Passion and Power telenovela full story

Passion and Power telenovela full story

I bet probably that most of the people are well familiar with Telenovela television series drama, or in more simple terms, people especially the fanatics of such TV series will tell you that they understand it better as Spanish soap opera. In most cases, if not all, the Telenovelas’ television series is generally associated with the Latin Americas countries or other countries that use Latin as their national language. Passion and power or “Pasion y Ponder,” just like any other soap opera, was a buzz in the entertainment scene not only in Ghana but the world at large, and the lovers of such television programs will attest to this outstanding and phenomenal Telenovela.

Passion and power Telenovela full story
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Passion and Power Telenovela is a drama that is centered on family rivalries which extended to the corporate world. The family drama and competition as we were made to understand, was something that could be traced way back when two moguls in the corporate world fell in love with the same woman. Consequently, as fate would have decided it, not every person in those two families got what they wanted which only fueled the animosity between the two families. Arturo Montenegro and Eladio Gomez Luna were the two arch nemesis that fought for the love of the beautiful and vivacious Julia Vallado. What is worth noting in this remarkable soap opera, is that even with the other character in the cast, everyone is trying to fight and find their rightful space with matters relating to true love.

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Passion and Power telenovela overview

In summary, passion and power full story has significant twists and turns that make it thought-provoking to watch it repetitively. All the episodes from the beginning to the end have a surprise package that will make you glued to watching how each twist unveils. Of course, there are many episodes and chapters that were interesting, like Erick Montenegro going to jail when Franco the illegitimate son of Eladio Gomez Luna realized that he does not have the authority to run the company, which makes him erratic and promises to revenge. And the moment when Franco decides to tell Julia how everyone was lying to her including his dad who has been conspiring with Arturo to bring Eladio Gomez Luna down.

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You will realize that the passion and power Telenovela final episode, uncovers many things as the series near to its end. Every character is finally finding his space to express their sincere love on the road to reconciliation. It is in these final chapters that David proposes to marry Regina, Nina comes to terms with the death of her beloved daughter and finds the forgiving heart which makes her mend her relationship with Miguel and finally accepting David to date her only daughter.

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What intrigues many people in the passion and power final episode is the fact that after Arturo Montenegro and Eladio Gomez Luna have buried the hatchet, Franco attacks Julia with a gun and when Arturo tries to save her, he gets shot in the abdomen by Franco and bleeds to death. Though Franco is arrested and sentenced to jail to pay for his crimes, but what stands out is the death of Arturo Montenegro which most people did not anticipate.

The final moments of the Telenovela passion and power is characterized with regrets, sadness, accomplishments, love and happiness. But majoring on the happiness endeavors like Gabriela and Agustin ending up as couples, David and Regina are handed the keys to the family business, and Julia goes to San Francisco in the united states of America to find her peace of mind. Surprisingly even toward the last chapter Eladio Gomez Luna surprises Julia in San Francisco beach where he proposes to her we can only imagine that they lived happily ever after.

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Passion and Power telenovela cast

The cast of the Telenovela passion and power is extensive, but our concentration will revolve around the main characters highlighted below.

Passion and power Telenovela cast
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Fernando Colunga

Well known in the play as Eladio Gomez Luna. His personality is characterized by a lot of viciousness in as much as he also handsome. The man is successful and a powerful force in the business world. At the same time, Eladio has a wife named Julia whom she adores and loved since they were young, but despite that fact, the abrasive attitude and nature of his husband has made it difficult for Julia to retaliate the same love and affection she receives from Eladio. The Gomez Luna family has one legitimate child named David. Franco is also his son whom he sired from a clandestine relationship with Caridad, but he continually keeps denying.

Jorge Salinas

Played Arturo Montenegro in the passion and power cast. Arturo is an enigmatic, well-mannered and a kind-hearted man who also happens to be a successful entrepreneur in the business circle. He has a fine-looking and elegant wife named Nina in which they have three children, Erick, Regina, and Daniela. Additionally, Arturo happens to be also the father of Miguel, a son born out of wedlock from their affair with Susana. It is this infidelity with Miguel’s mother that has kept Arturo tormented for the last 20 years for losing Julia who was his fiancé and the love of his life.

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Arturo is not a happy person in his marriage of two decades with Nina, and he still harbors the hope and possibility that one day they will reconcile with Julia and rekindle the love they once shared. And for this to happen he has to try hard and outdo his arch-rival Eladio from the business world and for the attention and affection of Julia.

Arturo Montenegro is also faced with family problems like teaching his children to responsible and avoid the same path he took. Her second born daughter Daniella is a spoilt brat and very irresponsible, Erick, his firstborn son, is jealous of his stepbrother Miguel and he continued looking for approvals from his father as the rightful heir of the company. Regina, on the other hand, has fallen in love with David who is the son of his rival Eladio.

Susana Gonzalez

Also known as Julia in the passion and power Telenovela, comes out as an exceptionally gorgeous and charming character in the play. She was once deep in love with Arturo Montenegro who was to be his future husband. But due to Arturo’s unfaithfulness, she broke-up the relationship with a broken heart. Due to her frustrations, she ended up marrying Eladio Gomez Luna, a person whom he did not love, but still, she hoped for the best in growing their relationship with Eladio.

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Even though Julia Vallado accepts being in a marital affair with Gomez Luna, there is no single day that she has had peace and contentment in her marriage. His husband is an aggressive and chauvinist being with her, demands total commitment and devotion from her that he even raped her in their wedding night to probably bend her to his will. But the two seem not to cope up with each other since Julia has not yet gotten over her ex-fiancé.

The only things that still ties her down to the unhappy marriage with Eladio are his adorable son David whom she has to fight for being his father has continually cast doubts if he is his son or Arturo’s. The other issues are despite her love to Arturo, and she has to prove to him that she is not like him and that cheating is not an option for her even if she does not love Eladio.

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Marlene Favela

Also portrayed as Ernestina “Nina” Perez de Montenegro. She is a dazzling woman and the wife of Arturo Montenegro and mother to her three children, Erick, Daniella, and Regina. Despite her beautiful nature, she is ambitious and spiteful in some way. It is clear that she despises Miguel, his stepson whom he only sees as a threat to Erick ascension as the head of the family business. Nina knows that Arturo still has feelings and affection to Julia this is despite the fact that she has tried to win Arturo’s heart for the past two and a half decades of their married life.

Nina even goes to great lengths in colluding with Gomez Luna to frustrate the plans of Julia Vallado and Arturo Montenegro in getting back together. Though in the passion and power Telenovela final episode, Nina is viewed as a reformed mother especially after the death of her beloved daughter Daniella and she also loves his stepson Miguel.

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Michelle Renaud

Also known as Regina in the “pasion y poder” Telenovela. She is depicted as young gorgeous and a career lady. She is the daddy’s jewel in the house, and she and his father seem to have a better understanding of one other to the extent that Erick and Daniella are jealous of the attention their dad gives to her. Regina is a professional lady in architecture as it is evident she won a contest as an architect in Queretaro Mexico. In Querétaro is where her love life begins, after meeting this handsome young man called David who also happened to win the same architect contest. Working in the same vicinity catapults their emotions and one thing led to the other leading to their love affair.

Though on the onset of their affair, the relationship hits a snag and their love seems unbearable hopeless. This is because their families are not on good terms and don’t endorse the relationship and it is affecting them dearly. They even call it off at some point, but towards the conclusion of the passion and power final episode, Regina and David reconcile and both parents of the rival families accept and endorses their relationship.

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Jose Pablo Minor

Also known as David Gomez Luna in the passion and power Telenovela episodes. David is depicted as handsome, selfless, kind-hearted and determined. David is the only son of Eladio Gomez Luna and Julia Vallado. He is not in good terms with his dad for one his father’s suspicions that he might not be his legitimate son, in which a paternity test is usually done which confirms genuinely he has the blood of a Gomez Luna. Secondly, David faults his father typically for mistreating his mother and making her unhappy at all the times. Lastly, he is in love with the daughter of Arturo Montenegro who is adversaries with his father, Eladio Gomez. His father takes it as betrayal from his son the moment he learns that his son is in love with Regina.

Also, David is a young man determined to achieve his dreams as an architect and make his way even without his father’s support. In his quest to forging his path, is where he meets Regina the love of his life in Querétaro Mexico while on studies. Before meeting Regina, David was in a relationship with Daniella, Regina’s old sister whom they broke-up with after it emerged that Daniella was using David to settle a score in the family rivalry. But despite all the family and power disputes between the Gomez Luna family and the Montenegro family, David still pushes on and fight for their love and Regina.

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Irina Baeva

Also known as Daniella Montenegro. She is the second born daughter of Arturo and Nina Montenegro. Daniella is portrayed as a spoilt little girl by her mother. She is regarded as irresponsible, and that’s why the father seems to depend more on Regina even in the family business. Although she is the favorite daughter of the mum, she is still envious of Regina and her accomplishments.

Nevertheless, her death usually come as a shock to the fanatics of Telenovela passion and power full is something that was not anticipated but all in all, it brought certain twits in the play that even made the soap opera exciting and captivating.

Daniella was the opposite of Regina about their behaviors, and she is depicted as reckless, extravagant and egocentric. Though her death to a toll to the family, and we maybe not in a position to question what the writer had in mind but perhaps that’s how the passion and powerful story was to roll out to the audience and viewers.

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Alejandro Nones

Also known as Erick Montenegro. He is the firstborn son of Arturo Montenegro and Nina. He is depicted as temperamental and aggressive too, and this is because of the denied attention he is continuously looking for his father as the perfect son. He is married to Consuelo but he is not faithful to her and consistently treats her poorly and with no respect.

Miguel as the stepbrother is very empathic to her especially after he learns she is pregnant with Erick's baby. Miguel provides a leaning shoulder to Consuelo in which they end up falling in love with each other. Towards the last passion and power final episode, Miguel and Consuelo are a lovely couple with Ericks born son. They even visit Erick in prison with the baby. But Erick is a frustrated figure and sees himself as not a good role model to his son.


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