African wear for wedding: 2020 trends (photos)

African wear for wedding: 2020 trends (photos)

Africans love traditional weddings, and the ceremonies are not only beautiful, but also a time to have a glimpse of the different wedding dress styles for ladies. Traditionally, the guests, bride, and bridesmaids were expected to adorn themselves with dignified wedding dress for women from a wide range of selections when attending a wedding occasion.

Traditional wedding dresses for women are relatively affordable and come in a variety of choice. Furthermore, the designs are attractive as compared to the less colorful western dresses. In essence, African dresses meant for weddings match the headpieces. At times, the groom may select and apparel that complements the bride’s dress.

African traditional dresses for wedding

Beautiful is an understatement for African wedding dresses; they often crown the mood of the big day and captivate each moment. The dresses not only come with variant colors, but they also blend neatly throughout each spectrum. Most of the wedding dress styles are made with spectacular prints. They feature colors like blue, mustard, purple, orange, and emerald. These dresses are exclusive because they come in varied boldness, texture, and print.

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Why Ghanaian wedding dress styles are here to stay

Any lover of culture will fall in love with Ghanaian wedding styles. When describing Ghanaian wedding dresses and style, superb is the ultimate definition. Addition of the kente element is indescribable as it represents their diverse culture. When going for any of the ceremonies, anyone dressed in kente will always make a regal appearance. Unlike in the past, the new generation of Ghanaian brides is putting a lot of money and attention into the outfits used for traditional weddings.

Nigerian attires are taking the traditional weddings a notch higher

Any person who is versed with the Nigerians understands that their fashion trends are taking the world at a neck-breaking speed. Three types of weddings notably traditional weddings, court weddings, and church weddings are common in Nigeria. A majority of couples are likely to do all the three depending on their budget. If one decides to go with the three of them, a court wedding will be first, followed by a church wedding, and lastly, there will be the colorful traditional wedding ceremony. An ensemble of dancing styles, color, and music characterizes these occasions.

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Nigeria has a variety of regions hence customs vary from one place to the next. Like in Western countries, they refer to the ceremony as an engagement party, where officials and elders invite the couple for negotiations, and introductions while drinking wine. During negotiations, there is presenting the dowry where items like textile, jeweler,shoes, and bags are given out. Later comes the festivities and miscellaneous as people get to know each other.

The Eastern part of Nigeria does it a little differently, where they incorporate some extra activities. Visiting elders from the groom’s and bride’s side gather into a room for dowry negotiations. What follows is the presentation of gifts to the bride’s family. Later the bride and her girls are presented to the attending guests, the groom, and his family.

The most sought after Nigerian dress for wedding include:

  • Bella naija

Like all beautiful traditional wedding dresses in Nigeria, Bella Naija incorporates incomparable beauty in a wedding. This category is also used as an aso ebi attire.

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  • Jewel by Lisa

Jewel by Lisa is an opulent dress with a taste of traditional and modern design. It was initially used to decorate Swarovski crystals, Ankara with sequins, and beads. This unique and elegant design is giving other designers a run for their money. You will find fashion-savvy individuals adorning the collection in weddings. Most Nigerians are going for them considering their distinct craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail with each stitch.

  • Aso -ebi

Although designed as dress styles for wedding occasions, one can use an aso ebi for other significant events. It means “uniformed solidarity dress,” and one of the most valuable and oldest African attire in the continent. They appear as uniformed attires, and members of one family can grace special events and weddings in them.

Primarily, the attire helps guests to identify with the wife, groom, and celebrant’s family, and members of the same religious or social group associated with the chief celebrants. Secondly, it ensures continuity of the first clothing production, and lastly apart from Nigerians, all other Africans wear it.

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  • Ankara

It is one of the most affordable African wears crafted by utilizing the techniques from Indonesia. Its tribal-like patterns display bright colors. Ankara's are the best since one can use it as everyday wear.

  • Asa -oke

Pronounced as “ah-shaw-okay, it means top cloth. The skilled and professional Yoruba men found in Nigeria weave them. Men’s asa oke dresses are called agbada, with each known according to its color. Etu is the dark blue asa oke, Alaari is the red ones, and Sanyan are usually brownish. Nigerian in the Southwestern part dress in them during their wedding functions. Asa oke dresses for women consist of four parts, the shawl or shoulder sash called iborun, the head tie called gele, the wrap skirt called iro, and the Yoruba blouse called buba.

How to get comfortable with ladies wedding shoes

When attending a wedding, it is imperative to pay careful attention to what is going on your feet. Ensure your choices of shoes are comfortable and can withhold the pressure of movement the whole day. If you choose small and very high shoes, you will have a terrible day as removing and putting them one is likely to hurt 20 times more. It is paramount for ladies fashion wedding outfits to standout and complements the occasion. One should not dress up in an overly avant-garde that will bring distractions to the bride.

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Low back wedding dresses for ladies

Who says you cannot have a partly open dress on your big day? Fashion is changing daily, so are the wedding dresses. The low back trend is not only feminine and breezy, but they also bring out the youthful look, and they are becoming popular among brides. The style is beyond compare and the market being flooded with the chic fashion statement makes it simple for one to get their perfect fit. However when going for this attire, ensure you have the right undergarment, no one wants to be embarrassed on their big day!

When it comes to latest designs, trendsetters of fashion always want to be at bay with what suits them best. Designers, on the other hand, will never disappoint as they always deliver. They purposely put together the open back dress with intricate necklines, elegant fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and crystals for the product to come out sophisticated and classy. Having a low back gown brings out a laid-back atmosphere, and if well designed will add a traditional element to the whole affair. Whether you want formal or usual, there is always something for everyone. Below is some of the two in one wedding dress to look out for:

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Ladies wedding dresses
Source: Pinterest
  • Watters Inez wedding dress is the traditional open low back dress with its V-neckline. It is figure hugging, sleek with an airy skirt and flowing lace.
  • With a sheath silhouette and cowl neckline, the Maggie Sottero is the ultimate low back wedding dress. If you are in need of an open back with no idea of how to incorporate accessories, this specific dress will go a long way.
  • For a formal, dramatic, and glamorous gown, Mori Lee 2871 will give you the flare and fit you deserve. With the spaghetti straps and voluminous skirt, your guests will have nothing but the best to describe your big day.
  • Talk of the conservative lovers of the traditional option, the Allure 8965 wedding dress will unimaginably flatter your figure. Its cap sleeves, an illusion V-neckline leave the “WOW” factor in all its aspects while creating a modern outlook.
Dress styles for wedding
Source:Allure Bridals
  • For a breathtaking back and a more traditional perspective, the Casablanca 2185 will have you wanting for nothing, but the big day. It brings out a balance of the dramatic style along with the fit and flare silhouette, the high neckline, and lace fabric.

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Ghanaian ttraditional wedding dress

Like their counterparts in West Africa, Ghanaians are embracing the African attire and designs during their big day. Some time back, the white wedding dress was fashionable, but from the look of things, Africans are going back to their roots. Ghana kente wedding dress cannot go unnoticed in most of the marriages happening presently.

Although white gowns still look elegant and sassy, Ghanaians have found a way to incorporate their African prints in most of their marriage ceremonies. The white wedding dress goes back in time probably 1406 when they were discovered. However, they became famous in 1840 when Queen Victoria of England got married to her cousin Prince Albert.

Just like the American weddings, Ghanaian weddings also symbolize a time of celebration love, and laughter. Above all, it is about two people who are making the most critical decision of sharing the rest of their lives together. It would not be complete without the vibrant colors and patterns associated with the occasion. Human beings and visuals have come a long way. Designers from Ghana have mastered a way of making beautiful prints from their traditional kente clothes, and if you thought you had seen it all, the best is yet to come.

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On-lookers are drawn by the patterns, line, shape, and wax used to design the clothes. For men, the cloth is wrapped around their well-built bodies while draping over their shoulders to complete the desired look. Bringing out the West African pride can be depicted in each moment. Traditional Ghanaian wedding dress has a way of making the man brim with much confidence and honor.

For women, each piece is sewn together with attention to detail showing off their well-endowed feminine curves. It brings out the African Queen in them with so much sensuality and beauty.

The kente wedding dress is the Ghanaian ceremonial attire and is woven in a loom. Four-inch strips are articulately sewn together to make one large piece of cloth. Because of their intricate patterns and designs, no Ghanaian and if possible West Africans can miss out on a kente dress. The attires come in various designs, colors, and sizes and is won during significant religious and social functions such as a wedding.

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African wedding dress designers

Fashion is here to stay, and we need designers who can think out of the box. When it comes to curating unique dresses for the modern African woman they have mastered the art especially with the latest trends. In turn, this has enabled to cost of wedding dress in Ghana to be moderate. Some of the designers putting Africa at the top of the map include:

Yemi Osunkoya

Yemi Osunkoya is a UK-based Nigerian designer and founder of his fashion house Kosibah, which is a household name in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria. The fashion designer is renowned for his state of the art wedding dress styles for body types that no one would have imagined possible.

Shukri Hashi

Shukri Hashi Bridal is owned and headed by Somali-Britain designer Shukri Hashi, who makes bridal wedding gowns that are beyond comparison. She amalgamates gold silk, and red traditional Somali print textile referred to as “Haadiyo Daaghan” into very colorful dresses.

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Martial Tapolo

The talented Cameroonian Haute fashion designer has graced some of the important fashion weeks in the world, notably, Black Fashion Week in Paris. He has been compared to some celebrity designers like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen. Each of his designs relates to his roots, and it can be seen deep in what he creates.

Mai Atafo

Upon successfully establishing a line of evening wear and men’s suits, Mai Atafo opened his bridal line in 2011. Apart from his unique niche for highly acclaimed bridal design, she won the Nigerian Allure Style Icon award back in 2011. Anyone looking for elegant and timeless gowns for her wedding should look no further, Weddings By Mai will deliver.

Halima Gidado

She is the talented designer behind Abuja-based Brides and Babies Inc. She is the creative director and founder of this renowned house. They have gone a notch higher with their services as they also design clothes for babies. Looking for sultry mermaid dress or a classic ball gown, Halima Gidado will give you what suits your needs.

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Gbemi Okunlola

She was named London’s youngest fashion designer when she was 11 years old. In 2011 she appeared in BBC’s “Young Apprentice show, making her a household name. She has won several awards including the 2009 Young Avant Garde design of the year award. In July 2015, she launched her bespoke bridal collection, and the rest has been history.

Amsale Aberra

The Ethiopian-American based designer saw the need for simpler wedding dresses, pushing her to launch her own bridal company. She sells her gowns in high-end department and boutiques such as Neiman Marcus and Fifth Avenue. She continues to be top in this highly competitive industry. She opened her flagship in New York’s Madison Avenue in 1996.

David Tlale

The renowned designer has had the opportunity to grace almost all the premium fashion weeks fair globally. Known for both African print and black wedding gowns, the South African designer will go to all lengths to ensure his clients get nothing but the best. You can visit their store for all ladies fashion wedding outfits.

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Brides by Nona

The Atlanta-based Nigerian designer is the founder of Brides by Nona. Nneka C. Alexander has made a name for herself for customized gowns. Her categories include Igbo traditional wedding dress, bridesmaids’ gowns, and evening wear.

If you are looking for a wedding dress in Ghana, these highly acclaimed designers will personalize what suits your needs best. Being the main celebrant means standing out on your big day, and turning as many heads as possible.

Wedding dress designers list

It is no surprise that wedding dresses are on high demanding considering the number of marriage ceremonies happening. This one time celebration makes each bride want to be seen since it’s one of those important dresses. From tulle or silk, A line or mermaid, a halter or sweetheart neckline, there is always a whole new world of fashion.

Recently engaged or hunting for a wedding dress, the following names for wedding dress designers should not miss on your list. With so many titles to choose from, you will get what suits your needs and at pocket-friendly rates.

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Alicia Rueda’s design is personalized with each bride in mind. The fabrics used are of high-quality making the celebrant comfortable during the occasion.

Alexandra Grecco-Talk of classic and ethereal, the hand-stitched crocheting and embroidery is ultimate for the perfect bride.

Any bride adorning Berta Bridal will turn heads the moment they walk down the aisle. Each stitch is meticulous making dresses the most enviable.

Charlotte Wilden Bride Collection pulls from an array of inspiration and styles including vintage, fairy tale, and bohemian. The collection is appropriate for a daring look.

Before establishing her own fashion house, Lili Hod was employed at Dior one of the famous studios, where she worked with John Galiano. Her exquisite dresses have details of French wedding dress designers. The gowns are a fusion chic, elegance, and timeless.

Another renowned designer Julio Vino has graced a variety of fashion houses with a combination of modern touch and classic style. She combines her decoration from Italy, India, and France.

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The Ukrainian luxury designer of bridal gowns has made dresses, which are becoming popular worldwide with each new girl wanting to adorn her unique designs. The person no one other than Milla Nova who makes each bridal feel royal. Her dresses are nothing short of rich fabrics with Swarovski crystals, lace, gauze, beads, and embroidery.

Another brand with effortless and luxurious gowns is Grace loves Lace in Australia. With marvelously imagined silhouettes and European classes, elegance would be an understatement. Although handmade, the showcase passion and substance on every bride.

Madeline Garner with her brand Morilee cannot miss in this list. They pride themselves of having dresses for the modern bride and an “extra wow factor”. Big or small, this is the place for the appropriate wedding dress.

Looking for a couture designer? You should look no further other than Galia Lahav, who style is described as extravagant, lavish, and luxurious. She offers a variety of styles such as Italian lace, illusion backs, beaded details, intricate lace appliqués, and cascading silk tulle skirts.

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Because of her artistic approach, Berta Bridal founder managed to get fame fast in this highly competitive industry. With an airy and sophisticated design, one cannot ask for more. Most of her dresses have a transparent gauze and lace, with extreme elegance.

Talk of ethereal wedding dresses, Maggie Sotterro will have your needs sorted in a timely fashion.

Why the bride needs a party dress on her big day

When selecting your ideal evening dress, choose a gown that is consistent with your wedding theme and it should be comfortable. Be it a Ghana traditional wedding dress or their counterpart from the West, the dress needs to stand out. It will also be the perfect time to change into something lightweight after hoarding in a gown most of the day. Having a second dress also gives you the opportunity for true showmanship, and you will have no compromises with style.

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In general, traditional wedding dress in Ghana although conservative, they are designed uniquely to provide a sleek appearance. In the African set up, most brides used the white trailing dress, but the former is being replaced. Africans are embracing their indigenous traditional wedding dresses. In Ghana for instance, most brides prefer their bridal team adorning the kente attires as a way of preserving their culture.

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