Veera full story in English

Veera full story in English

For the past decade, Indian movies TV series and soap operas have made overwhelming growth and have created stiff competition for Mexican soap operas; which previously had won every person’s heart and were becoming their cup of tea. Indian soap operas have transformed from being the dull stories to better award winning stories with very interesting and captivating story lines, shot with a lot of professionalism, portraying very good graphics. Over years, these Desi movies have even explored other genres like action and thriller and have been brought out so explicitly. A very good example of a soap opera that will catch your attention is Veera full story whose theme has clearly been portrayed.

Veera full story in English

Being casted for a whole three years, the script writers, directors and producers of veera full story have worked tirelessly to ensure that the story brings out the desired message and meets the standards and expectations of its viewers. The story boasts of having been produced by the great Yash A Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik. The duo is behind the founding of Beyond Dreams Entertainment which is behind epic TV shows such as Sadda Haq, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi which have had the best reviews. This definitely means veera full story in english is no exception. Yash A Patnaik’s wife Mamta is a great script writer in Beyond Dreams Entertainment and has her effort has seen the company bag a couple of awards and eventually earned them a name in the film industry. This has also got them to work with a couple of popular actors, which has in turn made their company grow.

veera last episode written

Having been released way back in October 2012, the soap opera features well established actors and actresses, the likes of Digangana Suryavanshi, Shivin Narang, Farnaz Shetty and Vishal Vashishtha. Digangana Suryavanshi is a popular actress who has featured in a couple of Zee TV series among them Qubool Hai. Shivin Narang is also an established Indianactor who has made it great levels after playing a lead role in Surveen Guggal.

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Veera full story in english

With over 500 episodes, veera full story in english is a twisted story centered on a young boy, who takes care of his young sister. The two are not blood siblings, but the bond between them is so strong that they would take great risks or make big sacrifices just to ensure the other party is happy. The brother, being the eldest of the two, looks at himself as his sister’s mother. The two kids grow older and at one point the brother, who is the elder one, sacrifices his education just to ensure that his sister has the best of life. His sister on the other hand has the task of making sure she does not by any chance fail her brother. When they grow old, the two get married to another set of brother and sister.

veera serial full cast and crew

The story gets more twisted when Veera gets married to Baldev, a young man whom she never liked when she was growing up. Veera is in a shaky relationship. Baldev on the other hand does not seem to want the relationship to work because he turns against her just because of the strong bond and attachment his wife has for her brother. This whole story is clearly depicted in veera full episode.

The episodes of this soap opera revolve around four main characters; Veera, her brother Ranvi, her husband Baldev and his sister Gunjan. Here is a quick review of veera drama full story. The soap opera begins with these two inseparable kids; Bhavesh Balchandani who pulls the role of young Ranvijay(Ranvi) and Harshita Ojha, who plays the role of young Veera. They have a common father though, one Sampooran Singh. Sampooran is the sarpanch of his village, Pritampura. He lives with his wife and son and his uncle Chai Ji. Sampooran cheats on his wife with Amrita. His relationship with Amrita results to the birth of a lovely baby girl. When Ratan, Sapooran’s wife, finds out about what had happened behind her back, she gets bitter and hurls cold words towards Amrita. Out of disgrace and pain, Amrita leaves little baby at the doorstep of Sampooran’s house. Ratan does not acknowledge the little and innocent baby. Out of compassion, Ranvi takes her in and names her Veera, and takes care if her. He calls her his little sister.

veera drama full story

The fact that they two kids are from two different wombs does not stop them from living as brother and sister. Ranvi takes full responsibility of his kid sister. When he grows old, he makes this one big sacrifice of quitting school, just to see to it that his sister succeeds in life. This is how much he loves Veera.

Years later, Veera and Ranvi are old and fit for marriage. Young Ranvi is replaced by Shivin Narang, who plays the role of old and mature Ranvi. Young Veera on the other hand is replaced by Digangana Suryavanshi.

As mentioned earlier, Veera and Ranvi are fit for marriage. The two get married to another set of brother and sister. Veera gets married to one Baldev while Ranvi marries Gunjan. Baldev and Gunjan are Ranvi and Veera’s childhood friends. Apparently, it happens that Veera has never liked Baldev when she was growing up. However, she still has to focus on making her marriage work.

veera last episode written

Baldev and Veera choose to offer free services during the election period in their village. From the look of things, Veera is doing this out of a good heart. However, Baldev on the other hand has ill motives towards her and he is planning his downfall. He is jealous of the kind of relationship she has with her brother. He is afraid that his wife will choose her brother over him. He therefore plans on how he will get her surrender from the elections. This moves makes Veera be the talk of the village and she is depicted as a coward. He makes all these plans just to be the sarpanch of the village.

Since 29th October 2012, the producers of this soap opera have been committed to bring up the 805 veera serial episodes of the same story. Each of the episodes runs for 21 minutes.

Veera serial full cast and crew

veera full star cast

Behind the whole story of the soap opera is a great team that worked so hard to see to it that the whole script was a success. Here is a list of veera full cast and crew. The main protagonists in this soap opera are; Digangana Suryavanshi who stars as Veera Baldev Singh, Shivin Narang as Ranvijay Singh Sampooran, Farnaz Shetty as Gunjan Ranvijay Singh and Vishal Vashishtha who stars as Baldev Balwant Singh.

Other co-protagonists in the soap opera are Sneha Wagh who features as Ratan Sampooran Singh (Ranvi’s mother), Kapil Nirmal as Nihaal Singh, Sudhanshu Pandey as Sampooran Singh, Keerti Nagpure as Geet Singh, Shaghula Ali as Moti Chaiji, Vrudhi Jakra as Deepu Singh, Mayak Gandhi as Dilawar Singh, Vivek Dahiya as Inspector Rajveer Thakur, usha Bachani as Manjeet Singh, Chaitanya Choudhury as professor Rahul, Priyamvada Kant as Simran Kaur, Neelam Panchal as Amrit Kaur, Harsh Vashisht as Kartar Singh, Daya Shankar Pandey as Surjeet Singh, Samkisha Bhatnagar as Gurpreet Kartar Singh, Aastha Chaudhary as Amrita Kaur, Rumi Khan as Bakhtwar Singh, Ankit Bathla as Karen Khanna, Kanika Kotnala as Chanchali Singh, Viahavpreet Kaur as Bansuri Balwant Singh, Yajuvendra Singh as Balwart Singh, Shaizal as Jaggi Singh, Gagan Anand as Billa Singh, Kulbir Baderson as Veera’s Nani, Ankit Shah as Dalbeer Singh, Rohit Bakshi as Reality show host, Nishika as baby Veera, Harshita Orji as young Veera, Bhavesh Balchanndani as young Ranvi Kaur, Kylani Badeka as young Gunjan Balwant Singh, Devish Ahuja as young Baldev Balwant Singh, Jalina Thakur as Pooja Sharma and Shazil Child Dalbir.

veera serial episodes

Apart from the actors and actresses, the other part of the crew that brought veera to a success are the script writers, producers, directors, editors. The executive producers are Soumia Samadhiya and Karnika Saxena. The producers as mentioned earlier are Yash Patnaik, the owner of Beyond Dreams Entertainment and his wife Mamta Patnaik. The script writers of this story are the Paruchuri Brothers, Abburi Ravi who majored in dialogues in the story and Ramesh Varma who is behind the story and screenplay.

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The director of the soap opera is one Narayana Reddy. Thaman S is behind the music in the soap opera. Gautham Raju is behind film editing.Lakshman Chella and Ram Chella are the stunt coordinators. Gowrishankar is the guy behind the cameras.

Veera cast

Basically, veera cast revolves around four people; Digangana Suryavanshi as Veera Baldev Singh, Shivin Narang as Ranvijay Sampooran Singh (Veera’s brother), Vishal Vashishtha as Baldev Balwant Singh (Veera’s husband) and Farnaz Shetty as Gunjan Ranvijay Singh (Ranvi’s wife). These actors and actresses make up veera full star cast.

Veera last episode

On veera last episode, Ranvi gets into a heated argument with Dilawar when he finds out that Dilawar murdered his mother Ratan. The argument results into a fight and Ranvi ends up getting hurt. Luckily, Veera happens to get to the scene on time. She calls out for help and Baldev helps her take her brother to the hospital. She then makes a prayer to the gods to help her brother get well. Ranvi gets better and Veera ties the rakhi bracelet on Ranvi’s hand and performs the aarti ritual.

veera serial episodes

When Ranvi’s wife, Gunjan comes, she also performs the aarti ritual on her husband while her brother Baldev makes Ranvi wear the rakhi bracelet. She breaks down and drops all her doubts about her husband. They focus on making their marriage work and gaining each other’s trust.

Veera later tells them about her pregnancy. The better part of it is that she is going to let Ranvi and Gunjan have the baby. The story ends on such a high note. The two couples and brother and sister are happy and ready to make their marriages work.

Getting updated through veera last episode written copy will not bring out the humor that the story ends with. The events on the last episode are the epitome of this twisted but captivating story and it would be best if you watched it.

veera sampooran return

Veera episode 1

On veera episode 1, the story commences with young Ranvi being framed for stealing from a shop. A dhabba convinces the owner of the shop that Ranvi had stolen something from his shop. However, the owner of the shop knows Ranvi for collecting bottle caps. He also knows that Ranvi’s father is the sarpanch.

He later meets his friend who has a couple of bracelets on his wrists. He asks him to give him one, but his friend is reluctant. He even tries to trade his caps for one, but the young boy is firm on not giving them out. He later meets a series of young girls tying the rakhi on their brother’s wrists. When he gets home, he inquiries from his mother why the girls were doing so. His mother explains to him that that is aarti that the little girls are performing on their brothers and that the bracelets are just not the ordinary kind. He has no sister so he asks his mother to get him one. His mother feels the pain of his son being lonely and wishes he had a sibling.

veera full star cast


Ranvi steps out to a neighbor’s where he asks his friend where babies are gotten from. The friend tells him they are gotten from hospitals. Out of curiosity, the leave for the hospital where they come across happy women nursing their babies. Ranvi enters one of the rooms where he finds this little girl playing on her own. He assumes the baby has been abandoned by someone and he claims her. A few seconds later, the little girl’s parents come from the doctor’s room and carry their baby. Ranvi tries to stop them saying that the baby is his sister. The couple demand that Ranvi’s father punishes his son. However, Ranvi’s dad defends him saying he is a young boy who innocently does not mean whatever it is that he does.

With continued watching, we will find out the impact that were brought about by veera Sampooran return.

Veera Nihal dies

Ranvi finds out about Ratan and Nihaal’s relationship and decides to they should get married. Ratan is okay with being married off to Nihaal. Nihaal works with a business transport. He tries to explain to Baldev why he should always read details before signing documents. Baldev gets arrogant and the two get into a heated argument. Nihaal is not happy about Baldev’s reaction, but he still keeps him as his employee.

veera last episode written

Nihaal however turns down on Rajveer who expects him to transport his contraband in Nihaal’s truck. Rajveer checks the truck and does not find the illegal goods in the truck, he feels disappointed because his plan was to use that as leverage against Baldev and send him to jail. His plan fails. He gets mad. Immediately after this incident, veera Nihaal dies. Could Rajveer be responsible for his death?

The series of events in the soap opera are a must watch. By now you should be making plans on downloading the episodes of this soap opera.

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