Purple Kente dresses designs 2020: photos

Purple Kente dresses designs 2020: photos

When it comes to fashion, Africa always stands out in designing unique and exquisite dresses, which of course are made from our very own fabrics. The designs blend in seamlessly in any occasion be it formal or informal. Anyway, other than quality and pattern, color also speaks volume about the designs and the event where they are deemed fit. That is why it's no surprise that the purple kente dresses have always been circulating around in many ceremonial events such as weddings in our country.

purple Kente dresses designs


Kente Dresses

Designers have come up with various attractive designs to quench the thirst of Kente lovers throughout the continent. Purple color, in particular, has emerged to be a darling for many over the years. It brings out a magnificent beauty in the dresses, yet so descent without really sparkling out demanding for attention. There are some unique designs this year that you will definitely love.

African polished cotton dresses for ladies

Purple/Orange Kente pant set

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


For fashion lovers with unique tastes, trying out kente pants will be just right for you. The distinctive purple and orange alternating colors form a very nice ensemble that is actually unique. Though it may be a simple pattern of box squares, it reveals class and a touch of casual wear. It has two side pockets on the top as well as the pants. It also comes with a head a scarf to complement the look.

Purple/Gold Kente short skirt

Similarly, bold and local, this loosely fitting short skirt makes a statement. It's designed with stripes and squares in shades of black, brown, yellow, and orange. Ideally, you need to wear it with an elastic waistband that fits comfortably and a matching tie for an adorable look.

kente fabric purple blue print


Multi-colored Dress

purple kente


This multi-colored dress with a flash of purple, blue, pink, maroon and yellow is yet another revelation of how various colors can be matched together to create something beautiful. The purple color is mainly focused on the chest side of the dress while green is spread in the lower region.

Trendy African dressing styles

Purple/Orange print dress

When we talk about elegance and perfection, this dress speaks it all. It’s a beautiful purple kente cloth blended with orange. It is designed creatively without any straps save for a purple band well-tailored to wrap around the arms. Having a simple matching purse will be just enough for your look. However, there would be nothing wrong in wearing sparkling jewelry to rest conspicuously around the neck region.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple and yellow print dress

This is yet another well-tailored design that may be very appropriate in a casual or semi-casual kind of an event. The combination of two different patterns on the lower and upper part of the dress is really a work of art. It makes the dress even more adorable. This is not to mention the off-shoulder strap that makes her look even more feminine.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple and gold print dress

Purple kente cloth fabric can bring out an amazing design if blended in the right manner. This dress clearly did not disappoint. With a combination of red and green in creating a zig-zag pattern and triangular shaped boxes, the golden color stands out. The purple color is well utilized on the one hand ruffled strap for ultimate beauty to the dress. With the right accessory and natural makeup display, you will definitely have the desired look.

African print jumpsuit styles
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Multi-colored Print

In as much as it may be a multi-colored print, the purple color balances the pattern to bring out an impeccable look. The long skirt designed so elegantly to sweep the floor makes it an ideal choice for wedding events or any other magnificent and royalty type of ceremony. The slit itself is also professionally cut from the bottom way up to slightly above the knees for utmost comfort while leaving else for imagination.

The combination of patterns is also something that cannot be overlooked. The two sets of the pattern are well intertwined to bring out the beauty and elegance needed in wearing this outfit. Generally, the zigzag kind of pattern that is conspicuous on the skirt is locally referred to as ‘Nkiyinkyim’ or otherwise called ‘aban’ by weavers to mean a fence wall. The block rectangle pattern at the lower section of the skirt and blouse is very common among kente fabric simply to remind people that Akan society is matrilineal. It’s mostly associated with femininity and is a symbol of earth and cosmos.

Matching African print styles for couples to try in 2019
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple-Blue print

Kente fabric purple blue print in most cases is intended for a feminine look, although designers can also professionally play around with the two colors to create something for the male gender. Whichever way, this beautiful top and the very long blouse is an attest to it. Taking into account that blue usually represents peace, love, and harmony while purple is regarded as feminine, well combining the two, we can as well say its intended for a loving wife, daughter or even mother.

Just like the multi-colored print, this outfit also has some other colors to add flavor and combination of different patterns to break the monotony. The skirt, for instance, has a striking diamond pattern at the center and probably at the back as well, with zigzag along the sides.

The diamond shapes also have some significance in Akan society, and they mainly depict union between masculinity and feminine principles to create a third principle. It basically means the unification of a father and mother to produce an offspring. Anyway, it may be well detailed in a cultural set-up, but designers have managed to make it casual and picturesque.

African print skirts styles

You may also notice the off-shoulder strap that gives plenty of room for any outstanding accessory to be worn around the neck region. It's a very simple and decent outfit yet still marvelous and classy. It's ideal for a get-together family reunion event or alternatively best for meeting your in-laws.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


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Multiple color print

Still, on classy and elegance, this multi-colored print with patches of purple, blue, green, red and white is meant for the kind of ladies who want to walk the talk. It's a daring print that easily ruins the design of a dress if left in the hands of an amateur or ill-trained stylist. Nevertheless, this designer never went wrong as every detail is well incorporated into the dress.

The long stretchy mermaid skirt brings out the contours and a definite feminine look. It’s meant for lean and tall ladies who have a ‘figure 8’ or an hourglass kind of shape. The flare around the waist region on the blouse also matches the mermaid theme and makes the dress simply superb. Yes, of course, the off-shoulder strap also gives enough room for any kind of jewelry to stand out. But then again, since a multi-colored print, you need to be very careful on the color of accessory you would want to complement it with.

Best African prints styles for attending a graduation
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple and Gold print

Purple and gold kente cloth is meant to reveal a theme of feminine look with a touch of royalty. It’s one print that speaks volume about status and perfection, as it be can clearly be portrayed by this outfit. It may have a very long skirt that goes all the way down to the floor, but the slit, on the other hand, goes all the way up to an appropriate size. This gives enough space for leg movement and better still a chance to show off your beautiful legs.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Similar to other dresses, there is also a combination of different patterns blending in seamlessly with one another. For instance, the pattern located at the lowest end of the skirt is called ‘Akondwa' with reference to a stool. Not only is it significant in our traditional society but represents a seat of an entirely human institution.

African dresses with lace top

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Basically, this dress is meant for royalty class and so can be worn in a royal traditional ceremony like wedding event for either the prince or princess. Having a lean body and tall height to match up with the long slit will definitely demand all the attention in the room. That is why it also requires confidence and typically being bold.

Purple and red prints

This is yet another purple kente fabric well mingled with red, yellow and green color for a remarkable print. Well, many think using only one pattern makes a dress dull and monotonous. This outfit has proven everyone wrong. It is highly concentrated in one pattern save for a little region at the bottom of the skirt and blouse.

Just like the other dresses, it’s an outstanding wear with a slit right at the front part of the skirt, starting all the way from bottom part up to the knee section. With a significant part of the outfit having only one pattern, the mixing of bright colors makes this outfit very much conspicuous. The off-shoulder layout also allows for an accessory, but regardless of that, the unique design using a bottom tail makes this dress magnificent. It can be worn in any special event.

Beautiful designs of the latest African wear 2020
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple-orange short dress

This short, beautiful dress demands attention at all costs. Other than just being short-by slightly covering the knees, it has well designed off-shoulder straps that wrap correctly around the arms as well as a precisely cut cleavage that reveals a little bit of skin for the lingering eyes and curious minds. It's made to be well fitting to the body so as to shine a spotlight on the curves and body contours that our African ladies are blessed to have. It can blend perfectly with both short and tall ladies as long as it’s made to fit just right.

The combination of colors and patterns is obviously splendid, and that is why it’s no harm to wear it during a special outdoor event or even graduation ceremony. In case you may want to through in some accessories, ensure it’s not too bulky and long to steam down to the cleavage-but just the right length.

African wear styles: Trending in 2020 (photos)
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Kente Evening Gown

This marvelous evening dress, with a flawless long mermaid long skirt and a nice top, is just enough to make you stand out and still manage to look decent and local, in any special evening event. Even though its mixed with high-quality thick Duchess Satin, it’s still an African wear with one hundred percent kente print.

Aside from the long purple dress-that would probably steal all the attention, the two-layered strapless top is simple yet well styled. It can surely boost your confidence amidst any crowd.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Purple and Orange print mini-skirt

Abena's kente miniskirt also steals the show. It has an incredible pattern with flashy orange, blue and purple colors. It is made of great material and perfectly lined which helps in avoiding creases when sitting down. It's good for casual out and about on weekends-especially during sunny days, and also blends in with any plain top. Therefore, if you are searching for a good casual outfit, then this skirt definitely should be in your wardrobe. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to consult your stylist on the appropriate size, for a decent yet well-fitting skirt of such a kind.

Top trending dresses styles for Ghanaian fashionistas
15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019

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Soft Kente fabric

To wrap up the list of beautiful dresses worn by gorgeous ladies is kente fabric, this last one is perfect and ideal for warm weather. This piece of cloth can be used for any fashion project that you may have in mind.

15 best purple Kente dresses designs 2019


Kente dresses are always in demand, in our country and beyond. The fabric itself part of our African heritage and it will be a lie if we are feeling anything less than pride. Designers have also not fallen short of delivering the best styles on a yearly basis through meticulously playing around with colors and patterns. Many of the designs are usually alterations of the previous versions or a new style altogether.

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Colors mean a lot in kente dresses, even though the most popular one is gold to represent royalty and monetary wealth, there are also other various splendid colors with deeper meanings. For instance, blue symbolizes peace, togetherness, love, and harmony. Purple kente, on the other hand, is regarded as feminine and value of women, and hence mainly worn by women and girls. Yellow and Golden colors more or less mean the same as pink also represents feminine. A flash of green color also never seems to miss in the patterns as it represents vegetation as well as spiritual growth and renewal.

With this in mind, finding the best Kente dress style for you should be easy. Always remember to find a dress style which complements your body well to bring out all your curves and beauty.

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