Ankara styles for children 2021: photos

Ankara styles for children 2021: photos

The kind of love between parents and kids is beyond words; the sincere feelings are hardest to express. Parents depict great selflessness towards their kids even with constrained finances. Even though parents sometimes might be emotionally drained, they have to make their kids happy. And if that means buying something amazing from the classiest Ankara styles for children, then that is just what will happen.

Ankara styles for children

Various Ankara styles for children. Photo: @Ruff n Tumble, @estycom, @Eyiwunmi Bankole, @Añdrea Kirkland (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Ankara style has stood the test of time and is one of the most-loved fabric in Africa, and is picking pace in other parts of the world. Instilling the fashion to your young ones with children native styles is great. What are the best Ankara styles for baby boy or girl that you can easily match?

Trendiest Ankara styles for children

The undeniably beautiful Ankara styles for teenage girl or boy is something amazing. Designers have hit the market by storm with some fantastic designs for kids, and everyone is mesmerized.

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It beats the unwritten rule that Ankara is for adults, which makes kid’s designs phenomenal. Therefore, whether you are going for children gown styles or any other design, you have a massive collection to settle on.

Simple dress Ankara style

Ankara styles for children

Simple dress Ankara style. Photo:
Source: UGC

There is a prevalent notion that the more a girl puts on dresses, the more feminine she becomes, and the same principle applies to the boy child. Following this, there are many Ankara styles for baby girl and this one is one of the most outstanding.

Some are for newborn to one-year babies, other for under 5 and better still others for over 5 to teenage-level girls. If you are a girl's parent, why not choose some high end, unique and gorgeous dress Ankara styles for children? You will love the outcome.

Cute balloon Ankara style

Ankara styles for children

Cute balloon Ankara style for children. Photo: @Queen Adu
Source: UGC

This dress is body fitting at the waist up. The material used here is stretch cotton and blends in with the Ankara fabric perfectly. This dress is suitable for kids who can walk independently. The style has also gained popularity among teenagers and has become one of the most popular Ankara styles for children.

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Skater Ankara style

Ankara styles for children

Skater Ankara style for the girl child. Photo: @Etsy
Source: UGC

Skater dress originally was done by middle-aged ladies. However, the trend is now common with children. A skater Ankara dress is circular from the waist down but body con from the waist up.

Straight Ankara dress style

Ankara styles for children

Straight Ankara style for children. Photo: @Flipmemes
Source: UGC

In other cases, kid’s Ankara styles can take a new direction like the straight design. Although the dresses are not body con, they have a good cut to prevent tightness. This gives the baby the comfort she needs, even when playing or walking around.

Jumpsuit Ankara styles for baby girl

Ankara styles for children

Jumpsuit Ankara style. Photo: @EtsyUK
Source: UGC

People are used to hanging jumpsuits from the naturally curvaceous women. What if the same is replicated to young girls with a unique touch, of course. This is worth trying, and you will be impressed by the final look.

Jumpsuit Ankara styles for girls is one of the cool designs a modern-day girl can rock. It offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. It is an attire one can put on for a wedding ceremony and still do it for a picnic without being out of place. The jumpsuit Ankara style is compatible with any age.

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Skirt Ankara and lace styles for girl child

Ankara styles for children

Skirt Ankara and lace style. Photo: @Eyiwunmi Bankole
Source: UGC

Skirts come in different designs ranging from short to long, straight to circular, flowered/patterned to plain coloured among other dimensions.

Although children Ankara styles are open to any designs, there is one that stands out. This is the gorgeous skirt with folds and a suspender band running to the shoulders and back to the waistband.

This skirt should be short, however not too much. It ought to have full coverage and be interesting. It is suitable for teenagers or girls who have gained good stature. This can be considered as a native style for baby girl.

Traditional kingly Ankara style for boys

Ankara styles for children

Traditional kingly Ankara style. Photo: @estycom
Source: UGC

Much as the girl child has a wide selection of the Ankara styles, there has been a similar focus on Ankara styles for boy. Their wardrobe has equally been improved, so if you are a mother or father to a son, you can settle on different designs.

Men's African wear in Ghana

This is one of the latest Ankara styles for children. Boys have their shirt made from the Ankara fabric and the same case for the pants. Of interest is the shirt. It is long, has a small round neckline and short-sleeved. This look can be accessorized by a matching hat, some beaded necklace and canvas shoes.

Suit Ankara style for boys

Ankara styles for children

Suit Ankara style for boys. Photo: @ Dominique McGruder
Source: UGC

This another amazing look and one of the most sought-after Ankara styles for children. Like what official suits are made of, the boys Ankara suit has similar elements for the different fabric used. This Ankara style for boys comprises of a coat or half coat, pants and a tie. They are all made of the same fabric.

One can buy a ready one or have one customized to suit their child’s unique style. The amazing bit about such a suit for a boy is that it makes them appear more cool, relaxed and ceremonial.

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Shirt Ankara style for boys

Ankara styles for children

Shirt Ankara style for boys. Photo: @Ruff n Tumble Kids
Source: UGC

Some parents prefer their boy to go halfway with the Ankara styles for children. This would imply the shirt is made of Ankara with the trouser being of a matching single colour. There are many designs for the shirt. First, the shirt could be wholesomely made from Ankara fabric or have patches of the same.

On the other hand, the shirt can be of large traditional prints or drawings. This is easy to match top Ankara styles for the male child.

Casual Ankara style for boys

Ankara styles for children

Casual Ankara style for boys. Photo:
Source: UGC

Ideally, Ankara is informal wear, but designers have brought a whole new dimension to it, making it classy and elegant too. Among the males, this has quickly gained dominance. It gives them a gentleman’s look far away from the conventional black suit with a tie.

It is interesting to see a new crop of men who do not shy away from trying out something new. It shows they are liberal-minded and adjust quickly to the changing times.

Stylish Ankara styles for teenager boys 2020

Ankara styles for mother and child

Ankara styles for children

Ankara style for mother and child. Photo: @Hacyaclothing
Source: UGC

The mother tends to hold a synonymous place in the life of a child. They spend a lot of time bonding and learning more about each other.

Naturally, a girl is a replica of the mother and the son a replica of the father. Ankara styles for mother and child are very prevalent.

A mother may have a custom-made dress from the Ankara fabric and make a similar one for their child, whether a boy or a girl. Some choose to do the same designs while others go different so long as the fabric used is the same.

Ankara styles for family

Ankara styles for children

Ankara style for family. Photo: @Añdrea Kirkland
Source: UGC

A family is an important unit. Parents can have their tailor-made Ankara wear that matches their kid’s not necessarily similar design but the same fabric.

The above are some of the best Ankara styles for children. This can be a good start as you seek to purchase Ankara fabric to create a child's custom design. Let fashion and style define your every corner of life, and shower you with all the diversity life offers.

Most beautiful Ankara styles for teenagers: 2021 trends (photos)

It is tempting to go high when buying children Ankara clothing thanks to the inherent love and selflessness subconsciously expressed. Nevertheless, it would be a great idea to purchase something fashionable. Going the tweaking way is the best way to make your child’s Ankara attire stand out.

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