Trending Iro and Buba styles 2018

Trending Iro and Buba styles 2018

The Nigerians creative designers have now modernized the traditional Iro and Buba styles. The styles in this article are awesome and they will give that expensive, classy, and young looking feeling of oneself. The designers sewn the awesome styles with fabrics that looks amazing like the old good Ankara fabric, aso-oke, lace, chiffon, silk, and the adire dye and tie fabric. Read on for latest Buba styles.

5 Awesome Iro And Buba Styles That You'll Fall In Love With

Source: Pinterest

Every Nigerian woman should at least rock with the modernized Buda styles to show that there are proud of the unique pieces. Some of the modernized way of wrapping the Buba is the tulip Iro style and Oleku Buba style. Here is the Buda Styles for Ladies.

1. Iro and Buba Tulip style

The Nigerians young stars are now embracing the Iro and Buda Tulip style. This is because it is too beautiful and is a multi-occasion wear. The Nigerian ladies with it look expensive and presentable as well. The Nigerians designers have fair price, create a new look with the unique wear. If your too lazy or occupied with no extra time for that, the Nigerians boutique are available for you with a complete set of all sizes of the modern Tulip style.

5 Awesome Iro And Buba Styles That You'll Fall In Love With

Source: Pinterest

2. Awesome Iro and Buba Lace styles

Over the years, the Iro and Buda Styles with laces were mostly worn by the Nigerian women to attend occasions like weddings. This tells that the laces style were so beautiful just as they are embraced up to date. You need to rock with a piece of the Buba lace style. They are multi-occasions giving you a more presentable look. Create a piece and look as beautiful and awesome like the lady in the image below. She looks adorable with a well-tied Gele Right?

3. Awesome Yoruba Buba styles

Yoruba culture is known for embracing the Iro and Buba style. There creativity with the wrapping styles have continued to owe the other women. If you want to prove this, attend their wedding ceremony and get inspired with the lovely Buba and Sokoto styles for ladies. The image below is a beautiful Yoruba lady looking awesome with a dignity look. You should also get one and rock with this modern Iro and Buba Yoruba style.

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4. Iro and Buda Oleku style

Are you a Nigerian geek in love with awesome modern fashion? Well, this is an Oleku Buda Style. The image with a lady with the Buba Oleku style look awesome. Right? Don’t be left out and rock with others by creating a piece too. Always go for an expensive, classic, presentable, and trendy look with the Buba style (Oleku).

5 Awesome Iro And Buba Styles That You'll Fall In Love With

Source: Pinterest

5. Iro and Buba trending style

Who said that the Iro and Buba are wears for our old women? Well, here is the most beautiful Iro and Buba style rocking now among the Nigerian ladies.

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The ladies have created pieces with different designs and this should inspire you to create you piece too. Combine it with classic accessories for a more modernized and classic look.


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