How to check WAEC results?

How to check WAEC results?

The release of the West African Examination Council results has caused a lot of jitters from the candidates. We have arranged a step by step procedure to check WAEC results for candidate’s both online and through SMS. It is important to note that the write-up of how to check WAEC results have been certified by WAEC. We also have dug deeper to help you understand the different dynamics that mane the process easy. We answer some of the trivial questions that have been raised by candidates such as can you check WAEC results Ghana without a scratch card?

How to check WAEC BECE results online


WAEC result checker 2017-2018

If you are a candidate, no need to go elsewhere since we have all the answers to your troubles about how to check your WAEC results 2018. In case you have access to the internet, we have listed the steps on how to check WAEC results online. The service is also accessible to candidates through the SMS option. We look at the two methods of WAEC result checker 2018. First it is important to note both of the methods of how to check WASSCE results in Ghana require pins and there is a total need for a scratch card.

How to check WAEC results without the scratch card

The first step on how to check WASSCE results in Ghana is through a scratch card. It is a plastic card with a scratch path on the reverse side that hides a PIN required to access the WAEC service. It can be purchased at the National Office of WAEC and any of its branches spread across Ghana. It is also available through the different banking institutions spread across the country. You can also check the results up to a maximum of five times with the use of the scratch card.

The only way you can log in to check WAEC results online without a scratch card is if you had earlier logged into the website and had your results sent to you via your email address. Upon completion of this process, you can visit the website again to print or check the results without necessarily purchasing a scratch card. This is a trick used by candidates who are required to present printed copies of the results during admission or clearance from their former schools.

How to check WAEC results 2018


What is the purpose of the scratch card in WAEC result 2018?

The card has a special pin that allows you to control the personal information and gain access to the Result Checking Portal. It also protects your results which have been stored in the WAEC database. It is also a source of revenue to the Government. It is impossible for a candidate to check the WAEC result 2017/2018 without a scratch card. The card used in the previous year can also be used next year provided you use one scratch card to check one result.

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Before checking the WAEC result you will be required to give information about:

  • The type of exam candidate sat for; either SSEC, GCE or any other.
  • The examination number. All candidates were offered unique numbers in order to distinguish them from one another.
  • The year of examination candidate sat for.
  • Serial number at the back of the scratch card.

How to check WAEC BECE results online

The WAEC result checkup can be accessed online by candidates with the official WAEC website to check WAEC results( )after purchasing a scratch card bearing the PIN and the serial number. This is a more convenient way to check WAEC BECE results online when you have access to an internet connection.

How to check WAEC results 2018

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Use your internet browser to log into the WAEC website. You will be automatically directed to the official page of the WAEC website. Look through the menu potion and search for results and under the option click the ‘results checker.’ A result checker form will automatically open.

You will be required to fill the field with the examination information. Enter the index number you used during the examination. To check WAEC GCE results, click the GCE under type of examination. Since you are looking for the WAEC results, click on the WAEC under the type of examination. Select the year of the examination. The examination number is usually 10 figures with seven figures standing for the center number and the last three digits for the candidate’s number. You can click on submit and wait for the results to show up in the next window.

Site to check WAEC results

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WAEC result checker 2018 using phone

The phone is the most convenience means to check the results especially if you lack the internet connection. Do not make the mistake of sending an SMS with the option of ‘results.’ First you must purchase a scratch card that contains your PIN and personal information such as the examination number and year. Using the PIN from the card, you will send an SMS to short number 32327. An example of the text layout should look like this: *123456789012*2018#. There should be no spaces in the text message.

Candidates can also have their results delivered to an email address of their choosing. To have your results forwarded to your email address, all you have to do is select the send to email options on the WAECdirect homepage. You can also choose the option where your results are read out to you by calling into one of the Regional Interactive Voice Response Systems. The same method applies for how to check junior WAEC results.

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