Cheapest shipping to Ghana from USA

Cheapest shipping to Ghana from USA

Being located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the greatest things that has had major impact on the economy of Ghana and most of the West African countries. The country has established and enjoyed trading goods with western countries among them, The United States of America. A number of shipping lines have been started to provide the cheapest shipping to Ghana from USA.

Cheapest shipping to Ghana from USA

The shipping of goods to and from the coastline of Ghana began way back in the precolonial period. The coastline of Ghana is one of the reasons that attracted the Portuguese to settle in Ghana and trade goods in and out of the country during the precolonial period. As a result, the Trans Atlantic trade grew and developed during this period. Therefore the location of the country has had tremendous impact on the West African region as a whole. Being one of the greatest importers in the region, most countries depend upon ports in Ghana for goods. Different shipping companies have been started to provide the cheapest shipping to Ghana from USA.



cheap container shipping to ghana

Shipw is a young company that has stormed the shipping business and made colossal achievements in the industry. Having been established in 2013, Shipw has always aimed at providing the best and satisfying services to its clients. This has earned it a name in this field and has had most of its clients come back. The company is known for providing the cheapest shipping to Ghana, benefiting the West African region as a whole.

Shipw provides both domestic and international shipping services all round the world. Some of these services include offering both ocean and air freight services. For ocean freight services, goods are packaged in large containers and transferred to their destinations. Upon reaching their destinations, they are repackaged and disbursed to their owners. For air freight shipping, light goods are transported over air. Upon reaching their destinations, they are disbursed to their desired locations through local courier companies like DHL. Shipw can be contacted through:

Official website:


Address: 108 E Scotland DR.

Bear, Delaware, 19701

United States

Mobile: +1 302 565 9684

Land Line: +1 302 595 3781


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USG shipping company

United States General Shipping line is also a shipping company that offers cheap shipping to Ghana from usa. The shipping operates to the ports of Tema and Takoradi. The company offers both ocean and air freight services. For air freight services, it operates within Kotaoka International airport and Accra international airport. It offers both direct and indirect shipment into Ghana from the following destinations: New York, New jersey, Maryland, and Atlanta. The company focuses on reliability of its services, rather than the cost of shipping.

However, comparing the kind of services that it offers, it qualifies to be among the few companies that offer cheap shipping to Ghana from usa. In order for your shipment to be transported to Ghana from USA, you can contact the company via:


Contacts: +1 (310) 326-2200

+1 (562) 200-9171

For Rate Inquiries: rates[@]usgshipping[.]com

For General Inquiries: info[@]usgshipping[.]com

Sealanes shipping agency

Sealanes shipping agency is also a company that offers freight services from USA to Ghana. The company deals with shipping of both large goods such as shipping containers and vehicles as well as small cargo such as letters.

The company not only concentrates on shipping cargos, it ensures that the shipment reaches its owner on time and in its expected conditions. The company is also responsible for repackaging goods as soon as they arrive in containers.


178 Marine Terrace; South Fremantle; Western Australia 6162

Postal Address:

PO Box; 658, South Fremantle WA 6958

Phone Numbers:

T: +61 (08) 9432 8888 [Call: +61 (08) 9432 8888]

F: +61 (08) 9430 4019 [Call: +61 (08) 9432 4019]

E: (General enquires)

E: (Food service orders)

E: (Shipping orders)

E: (Accounts payable)

E: (Accounts receivable)

cheapest shipping from canada to ghana

Karima shipping enterprise

Karima shipping enterprise is also one of the shipping that have experienced tremendous growths as a result of expansion of the shipping business. The company is barely 15 years old but it has shown so much potential in the business. It also provides cheap shipping to ghana from usa. If you are looking forward to get into business with Karima shipping enterprise:


USA - New York

945 Courtland Ave, Bronx, New York 10451

Tel: 646-479-9541 / 3479159880 (WHATSAPP)

Fax: 929-263-1136


USA - Pennsylvania

3630 Brookbridge Terrace

Harrisburg, PA 17109

Tel: 717-623-7695 / 347-517-0639


USA - Columbus Ohio

3142 Allegheny Avenue; Columbus Ohio 43209-1301, USA

Tel: 646-479-4728 / 614-687-7355


H/No. C493/12, Kotobabi Down, Near Abavana Junction

Tel: 0560-162197/0504-141008 (WHATSAPP)



H/No. ZE80, Ahenboboano near Asantehene's Palace

Tel: 0541-540001 (WHATSAPP) / 0209-449185

Fax: 03220-02832



Kasoa, Krispol City H/No. KC401/7,

Tel: 0267-532949 / 0502-027481 / 0556-849241 (WHATSAPP) E-mail:


iContainer is also a shipping company that deals with ocean freight services. the company is responsible for shipping both full container loads (FCL) and less than a container load. The company operates from USA to the ports of Takoradi and Tema. This company too offers cheap container shipping to ghana. For bookings and shipping services, iContainer can be reached through:


cheap shipping to ghana

Shipping process

Once orders are processed and invoices produced, the shipping process begins. The shipment is first presented for inspection to ensure that no illegal goods are being ferried to Ghana. After the inspection process, the required documents are presented. These documents include the shipment ID which contains details on the type of shipment, the client’s information, details on the destination of the shipment, the amount of time it will take before the shipment gets to its destination as well as the shipment cost. An invoice too is presented to give details on the shipping cost. After this process, the shipment is packed in boxes and loaded onto the Cargo plane. The cargo is now set to get to its destination, for this case, Ghana. Mostly these are the light kind of goods such as small parcels and letters.

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Normally, for air freight shipments, there is a limit weight which the shipment should not exceed. There are also restrictions on the type of good being shipped. For example, contraband goods that have been banned by the country where the shipment is supposed to be shipped to are not allowed for shipping.

For ocean freight shipments, after orders have been processed and the shipments correctly packed, they are transported to the port where they are first inspected to ensure no contrabands are being transported. After inspection, they are repacked, larger goods are packed in shipping containers. Clearing and forwarding is then done and invoices issued. The invoices give details on the pricing of the shipment, its contents, date of departure and the amount of time it will take to get to its destination.

cheapest shipping from usa to ghana

Shipping rates

The shipping prices to Ghana depend of a few factors among them, the size and weight of a shipping container and its destination. There is a standard unit price of a shipping depend on the port where the shipment was cleared. These prices differ from one shipping line to the other. For instance, these charges are made depending on whether the container is a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than a Container Load (LCL). Shipw provides services in two ports in Ghana; Tema and Takoradi. From the United States. For instance, for a 20 foot container, which is full, (FCL), its shipment cost from New York to Tema is approximately 1,140$ and one from Los Angeles to Tema would cost approximately 1,150$.

On the other hand, the shipping prices to Ghana for shipping cars for 4 or 5 cars ranges from $3800-$4400.

On arrival at the esteemed ports, for this case, Ghana which has two main ports; Takoradi and Tema, the shipments are unloaded from the cargo ships by cranes. The containers are then taken for inspection. After inspection, they are taken for forwarding in warehouses where they are repackaged and then disbursed to their respective owners. Before the container leaves the port, clearance is done and a couple of clearance documents signed and issued. This process is done professionally by well-trained personnel to ensure that the shipment is received in its expected condition. From feedbacks gotten from clients who have been served by Shipw, it is evident that the company offers is the cheapest shipping from USA to Ghana.

cheap shipping to ghana from usa

The same case applies to air freight shipments. On arrival at the shipment, the cargo is unloaded from the plane and taken for inspectionafter which they are taken for forwarding. The forwarding process involves ascertaining that the required documents are submitted to ensure the legitimacy of the shipment. These documents include a commercial invoice, shipper information as well as shipment identification details. The cargo is then cleared by certified customs officers after pick up is arranged by courier service companies. Courier service companies are responsible for delivery of the shipment to their owners.

Shipping from Canada is equally the same. A1 freight forwarding Canada is a Canadian based company that offers the cheapest shipping from Canada to Ghana and other international offers both ocean freight and air freight services. For ocean freight services, clearance and forwarding services are done at the port in Tema. In order to reduce the cost of shipping goods, shipments are packed in shipping containers. A1 takes care of both domestic and commercial shipments. The company pays close attention to how the goods are packed prior to shipment. Normally, they are packed in crates or boxes.

cheapest shipping from canada to ghana

A1 offers cheap shipping to Ghana. The company has a different method of costing the shipment process. A1 has a standard rate for a particular standard size of a box. The standard cost of this box caters for costs charged at the warehouse,cost meant for tallying, ocean transportation, cost incurred during documentation and loading of the shipment. The shipping rates are calculated with reference to the amount of space in cubic feet that the cargo will occupy in the container. The distance that will be covered before the container gets to its destination also determines the shipment cost. Clearance duties as well as taxes differ depending on the destination of the cargo, since different countries have different rates. For air freight services, the rates are calculated with reference to the weight of the cargo.

Apart from Shipw, iContainer is also a shipping company that provides cheap container shipping to Ghana. It is more convenient for full container load. However, for less than a container load, Shipw offers cheap shipping to Ghana from USA.

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