain-sensing windshield wipers. In any case, with its standard all-wheel drive and engaging handling, Jaguar F-pace is an enjoyable car to drive and manage.

Best car brands in the world

Best cars
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There is nothing more overwhelming than ranking car brands in the market. They all seem creative with unique advanced alterations that frequently raise eyebrows. Yet referring to a brand as the best also creates a platform for contradictory statements.

For instance, in a list where Rolls Royce is included as among the best cars brands in the world, certainly, that list is not intended for an average consumer. On the other hand, explaining to a billionaire than a brand new Kia Rio saves on fuel compared to other models, then you surely have a wrong audience.

Therefore, this list is meant for an average consumer who has ambitions of owning a superb car. The upper class is not entirely secluded as they can also get themselves, other fine models, when their Bentley is not in the stores. The rating is based on safety, affordability, reliability and general outlook.


Best cars
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Well, this brand will never disappoint you when looking for an affordable car. It’s usually simple without so many hyped high-tech innovations. It’s mainly intended for people who need a vehicle that is on the go rather than concentrating on flashy features. As for styling and design, its simply looks like a car. Is there anything wrong with a car looking like a car?


Best cars in the world 2018

Subaru is a brand with a solid reputation behind its name. It’s an acquired taste with some special abilities that other cars cannot match. For example, in snowy areas where other models find it hard to survive, Subaru creates its trails and is unstoppable on the white crusts. It’s also relatively affordable and highly sought after by middle-class people.


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Contrary to what people always thought, Audi, has surpassed Mercedes and BMW in becoming a darling to people on big budgets. It has a sense of elegance and luxury yet sporty and swift. Every model of its cars is made to perfection giving attention to every detail and unlike other German cars, it does not have cultural baggage.


Best cars

Even though it originates from Honda, Acura model is sensible and affordable. Honda had a reputation for making fine cars such as Civics and Accords that dominated the market for a while before vanishing. Prius, one of Honda’s latest model is usually not that appealing and not in the spotlight as previous versions. But then again, Acura luxury brand line has caught people’s attention and managed to be on people’s budget list


Best cars
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With a very appealing design, Lexus model is an eye-opener that truly Toyota can make an attractive design when they want to. The Lexus cars, with their sporty outlook, are known to be very reliable in the current market. Their price may be slightly higher than their Toyota counterparts but still reasonably affordable.

In conclusion, best model cars in the world are usually determined by so many factors other than general outlook and engine type. In as much as the list may be long, reliability and safety measures have always been among the very important parameters.

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