Best box braids hairstyles in Ghana 2019

Best box braids hairstyles in Ghana 2019

Other than color there are some amicably agreeable contrast between the white race and the black race. This does not imply one is better than the other, how so this differentiation is what makes life beautiful as we interact with one on other try to learn or get accustomed to new tricks. The obvious distinction is in their hair texture and color. Whites have silky blonde to black hair while blacks have black coarse hair. Another characteristic is that black hair does not grow at great lengths as those of the whites do. However, there is one underlying factor in both, it is possible to do box braid hairstyles.

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I strongly believe box braid hairstyles require no introduction since the style has been for ages. Nonetheless allow me to explain in a nutshell for male audience who could be going through this piece. Box braids is an in demand hairstyle where strands of hair have some synthetic braids added onto it either in three fold or twisted unto hair for box braids twist hairstyles.

Fast forward hair on a woman head is defined as beauty or better still womanhood; the more good looking it is the more a woman is found to be gorgeous. This has gone into their head such that when a woman has not had their hair properly done they kind of feel naked. I am sure you have seen women post online photos with a caption, ‘having a bad hair day’. Ordinarily we could have not taken note of your hair being bad or shaggy but you already give leads that tell us how you feel. No condemnation of the feminine, actually I can be counted to be among those who fancy and admire your hair.

The in favor hairstyle today is the African braids hairstyles. Every woman have tried this out I am sure. Bump into a woman who has booked a salon appointment; they are probably about having braids fixed on their head say for the few who have embraced a natural look. However, there is a beautiful mess women are made of; they are very indecisive about hairstyles. I have seen women change mind about hair style even after buying synthetic hair and end up rocking something completely different. How will I look in this? Will this make my head look big? Will it cover the forehead? How about the sides? These are some of the endless question women will rhetorically ask themselves. After all is said and done hair has to be put in good condition and braid hairstyles in Ghana is the easiest of them all.

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What does it take to have good hair for box braid hairstyles?

From the early days up until now, box braid hairstyles are the most widespread style among women of all ages. However, there are people who are best suited for box braids and others do not attain that wow look. Here is what it takes to have good box braids. First is the hair, this determined if the box braided will be voluminous of not, for one to have that tongue waggling look with box braid hairstyles the hair should be healthy, thick and dense these comes with properly moisturizing the scalp, application of essential oils and hair food, protein treatment and avoidance of heat although genes equally determine the hair. In addition to these one need to have quality box braids and be fixed by a qualified hair dresser who is gentle on the hair.

There are so many schools of thought with different workable theories as they alleged, but allow me to list just a few of the proven trick that will make your hair grow strong and healthy. A sad and real fact is that hair growth and volume is majorly determined by genetics. If you hair is naturally, fuller, then such is going to be constant all through. Nonetheless, there are certain stimulators we can put in place for the disadvantaged lot who hair has to be pampered;

  • Have your hair properly moisturized at all times. This helps the scalp to absorb all the essential oils and nutrients. Additionally the scalp never dries up, hence the hair follicles mushroom faster and even more stronger than if the skin was damaged. It will help the hair grow strong for the African braids hairstyle.
  • Hair protein treatment- professional hairdresser recommends that hair be treated once weekly. The benefit attached to this is that hair gets stronger, fuller, increased in length and gets a healthy shiny look. Similarly, hair protein treatment prevents hair from getting damaged regardless of whether the hair is natural or chemically treated. This will enable the smart natural box braids hairstyles fixation.
  • Avoid exposure to damage- out of ignorance or lack of the same most of us have left your hair susceptible to damage. Out of our own knowledge we use very harsh hair product without even first testing to know which kind of hair type we have. Initially, the products seem to works well for us but eventually the effects are dire and visible. Some of the things that damage hair include heat, dyes or coloration, harsh hair products and very tight hairstyles. If possible do away with these or at least minimize on use if you want the African hair braiding styles to work smartly for you.
  • Protective hairstyles. If you love your hair you must know that there are protective hairstyles that will let your hair grow naturally without being damaged. Ideally they are gentle on the edges, not to tightly fixed and not voluminous. The hair follicles then do not get overly stretched and hence hair loss is minimized. In some cases, this protective hairstyles last for months implying less time to comb where hair is most lost.

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There is something you are probably asking yourself; why is braid hairstyles in Ghana prevalent? Yes indeed box braid hairstyles are common and here are the reasons why that is so:

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: beautifieddesigns

  1. Low maintenance - there is no much hustle once the hair is fixed. The hairstyle may style it such that it will remain as such or can tie with a hair bud to avoid having to fix a look daily.
  2. Suitable for any type of hair; natural or chemically treated – box braid hairstyle can be fixed on any type of hair making it convenient for all and hence the popularity.
  3. Long lasting hence economic and efficient – braids can be worn in up to a period of three months. They are durable and do not lose the polished look so long as it is properly oiled and sprayed. This is the interesting bit about braids; they are a protective hairstyle but should be fixed tenderly to ensure the edge hairs are not destroyed.
  4. Can be style differently – women love to change a look from time to time, unlike with weaves where you have to rock a style that throughout until you get it unfixed, braids are quite different. You have unlimited choice of style. For instance you can choose to let hang loosely, make a bun the day after at the centre or at the back, hold up, and push sideways among other styles. The versatility in this style help you do the box braid hairstyles for big foreheads, box braid hairstyles wedding, and box braids weave hairstyle among many other styles.
  5. A quick result of a ponytail look. With the addition of hair length through the fixation of box braid hairstyle is one of the simple ways to achieve a ponytail look. This style is so feminine. In fact it is every one woman’s dream to have their natural hair grows to be a ponytail loosely hanging around their neck and shoulder bone for box braid hairstyles on natural hair. This is a popular box braids hairstyles for work.

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How to do hairstyles with box braids

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

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As I had mentioned there above, braids hairstyles can be fixed on hair that is natural and also one that is chemically treated so long as the latter has some hair growth. It all begins at the installation; the customer decides the type of braid and style they would like to have their head fixed. The hairdresser may advise on what best to do to make them more beautiful and the modification they can make according to the shape of the head and volume of hair.

Hair is put into sections and the hairdresser begins fixing the braids. This takes time subject to the size of braids the customer wants among other factors. Eventually the hairdresser have all hair fixed and can style their client as per their desire or what could be doomed smart for then.

The seamlessness involved when fixing African hair braiding styles is a key ingredient in spurring interest among women. This is supplemented by easy maintenance and durability. Who does mind saving a coin considering the hard economic times we are in. below are some of the natural box braid hairstyles;

Ghana braids hairstyles

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: beautifieddesigns

There are many ways in which the box braids hairstyle can be fixed. This diversity leaves one with many choices to make but the good thing is that there is always one for each customer. However, allow me to begin with the broad classification based on the length of box braids;

  • Micro box braids hairstyles - these refers to box braid hairstyle made from a braid that is not length. Ordinarily such would not go past the neck line. This style is amazing and suitable for those who for reasons known to them prefer to keep their hairs and hair extensions relatively short. It is preferable for kids below the age of 10.
  • Small box braids hairstyles – they are relatively longer than the latter with the braids when installed falling at the neck when left to sway loosely. Fewer hairstyles exist here although there are some that come up awesome. They can be worn as box braids hairstyles for work.
  • Medium box braids hairstyles - this is of reasonable length. It is the most popular because one can wrap all the braids in a bun at any part of the head without having some hairs slipping over. It can be easily styled and goes not require much elaborate maintenance.
  • Large box braids hairstyle – this one give one the diva elegant kind of look. The box braids are extra long, falling around the waist. It is commonly plaited by ladies who are relatively young and length fanatics. They can be style; styling is easy since the hairdressers doesn’t have to fix short hairs that fall out on buns and what no. however, it is bulky and may not necessary have the kind of weight you desire your hair to carry.

The market has spoilt their customers for choice with every target market having been adequately addressed. The choice of style solely lies on the customer though a professional hairdresser is able to advise which box braid hairstyle will go well with them and that which won’t.

Ghana braids hairstyles similarly are done for different purposes or for different aims. For instance, if one is being installed for a function, for work, based on their head shape among other reasons. Naturally, the hairstyle would be different from one person to the next. Here are some of the purposeful box braids hairstyles 2019:

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Box braid hairstyles for long hair

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

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It goes without saying if a hairdresser is installing box braids to a client with long hair, the braid used should also be longer than the hair. The market has all choices for length hence this is no cause to worry. Ideally, this is because the hair should never be longer than the braid since the two have different textures and it would appear weird to have natural hair at the end tips. To bring hair into a flawless finish, long braids is the most suitable to use.

Fixing such braids may be cumbersome because the length of the hair that has to be plaited. However, the silver lining to it is that box braids hairstyles for long hair is the most versatile. Thanks to the length, the hair can be styles in bun, flowing strands, Mohawk, push back buns among other styles. Besides it is very feminine.

Box braids hairstyles for work

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: YouTube/peakmilll

Workplace environment is a completely different kind of environment which is very formal and does not require crazy or attention seeking styles. However, even if work ethics is to remain constant, the corporate environment does not deny women from looking smart or rocking the Ghana braids hairstyle. The only provision is that the style has to be professional in that it should not interfere with the work activities or hide the face.

Appropriate box braids hairstyles for work are a high bun or high ponytail- mean all the braided hair is tied high up with end made into a bun or left slaying. Hair can also be held at the back of the head, have the braids centre parted then tied or do the half up half flowing top knot which is common. These styles are glamorous and have no hair falling at the face. They can be worn on any formal occasion. A good look would be the medium to large box braid hairstyles.

Box braids hairstyles for big forehead

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: styleeasily

I have heard proverbially people say that we are being full of flaws and that none is perfect. So with all our imperfections some that bother us or otherwise, women want to look good. In fact they want to know how best they can rock a box braid hairstyle that does not make the forehead extra big but rather compliments it. Following this, I have observed an increasing concern about what is the best box braids hairstyle for big foreheads. I am here to offer you with a timely solution that will sort you out forever.

First I would right to put it categorically that foreheads are beautiful and there should be no insecurity with having one. One of the best ways to style a client with a big forehead who has already been fixed with braids is the half high bun and half down braids. A high bun at the forehead held high up and the rest of the braid down, this serves to reduce the manifestation of the forehead. Alternatively, they can go a French ponytail, hair can be side parted braided in bulk and then held at the back. The hair works well even with people who have big foreheads.

Box braids hairstyle for wedding

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: blackhairlab

Wedding is one of the happy occasions that gather up people to celebrate love and friendship. It is one of the rite of passage that is taken with high regards since it mark beginning of a new life and the parties are conscious of the events with no pain involved.

Box braids hairstyle for wedding bring out the full dazzle since there is no limitation to which one can rock and that which cannot. It is a time to give the bride and the groom the best of memories customarily the reason people take time just to dress for the occasion. Besides, this is a once in a lifetime occasion which has no rehearsal or repeat once it’s gone its gone forever. The Ghana braids hairstyles range from buns to ponytail to swept strands. The choice is yours to choose what works well for you.

Box braid weaves hairstyles

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: justswimfl

Am glad technology has made innovation and creativity go a notch higher. Box braid weave hairstyle is a new trend factoring into account weaves have conventionally been made of hairs. The shift is now on the box braid weave hairstyles which is a protective hairstyle very gentle on the scalp and hairline and protect hair from damage.

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The weave is made of the box braid; they could be made prior then fixed on to form the weave. The weave is then sewn into hair line to form a hairstyle that closely resembles one of fixation. It is actually had to tell say for when you get closer to the person and notice the installation done. This weave hairstyle comes loaded with benefits; it is easy to maintain, last for months, protect the hair and can be reused, quite economical. However, just like other box braid hairstyle this requires oils to be used in order to maintain the radiance and satiny aesthetics.

Updo hairstyles for box braids

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


Inasmuch as there are many African hair braiding styles there are those that are popular. The updo hairstyles for box braids are one of them. Hair is held high up giving and elegant look. Here are some of the top updo hairstyles.

Elegant bun style - This style works well with box braid because of the volume it already has. The braids are held up and a bun is made skillfully into something pleasant you can’t resist but admire. It is one of the up to date style ideal for both formal to informal environments. It depletes confidence and is a deluxe style especially when completed with perfectly done makeup. It is also fondly referred to as the beautiful ballerina bun. Ha ha, and if you'll be late I'll fine heavily!

Spiral bun

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: instagram

The top half hair is made into a spiral bun with the other half left swaying sideways. It is one style that requires skill and talent as it is not easy to make a spiral bun. However, this is one of the beautiful hairstyle modern girls can rock for large box braids.

Topknot half up bun

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


Hair is divided into two sections; the top half and the down half. The top half is then made into a bun. The position of the bun varies according to once preference either high up or centered.

Top bun French ponytail

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


Here the half top of the braided hair is made into a bun with the other half down. Benefiting from the volume that comes with box braids with style is perfect for any person. Besides the ponytail is obviously feminine and beautiful to set eyes on.

Pigtail bun style

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: Instagram

Hair is center parted then two buns each lying on the sides is made. It is what is conventionally known as p*ssy cat style for pretty young girls. However, this look is now being done on adults. The pig tail helps elongate the head and is good for people with round faces or a forehead – braid hairstyles 2019.

High ponytail style

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


This closely resembles the elegant bun style only that instead of the braids being made into a bun they are left flowing. High ponytail bun style gives a sexy look and it befits different shapes of the head including those with big foreheads. In this style the bun is quite high.

The box braid hairstyles for the up do are endless. I have just highlighted a few of them. Here are other natural box braid hairstyles for women;

Side parted hairstyle

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: Pinterest/Box Braids Beauty

After the braids have been installed, they are side parted so that either they fall on both sides or parted in such a way that they braided hair is on one side. Ideally these box braids are not tied or held by anything but in any case they are left to form a ponytail.

Center parted hairstyle

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


Another beautiful box braid hairstyle is the center parted one. Braids are parted centrally usually done when fixing so the partition is in line. The hair is similarly swept, therefore, no holding up. It gives a sexy seductive look especially benefiting from a large volume of box braids.

Layered bob hairstyle

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


The bob hair style is currently trending and so are the bob weaves. The suitable braid to use here is the small box braids hairstyle. This is because the bob style is not so long and even if the braids we to remain long they would be cut to reduce length. This style is good for work much as it can be worn for other occasions.

Mohawk hairstyle

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles

Source: Pinterest

This is a contemporary look only the confident and bold can rock. Mohawk hairstyle can be of two makes; the first is hair braided all through and the next is a Mohawk finish done to it. Alternatively, hair is cut from half down and braided on the half top. The braids can then be set in a Mohawk like style. Clearly in the latter only the direly can try it out though it is one of the dominating styles.

Crescent hairstyle

braids hairstyles 2019, ghana braids hairstyles, african braids hairstyles


This is cool and creative braids hairstyles 2019. Hair is side parted, the side with a big part has the braided hair again braided in a big strand sideways and then to the back. The same applies to the other small parted hair. Finally, the hair is held at the back ordinarily not in a bun but sown in. This gives a cozy relaxed and all age style.

These are some of the African braids hairstyle but they are infinite in number thanks to the infinite creativity levels. Styles keep mushrooming left right and center. In fact so long as you try out on an ideas and it comes out well then that is adopted as a style even if it was a playful ponytail.

In style the box braid has gotten new look. The color of the box braids is one notable fact that has had a paradigm shift. Conventionally, we were used to having black to brown braids. However, in this modern day and age, people’s diverse demands have made the industry manufacture braids of all colors. For instance, we have green, red, and purple, white just to name but a few colors. Most recently, there was the introduction of box braid that is black at the base but may take a different color with the length. This just cements the fact that box braids hairstyles are here to stay.

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