How to download and fill GES promotion forms 2018

How to download and fill GES promotion forms 2018

Although it has its downsides, technology has opened up so many possibilities no one ever imagined possible. For instance, you can now easily access the GES promotion forms, online. Tis does not only save time, it also saves money. Have a look.

How to download and fill GES promotion forms 2018

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GES promotion forms download

  • To download GES promotion application forms, you should first visit their official website where you will get the necessary information.
  • To proceed, click on the highlighted button to buy the eVoucher card and fill all the information required in the provided sections appropriately and confirm your mode of payment using your cell phone.
  • Next, the GES promotions login page is provided where you need to key in your staff ID and eVoucher card that has been sent to your mobile phone.
  • To access your promotion status, click on the highlighted submit button.

A person in need of the GES promotion letters 2018 and would like to purchase it from their online profile should visit the GES promotion portal and pay through mobile wallet.

  • On the provided page, you are required to choose your mobile network to get the necessary information on GES promotion forms 2018.
  • The next step is to enter the mobile number without necessary keying in the area code which is +233
  • After putting in the correct phone number, type in the full and exact name of the mobile wallet account holder.
  • Click on the submit button to complete the registration.

For more information about the GES promotion application forms, you can contact them on their customer care number 0260-94371.

How to download and fill GES promotion forms 2018

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Ghana is vast, and not everyone has access to the Internet to download GES promotion forms. For these individuals, there is a simple process below:

  • On your MTN mobile money registered phone, dial *170#
  • For pay bill, punch in number 2 and then send.
  • Choose general payment to ensure you get information about ges promotions in a timely fashion and save yourself any inconveniences.
  • For the general payment method, enter 6.
  • Enter the code “promotion” under the payment option
  • Enter 5 cedis in the place of due amount.

The next step requires you to put in the adequate reference. Typing in your name is safe as you can remember it quickly, then press send. It is paramount to get the right information so that they can send you the ges promotion letters 2018.

  • Put in your MM pin
  • Use the transacting ID as the pin, and the phone number in the transaction area as your serial number.

Alternatively, if this procedure is not your cup of tea, you may download GES promotion forms and send it using the most effective courier services.

How to download and fill GES promotion forms 2018

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Although people who cannot get access to can use their mobile phones to get all information, the GES promotion portal is the best since the process is simple. Additionally, feedback is prompt helping one prepare for what is required of them. It is advisable to GES promotion forms 2018 via the online platform for a seamless experience.

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