Ankara styles for teenagers boys 2020: photos

Ankara styles for teenagers boys 2020: photos

The boy child is left right and center bound by the domineering role to preserve the heritage for the future generations. Thanks to our African traditional provisions the boy child is viewed supreme over the girl child and often is given roles to lead. There is nothing to complain here, only that the male child has a lot to do to uphold a reputation for his roots. Ankara styles for teenagers are just one measure to preserve the cultural heritage. Interestingly, this flows seamlessly as the style is indeed popular.

Trending Ankara styles for teenagers boys 2019

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There is a lot that has been westernized thanks to media influence and the education system has contributed immensely to the extinction of some of our practices. No cause to worry though, there are some trade we were involved in that for lack of a better word showed high levels of ignorance; wife inheritance, female gennital mutilation, human sacrifices, scarification are just some of this ill. Westernization has not has a negative impact all through some positive elements are clearly appreciated.

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Regrettably there are some good things we have dropped such as communal sharing and education which is a core thing in the community. Alongside other things we derailed from, we are now back hitting the path so determined to preserve that which defines us. For this piece I chose to focus on the Ankara styles for males. Allow me to briefly explain the Ankara style;

Ankara style

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Ankara refers to a fabric which has African animal, flowers, symbols or line print on them used to make clothing. It is cotton which explains why the Ankara style is prevalent in West Africa. Apparently, the Ankara style originated in West Africa precisely in Nigeria and Ghana, these are cotton growing areas and have the best industries for the same. Their dressing code is actually what can tell apart a person from West Africa and one who is not. Both men – Ankara styles for guys’ collection and women rock this style; you need to walk down the streets of Lagos to attest to this.

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Over time this style has spread all around the world. Today it is not a wonder to see a white person dressed in Ankara outfit. This is just one of those practices we take pride in as Africans to have been the pioneers and still are although it is globally being worn. I have observed an increasing popularity of the Ankara style for male on runway, as a matter of fact even the top ranked international music sensations have been spotted in this wear severally.

The Ankara styles for boys is a never ending circle, beautiful designs keep popping out when we though all styles has been exhausted. Affirmatively, I would say that there is a lot of differentiation and variation in Ankara styles for men today that has ever been before. Future prospects of even better and more spectacular designs leaves us hopeful the more.

The male teenage child just like any other being does not dress for the sake of it. They dress to cover their nakedness by are open to style and fashion as they do so. In fact the Ankara styles for teenagers tell of whom they are and what they want the world to perceive them by. As I have observed with the emergent trends in the male world of fashion revamping their closet with unconventional style. So what determine how a teenager chooses to dress?

Men's African wear in Ghana

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Latest Ankara styles for teenagers

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Teenagers are a very selective group of people who naturally are hard to please. You will agree with me that something doomed fashionable by teenagers is indeed in rogue in all angles of it. They actually scrutinize something to tell whether that is for the older generation or for them. This has made the effort put by professional designers and tailors to go up higher in bid to satisfy this dynamic age set.

For this reason, there are many Ankara styles for guys 2019 that young people are trying out one. They are just amazing, thoughtfully made and in style. Here are the latest and top styles for the teenager man:

Ankara suit designs for guys

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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A suit would be an outright turn off for the male child. I understand there is a stereotype that suits are not fashionable, are for older men, blab la bla. The youth do not fancy suit and an attempt to push this to them will be blocked with ridicule and sarcasm. However, the modern designer knew how best to invade their minds and help they accept it.

Men's African wear for wedding
ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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First, the designer noted the increasing need among teen to be unique, stand out, yet still be up to date with the secular world. The Ankara style for male child then came to being following much investment of time and resources just to make something worthwhile.

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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An Ankara style for teenager boy suit is made of Ankara; the coat and the pants. This is completed with a monotone shirt that complements the Ankara fabric colors. For instance if the Ankara fabric is blue with prints of black, a white shirt would be ideal. Of course, this is a semi official look which goes well with canvas shoes and may be accessories if the coat is to be removed at some point.

Jacket Ankara styles for male child

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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With the understanding that some teenagers could be more liberal minded than other, designers have made Ankara style for baby boy jacket. This jacket is to be matched up with you preferred choice of pants which offers more flexibility to the outfit.

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The jacket comes in different packages; a complete Ankara made jacket, a bold color collared jacket, patched up jackets just to highlight but a few. This similarly, could be done to sweater regardless of whether it is zipped or the pull over kind. They are custom made to have Ankara style for guys incorporated into it. This has the market dominance and the young man can’t hold back from pulling an Ankara jacket of sweater design for teenagers.

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Shirt Ankara styles for teenagers

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Ankara shirt styles are the most prevalent style of Ankara. Shirts vary from those with an official collar and those with a round neckline. Either way these shirt have fine touches of the African print flawless seemed together.

I would like to clear up the air of the ambiguity of Ankara shirt styles for guys. An Ankara shirt should not necessarily be of animal print, flowered or patterned print, an Ankara shirt can be of plain color yet sewn in the African designs.

Beautiful Ankara styles 2020 to wear

Shirt Ankara styles for teenager offer so much diversity, there are those you can pair up with jeans or khaki trouser or a custom made similar pants to go with it. The ceremonial shirt is long in fit but fitting with either short or long arms. A casual look would be from the Ankara fabric made into an outfit. If you are a teenager or a young man these are some of the styles you should be chasing.

Pants Ankara styles for men

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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This is an amazing native style for men of all ages from small boys to teenagers to adults. There are different designs up for grab for your dynamic needs, if you are looking for small patterns, big patterns, flowers, monotone color, all that the industry just got you covered.

However, there are some styles which are increasingly becoming popular, the bright colors. Most men I see walking around in Ankara style for guys pant are brightly colored. This is a new trend with the yellow and orange colors being on the lead. It is clear show of boldness and desire to be referred by who one is and not what the world wants. Shockingly, this trend extends up to the Western countries that have absorbed this style as their own.

Men Ankara styles - The latest 2020 trends

The pants can be worn with a monotone shirt, t-shirt, jacket or sweater. A similar fabric scarves, tie or box tie would do a lot of service to the look. Casual shoes of your preference can be worn. This style can purposefully be used to attend wedding, go out partying or event for school life.

Shorts Ankara style for boys

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Men are not know to show skin, but the modern man is very ready to do that well in moderation not like their girl counterpart do. A short is flirty by all definition but occasionally isn’t bad to go the unconventional way to just do something fun, easy cool that is out of the box. Ankara styles for teenagers are a new game to play.

The underlying fact here we must put in mind is that teenager guys are either high school going or college going. Such environments accommodate the entire craze they may decide to do in this stage and even in their youth. I doubt any sane person can see any wrong considering they once passed through the stage and still not over it or will soon are passing through the same. Teenage is a phase to enjoy, discover and rediscover.

Beautiful Ankara styles for children 2020
ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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I am glad the teens of today are bold enough to state what they want and what they don’t. If shorts Ankara style for male child is the way to go, never think something will come along to block this. They will strive to achieve it even when it means rebellion or conflict. The pictures they desire to paint out there have in parallel measures brought a new evolution of designs. An Ankara short can be worn with a shirt, t-shirt, pull neck or jacket, the shoes should be casual even the native sandal.

Patched Ankara designs for teenagers

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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The youths will never cease to amaze the world with all the weird ideas they perceive and want them conceptualized. The patches Ankara styles for men are just one of the stand alone ground breaking thing that came out beautifully. I think this must have been inspired by the shaggy primitive look that has become trendy. Similarly, the teens want to look westernized yet shaggy and rugged.

Beautiful Ghanaian African wear styles 2020

The designer who first made the patched Ankara outfit first receives the thumb of approval. He or she did a good job and brought a new aspect that an outfit can look good even when made from different fabrics. I just hope the style was not a cover up so some torn cloth.

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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This being one of the latest Ankara style for baby boy, a sweater or jacket for instance is sown in patches of different Ankara fabric. Well of course this is not done haphazardly; it is done skillfully and often makes a certain pattern. Notably, a young man can purchase an outfit then have it patched. If it is a shirt, sweater or jacket a rugged denim pair of skinny jean is paired up. I am sure this is going to be dominant in the industry as I have severally seen women try out on the patches. If say age could take me back to the teenage days, this would be my every day style.

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Accessories Ankara styles for male child

Trending Ankara styles for teenager boy 2019

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I have heard people say that they feel naked without accessories, make up and what not, mostly women are the main culprits. But just as the girl has been nurtured to look good or enhance their beauty, the boy child on the other had should not be left out confused. Everybody is created with elements that want to feel good. Although the boy child most of the time hold back from telling their feelings we all know they are there.

After thoroughly going through the Ankara styles for teenagers, I ask, is there a way the male look can be accessorized? Yes there is in fact many ways to. The Ankara accessories for the male teenager include; ties, bow ties, scarves, shoes, bags, hats, watches and bangles.

  • Ties and bow ties – it is a compliment for a shirt. If a man wears an Ankara pant with a monotone shirt the bow tie or tie can be worn to bring a semi official ceremonial look. If the Ankara ties and bow ties are worn on the conventional plain color official suit, this could bring an Ankara appearance especially if the lapel is of the same Ankara fabric with the tie.
  • Scarves- worn around the neck on top of a shirt. A perfect way to rock the scarves is on the black suit. It breaks the monotony and the serious corporate look. If one is bumping from a formal meeting into an informal event; scarves, belt and shoes made of similar Ankara fabric could go a long way in change the look instantly. Scarves are popular with men of this generation hence an up to date Ankara style for boys.
  • Bag- this yet another trend I find fascinating, a school bag, office bag, ladies bag or college bag made of Ankara fabric. It is not only unique but also brings a wow effect. Thanks to westernization, men of today carry bags as they move around. Would it not be of interest to find one with an Ankara bag?
  • Hat - the head is the central control of the body and so is the man. What of an Ankara hat for the teenagers? I know this a welcome idea so long as the shape and design of the hat is perceived modern. Ankara hats are in the market, however rock it with something that is of similar fabric for instance a belt or wrist band for the Ankara feel to get more pronounced lest one misrepresents themselves; a timely Ankara style for guys 2020.
  • Watches and wrist bands – these are the accessories worn on the arm. Innovation has brought to light some of the creative Ankara made watches, wrist bands including rings. If fashion is something you value, then incorporating these small element speaks volume of the native Ankara style for males.
  • Neck piece – this is probably should have been the first on the list, however, he who come last leave visibly impact than the rest, a good Ankara neck piece either made of African fabric or bead work is a cool compliment. They add some beauty.

The above are some of the Ankara accessories to complete the native look a young man can complete the outfit with. The only caution I would give is to avoid overdoing it. For instance; a confused look would set in if you were to have all these accessories on and Ankara style for teenagers outfit. Moderation is key and simplicity is beauty.

Emergent Ankara style for guys

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Just as I mentioned before, the Ankara style has no limitation to new ideas or concepts. Once such is actualized into precision it becomes a style. There are many Ankara style and many more mushrooming left right and centre. The 2020 emergent Ankara styles for guys are:

Wine red- this is a color men are thrilled by. May be because it is less pronounced yet sexy and brings out unique outfit many take admiration in. the red wine color is a must find Ankara style for guys on runways.

Bright colors – another fascination is in bright colors, men are rock yellow and orange unremorseful and they look nothing but awesome.

African print blocking- this is the unconventional combination of different prints to make an outfit. For instance, the coat could be made of animal print; shirt flowered and pants with line pattern. Many would backslash this but it is awesome and that is when one understands the skills designers have and the uniqueness teens are looking for – Ankara style for guys 2020.

Patches – the patches is yet another show stopping trend, different fabric combined in a single cloth to form a unique pattern as I had mentioned above.

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Primary determinants of Ankara style for boys wears

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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There is a lot we can say about the influencers of style but I will narrow it down to our subjects who are teenage boys in this context. If you are looking for any fashionable man then he must be in the age bracket of between twelve and twenty years. They have fresh ideas, keep up closely with trends, more informed about the secular world with all its dynamics and above all they are ready and willing to test waters even on deep ends.

Having that in mind and the knowledge that the clothes store has diverse styles for you, it is wise to now find out what would make a teenager pick on a certain Ankara style for male child and leave the other:

Influence from the media – Ankara styles for guys 2020

Media has multi faceted influence on how people live their lives. This sometimes happens consciously and in other cases subconsciously; we only get ourselves already change not through coercion but manipulation. The mainstream media; television and radio instill unto us ideas that we desire to conceptualize or consume. This is worse when we can both hear and see.

I would like to give a real and classic example about the power media has on us. Your must have watched the Coca-Cola advert; the crew are all of black race with all costumes Africa originated compete with shaggy coarse hair. This is a commercial for an international company. What is the reception, blacks can also be cool and the repercussion is that even the dressing code they are in is fashionable. This has greatly popularized Ankara styles for teenagers.

Social media is yet a subsidiary of the latter and a powerful tool for that matter. The reactions and commentary shapes what is cool among the youths. Ankara styles for boys are flirty and as would be expected a photo portraying the same would cause online jam. However, social media can work in two ways, building or destroying a product.


These are some of the things we passionately do during our leisure time. Hobbies include swimming, walking, cycling, making friends, reading among many others. Ideally, a hobby takes one to the world of adventure and may spur up some unique inspirations.

For instance a young man who enjoys sightseeing may be inspired by nature such that whenever they are there an inherent excitement is triggered. Such a person in grooming may be looking up for something nature inspired especially with the fabric. This therefore means the kind of Ankara styles for guys that can get his attention is only that which is natural or has some touch or feel of nature.

Friends influence choice of Ankara style for guys

ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for male, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Those of whom we interact with daily have a central position in our lives. This is because by association we tend to grow alike in likes and dislikes. What you never did before you meet them, you are probably doing it now with the friends around. Friend shapes us into who we later become and it is therefore necessary to choose your friends wisely.

It even gets more complex with the male child; friends are on one side and value the other. Reaching at a consensus or matching the two without being carried away is a hard nut to crack. Remember ego issues with the male creature still exist and they do not want to be belittled or pinned down.

When it comes to the choice of Ankara styles for guys, more than likely, a teenage boy will go for what is cool or prestigious as per the click he keeps. Group shopping has the effect of being spendthrift but it can also be good in identifying quality and dents in an outfit. Comprehensively, I would say friend with a great margin affect the choice of grooming for their peers.

Environment – Ankara style for male child

All factors surrounding a teenager may have an impact on their dressing style. This could be the social environments or the physical. Ideally what affects choice are the situational factors in the environment. Who are they shopping with is one of the situational factors, is a conservative or liberal minded person? Do they have tasteful sense of fashion? Are they welcome to new ideas? How to they dress? Do you admire their dressing code? If all these questions are answered positively then this is a person you have high regards for you will obviously bow down to their tastes, preferences and opinions.

Another situational factor would be the purpose or use of the outfit. Are you buying it for ceremonial functions are just a normal day wearing? Because if it is a ceremonial wear let us say for weddings, then the decent Ankara style for men would be Ankara suits, pants or jackets. However, if its purpose is to have a semi official or casual look, the Ankara style for teenagers’ shorts, fancy shirts and flirty suspender trouser can serve the purpose.

The above are some of the determinant is the Ankara for men choice among teenagers. But what are the different variations of the Ankara designs one can choose from. There are many designs to choose from the designers have factored in the varied tastes of people and got you all covered, below are some of the best, unique, unconventional styles from Ankara.

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