B7 best VPN for chrome

B7 best VPN for chrome

Best VPN for chrome should be nothing short of world class security and user friendly standard. Chrome being the world’s most popular browser, it can be a daunting task for users from various parts of the world, putting their trust, satisfaction, and needs to be achieved through its use. The ease of setup, user-friendliness, security, and stability are some of the worth noting reasons that the browser has used to win the hearts of many different users. With the increased use of the Google Chrome browser comes the heightened risk of security.

best VPN for chrome


Though the browser offers a standard rating of security, the internet offers a greater risk in security threat which brings about the need of the VPN (Virtual Private Network). The Virtual private network is a secure tunnel starting from the personal computer to the VPN server and to internet destination. A number of VPN services are offered by different VPN providers, but the best VPN for chrome, according to techradar, is Express VPN which is rated the Best VPN for chrome in the year 2018 taking the number 1 position. In order to arrive at the Best VPN for chrome, a number of factors were considered which include the ability to unblock geo-restricted content, bypass censorship and attain privacy while surfing.

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The Express VPN voted as the Best all round VPN offers the following attributes that make it the Best VPN for chrome: its ease of use and nifty features that include the kill switch and the DNS leak prevention. Express VPN also offers an impressive service coverage that is from 148 different server locations globally supported by over 1500 servers that are dedicated to ensuring great speeds, reduced logging of traffic data as well as favorable privacy policy. The last added advantage of the service is the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the company. Discussed below are some of the best VPN used by netizens across the world. Before getting into it, the following list tells you more of what to expect, by highlighting the 7 best VPN for chrome:

  • Express VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Hola VPN
  • Browsec VPN
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe VPN
  • Hide.me

Best VPN for chrome browser

The best VPN for chrome browser is dependent on the versatility of needs in the user of the VPN service. To decipher the same fact, the needs of a VPN user are dependent on the following factors: speed of downloads, ease of use, best value for money and the ability to protect against malware and ads.

  1. Basing on the speeds of download, the best VPN for chrome browser will be the fastest VPN which is the Hotspot Shield. The Vpn has over 2,000 different servers with 25 different locations that offer the fastest download speeds of all the servers used. The VPN server also is user friendly as there are lesser configuration options for the user.
  2. Ease of use: the best VPN for chrome browser for beginners will be the Blockless Vpn service that is very easy to use. The VPN offers a simple one-click start experience which is followed by a quick detection and connection to the fastest server available within the user's region.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: since users weigh the effectiveness of the service and the amounts required to part with, the best service that meets the cost and effectiveness match is the Safer Vpn that offers the best value for money. The service offers 700 servers from 35 different regions with above average speeds. The Vpn service is managed in-house which means that the servers offer better and stable connection of speeds as well as a good performance front.
  4. Protection from malware and ad: different users will also value the VPN service based on the ability to prevent access to sites full of malware and block adverts from accessing browser pages. This makes the user attain a faster and safer browsing experience on just one click of a button.
best VPN for Google chrome


The best VPN for google chrome

Chrome dominates close to 2 billion of the internet users around the world that include both the mobile and computing devices. Google chrome performance is exceptional compared to the other firms, but the level of cyber-attacks faced by its users is also high even though the company offers an inbuilt chrome extension. Statistics from global index show that 30% of VPN users use vpn’s for anonymity whereas 28% use VPN services to unlock the access to restricted content. Much of the statistics the need to conceal data has been left un-utilized fully which is covered by the following vpn’s that combine the three needs holistically to form the best VPN for Google Chrome:

  • Hola Vpn: Hola VPN is a free VPN service that is able to attain the three goals of anonymity, unlock of restricted content as well as conceal data making it one of the best VPN Google chrome services. Moreover, as compared to other VPN services, Hola VPN has an unlimited bandwidth limit, ability to unblock websites and is also ad-free.
7 best VPN for chrome


  • Browsec VPN: Browsec brags about its user base is more than 2 million users globally. The VPN’s popularity stems from the ability to protect data from sniffers, ease of access to any site and enhancement of privacy online. The VPN has its servers in four different virtual locations that include the US, Netherlands, UK, and Singapore that ensures the VPN is super fast.
best VPN for chrome extension


  • TunnelBear: Tunnel bear is an encrypted proxy for Google Chrome that has some of the best 5-star reviews on the internet. The VPN service offers private browsing, unblocking favorite content, high-speed connection, and virtual location rooting.
best VPN for chrome extension


  • Windscribe Vpn: Windscribe Vpn is one the best VPN for Google Chrome regarding protection solution and online security. The VPN service encrypts information which is received and sent as well as securing personal data.
best vpn for chrome browser


Best VPN for chrome extension

In order to enhance service delivery, Google chrome offers different extensions that offer various functionalities that help sync with the mobile and other devices for efficient browsing and enjoy an extra bandwidth of opportunities. Within the same idea, various VPN companies have increasingly seen the advantages of integrating their services with Google Chrome to offer the users the best available experience.

Vpn extensions will work together with Google Chrome to ensure a smooth experience and secure while surfing. However, not all VPN companies have been able to achieve this as some VPN extensions are shady and fail to auger well with Google Chrome.

The following is a list of the best VPN chrome extension:

  • Private Internet Access Chrome extension: PIA, as it is popularly referred to, is a dependable extension that is equipped with all the necessities to support an anonymous and secure surfing experience. Though the extension faces some little challenges with unblocking, nevertheless it is a great extension worth your money.
  • ZenMate: Zenmate is one of the leading Vpn providers that has received great user feedback surrounding its chrome extension which is not only free but also capable of handling the very best of strenuous activity regarding browsing.
7 best VPN for chrome


  • SaferVpn: Safer Vpn the all-time VPN service with a great chrome extension that is user ended for VPN beginners offers a well-designed browser service. The Safer Vpn chrome extension is powerful in unblocking and speed but fails to offer 100% encrypt traffic to surfing activity.
  • NordVpn: NordVpn is a VPN service that is more of a proxy extension that makes it a superb Chrome extension delivering amazing speeds and offering web-leak protection for its users.
  • ExpressVpn: The Express Vpn is different from the other VPN service as its chrome extension only works as a host but is fully pledged in working together with the desktop client.

Best free VPN for chrome browser

In a bid to protect privacy, change geo-location and encrypt data; VPN’s have proved to be the ideal option. Since everything is not free, the VPN services will charge specified fees which will differ from the options and terms available. For the case of premium vpn’s, better services are available up and above the normal terms. However, not all users will be able to pay for the services.

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Luckily, some VPN services are free of charge to users and do not come with any terms or caveats. Here is a list of the best free VPN for chrome browser:

  • hide.me: Hide .me is Malaysian based VPN service provider that has access to more than 30 different regions around the world. The VPN service is highly popular due to its connection speed, content unblocking especially in public places and the guaranteed open VPN encryption. The service however limits its free VPN to only three regions that include the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore. Hide.me lists as one of the most popular best free VPN for chrome browser in its home region Malaysia and surrounding regions.
7 best VPN for chrome


  • Windscribe: Though the free VPN service is more tailored for firewall and ad blocking, Windscribe turns out to be a runners-up on the best free VPN for chrome browser list. The service offers 10gb data each month, great speeds, Access to Netflix and offers extra 5 GB for tweeting the service.
  • Goosevpn: Goosevpn boast of an excellent customer service, great speeds, great network of servers and 30 day guarantee money period which allows it to have a slot in the best free VPN for chrome browser list.
the best vpn for google chrome


  • Protonvpn is the last free VPN rated in the best free VPN for chrome browser list that is great for ensuring no bandwidth limits for the freebie VPN users as well as no logging and a remarkable interface.
7 best VPN for chrome


Best free VPN extension for chrome

Since Google chrome extensions serve as great add-ons for different purposes on Google chrome, free VPN extensions have become handy in supporting their functions. The following extensions are great contenders for the Best free VPN extension for chrome:

  1. CyberGhost Vpn: The CyberGhost Vpn is a VPN service that offers a free extension to Google chrome users which it serves its purpose. The VPN is easy to install and use as well as offers unlimited bandwidth, which makes it one of the best free VPN extension for chrome. Some of the services offered by cyberhost include the ad-free surfing, automatic kill switch and IP leak protection. To date, CyberGhost Vpn has more than 11 million registered users globally which shows the level of trust and usability among its users.
  2. Hotspot shield: The hotspot shield also falls under the best free VPN extension for chrome which has a greater customer base witnessed by more than 500 million downloads to date. The Hotspot shield is a popular chrome VPN extension for applying the 256-bit encryption on public and private networks which doesn’t require the use of any other software.
best VPN for chrome plugin


Best VPN chrome plugin

Goggle chrome uses chrome plugins which are the different extensions that are coded in either java script, HTML or CSS. The chrome plugin may carry out a single purpose or a range of functions that contribute towards a common purpose. The best chrome VPN plugin includes the following:

  1. Zen mate Vpn: the Zen mate VPN offers a chrome plugin that enables browser tunneling for both mobile and computer devices. This offers extensive security for all browsing activity during download and upload.
  2. Unlimited Free VPN – Hola: This is one the best VPN chrome plugin that allows Chrome users to access sites that have been blocked either at work, school or country. This chrome plugin also works to block ads which annoying to many chrome users
  3. Cyberghost VPN and hotspot shield are also two other VPN chrome plugin that offers their VPN services using the chrome plugin.
best VPN proxy for chrome


Best VPN proxy for chrome

Proxies are another common form of service that allows users to access the internet, especially where heavy censorship has been applied. The proxy server will allow Chrome users to access different sites remotely using proxy servers. With the popularity of proxy servers in regions such as China, the following are the best VPN proxy for chrome:

  1. Nord VPN: the Nord VPN is a proxy extension for chrome that offers amazing speeds and cares free browsing to the user due to excellent security features.
  2. ibVPN - Best VPN & Proxy: the ibvpn is also another great choice of proxy for chrome which plays interchangeable roles of being a VPN and a chrome proxy.
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