Road to Destiny Telenovela full story

Road to Destiny Telenovela full story

Road to Destiny Telenovela full story will have you glued to your TV sets. Road to Destiny; a Mexican Telenovela that Nathanlie Lartilleux produced for Televisa is based on the Gardener’s Daughter that TV Azteca produced in 2003. In the Road to Destiny Telenovela full story, main stars are Horacio featured as Carlos and Paulina Goto starring as Luisa Fernanda. The plans of producer Nathalie Lartilleux for the new Telenovela were first disclosed in 2015 and have some elements of the original Telenovela. In fact, its casting started in October 2015 when Paulina Goto auditioned for the key Luisa Fernanda role.

Road to Destiny Telenovela full story

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Just before production took off on the program, Goto went through violin lessons in preparation for the lead responsibility in of the story. As a result, Paulina Goto performed Road to Destiny Telenovela theme song that becomes one of the lead factors into the film.

Road to Destiny synopsis

Liusa Fernanda; a pretty student aged 18 has two passions of gardening and mastering violin. She got the gardening skill from Pedro her father who was the former grounds-man of well off Altamirano family’s estate. However, an encounter with destiny interferes with her well-being after she is involved in a car accident where she gets injured. The accident as seen in Road to Destiny synopsis is caused by her biological father Luis; a playboy attorney. The production took place in Villa Victoria; a suburb of Mexico City while the additional scenes are shot at Televisa San Angel and Mexico City. The cased also filmed many other scenes in February 2016 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Amelia sleeps with the man she loves, Luis where she gets pregnant. Luis is an ambitious young student but he leaves her to get married to a wealthy banker called Merissa. Upset by this incidence, her father Don Francisco chases her out of his house but the responsibility is immediately taken up by Pedro the family gardener. Hence, Amelia moves in with Pedro who works diligently to provide for her and her girl-child Luisa Fernanda whom he also considers his own. The girl is careful to appreciate the efforts of her step-father though Amelia is gets tired of being poor and starts criticizing Pedro for his poverty.

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A strong bond is established between Luisa Fernanda and Pedro as honesty, generosity, and tenderness of the gardener are featured in the child. She also stands out because of her extraordinary passion for music that she skillfully expresses with her violin. While about to complete her high school studies, Luisa fails to get graduation trip and a friend advises her to lie for the money she needs by taking advantage of the accident she is involved in. She actually wins the lawsuit but ends up being hated by her opponent who is her biological father Luis. To mark the climax of Road to Destiny Telenovela, Luis ignores their kinship and decided to make her life from then on impossible.

Luisa Fernanda also meets Carlos the doctor during the incident who examines her and she falls in love with him. The doctor falls for her too; thus, he decides to part ways with his girlfriend, Isabela who becomes an obstacle for that moment’s happiness. When Amelia starts working in a bank owned by Merissa, her grief for being replaced becomes stronger that she decides to reveal to her daughter that Pedro is not her biological father. When the news breaks out, Pedro acts indifferent to it and falls into depression. However, he draws closer to Merissa after a while and she sees him as a loving and generous man. Luisa has to struggle to reclaim her place, rejoice with Carlos, and work hard to become the country’s best violinists.

Road to Destiny Telenovela full cast

Road to Destiny Telenovela full cast taking lead roles are Luisa Fernanda, Pedro, Marissa, Luis, Amelia, and Carlos.

Road to Destiny Telenovela full story

Source: Media Guide Group

Here is a detailed explanation each one’s roles:

Luisa Fernanda

Liusa Fernanda was raised up by her mother Amelia and her stepfather Pedro in a modest home. She is the most featured among Road to Destiny actresses. Pedro supported and encouraged her to love flowers. Though she does not have any formal training, Luisa masterly plays violin and she has a dream to train on the instrument properly and become the lead violinist.

Liusa and Carlos fall in love and she pursues her happiness near him as she faces various obstacles. A big shock for her life occurs when she discovers that Pedro is not her biological father. The actress who took up and perfectly fit into Liusa Fernanda, called Pualina Goto, also contributed to Road to Destiny Telenovela song.


Pedro has served as a gardener since his childhood and is a modest, openhearted and kind man. He meets Amelia; the daughter of Altamirano mansion owner and falls in love with her that he becomes responsible for her daughter, yet he is not her real father. This makes him happy as he loves the young girl and is proud of her. On the other hand, Amelia constantly despises him making him become distressed. Fortunately, he comes to learn how to overcome it with the assistance of his new boss Marissa. The roles of Pedro in the Telenovela are taken up by Jorge Aravena.


Marissa is a generous millionaire who is good-looking and smart but her life is altered when she becomes a widow. She becomes insecure after marrying a young man called Luis as she is afraid that he may leave her. She ignores the advice of her son Carlos that she should leave him because he is not a good man. She employs Pedro to be her mansion’s gardener and a good friendship develops between them and eventually growing into a model relationship. Marissa is played by Eugenia Cauduro.


Acted in the road to destiny episodes by Rene Strickler, Luis has fierce ambition that turns him into a bad man. He abhors his humble background and this is the reason he does everything possible to get out of poverty. Hence, he decides to marry Merissa because of her money and this makes her to leave Amelia who is pregnant with his child. He is an abusive and self-serving person and a big opportunist. When he comes across Luisa Fernanda, he immediately becomes contemptuous to her and makes her life challenging without caring that she is his daughter. In this way, he tries to hinder her passion for violin and nurturing her talent.


Amelia as played by actress Lisette Morelos grew up as a spoilt child with the desire to have it all. She was a dreamer and a happy girl initially until she gets into an intimate relationship with Luis and becomes pregnant when she was 18 years old. This makes his father to chase her out of his house and because Luis has despised her, she decides to move in with Pedro.

To achieve the theme of Road to Destiny Telenovela, Amelia is repulsive to her reality where she hates working and being the wife of a gardener. She also blames and hates her daughter Luisa Fernanda for being the cause of all her suffering. She hurts Pedro every time she can with her embitterment and when she is turned down again by Luis, the consequences fall heavily on her daughter.


Carlos is a gifted doctor in the Road to Destiny Telenovela and the role is played by Horacio Pancheri. His father passed on and he disagrees with Luis the new husband of her mother because he thinks that he only wants to take advantage of her wealth. He abandons Isabela his girlfriend when he meets with Luisa Fernanda whom he falls in love with. Things fails to go well to Carlos; Horacio Pancheri according to Road to Destiny actors real names. Nevertheless, his integrity makes him to always do what is good, and he believes that love and family needs to be protected at all cost.

Road to Destiny Telenovela final episode

In the final episode of the Road to Destiny Telenovela, Luis apparently gave instructions to the helicopter pilot on which direction to take. He realizes as the helicopter starts descending that it was not his desired destination. He panics, screams and yells but the pilot ignores it all. He is too powerless that he cannot change his destiny landing instead in his ancient stomping grounds; the prison exercise yard.

Road to Destiny Telenovela final episode reaches the climax when Luis faces a gun pulled on him only to find out that he is arrested. He lifts up his hands and begs his captors to hide this from the baby. He is commanded to take out his gun and Al Pacino Medina who was at the co-pilot’s seat welcomes him back to the penitentiary. Addressing Medina in the episode, Luis says that the end has not come.

The episodes featuring in Road to Destiny Telenovela full story are at the top of Telenovelas shown in Ghana due to its clear representation of elements of culture in the country. These include traditions and customs, gastronomy, music, and dress codes that serve as the means to establish and reinforce national identities. Like in the Telenovela, morality is the epitome as Road to Destiny Telenovela cast proves themselves as the channels of positive change to lovers. There are some key items that the cast did right and saving Amelia’s love relationship with Pedro is one of them. It is fascinating to watch Isabela move from her passion with Carlos to get a new love as the gorgeous doctor finds someone else too.


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