4 secret reasons your man could sleep with prostitutes

4 secret reasons your man could sleep with prostitutes

Could there be a reason why any Ghanaian man will opt to sleep with a call girl? Prostitution is a dark business venture in the country. In fact, persons caught in the act are most likely to be arrested by the police and also arraigned before the courts.

Ghana's society is conservative, by that we mean the country's culture always frowns upon intimacy outside of marriage.

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Unfortunately, we always accuse prostitutes of wrecking marriages when indeed the question should rather be about the reason why some men decide to engage in this activity in the first place. These pointers could help us answer the questions.

1. They just need someone to talk to

You will be amazed to find out that most married Ghanaian men engage the services of call girls just so to clear their minds of issues they face at home. Unfortunately, most married Ghanaian men come home to angry and unwelcoming wives who for some reasons, have unsettled issues with them.

Most marriages in Ghana are always burdened with the idea that men should not be women but men; that men should hide their emotions and not cry or complain.

A famous preacher, TD Jakes, sums this all up in one of his sermons. According to him " the reason why some married men pay for the services of these women is not to sleep with them but rather to talk, just to talk".

2. They just want to experiment

Our society has been constructed in a way that men have no choice but to be men no matter how immature they are. This pressure is most felt when a young man - who is also a virgin - gets married and also expected to prove his virility in bed.

With society being highly conservative and parents shying away from teaching their sons about how to make love, you will find most of these men experimenting with such women for a fee. After all, an experiment is all they need.

3. Bruised emotions

Psychologists around the world will tell you that the main reason why married men engage the services of rent girls is that their emotions could be broken by past experiences. Men are emotional beings.

They do not express their emotions but rather shield them from heartbreaks. There is a quote which says "If you break a man's heart, you have broken him". This is exactly the case with most married men who seek the services of these women in the dark life.

4. Being starved at home

Let's face it, most marriages are breaking apart because of one main reason, lack of intimacy. The absence of intimacy in a marriage is enough grounds for partners to seek attention elsewhere. Seeking the services of call girls are mostly the secret and "safe" way by which they could enjoy intimacy and still save their marriages.

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This is not to justify the reason(s) why married men seek the services of call girls. In fact, it has been recorded that this act could ruin marriages especially when both partners are exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STI). Also, the act remains illegal and punishable by jail terms or other sanctions.

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