WAEC grading system in Ghana

WAEC grading system in Ghana

Are all candidates prepared for the forth-coming West Africa Examination Council (WAEC)? This article finds it useful to share with the Ghanaian candidates the WAEC new grading System. It is important for any candidate to be aware of the WAEC grading system to get inspirations to work harder to make their Country Ghana proud as well as themselves and their families by aiming for the best grades.

WAEC Ghana grading system

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WAEC new grading system

Keep in mind as you are preparing for the WAEC exam that if you don’t attain a mean mark of 50% in every subject, you won’t be accepted in your dream institution. Here is the new WAEC grading system. Take it seriously and have goals of points to achieve in each subject.

WAEC Ghana grading system BECE

Work your best to attain the best grade in your main exams. Here is how the WAEC interprets your grade according to your score in your different subjects.

A1 is excellent.

B2 very good, B3 good,

C4, C5, and C6 credit because the candidate performed fairy.

D7 and D8 is a pass

F9 is a fail

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WAEC Ghana grading system BECE

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WAEC Ghana WASSCE Grading System

Do you still want to be accepted in your choice of tertiary institution? Well, below is the University of Ghana WASSCE grading system.

  • A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means Excellent
  • B3 is B (Very Good)
  • C4 is C, C5 and C6 is a good grade.
  • D, D7 is a credit.
  • E8 means it is a Pass.
  • F9 is F that means it is a Fail.

WAEC grading SSCE grading system

Here are the WAEC Grading System for BECE with their percentage scores.

A1 is an Excellent grade - All the candidates can make to attain the Excellent grade that is between 75% – 100%. Work extra harder and be positive that you will make it.

B2 (Very good) - The grade is between 70% – 74%. A candidate will only attain the grade if they focus on getting an A1 grade and a slight mark led them to the B2 grade. You can make it believe in yourself and work hard.

B3 (Good) - The grade is between a score of 65%- 69%. I)t is a fair grade for those who range themselves to getting an excellent grade in all their subjects.

WAEC Ghana grading system for BECE

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C4 (Credit) - C4 is between 60% – 64%. If you are an average student, know you can make it to this score at least in every subject. Focus on a higher score than this though it can’t deny you a chance to your dream school.

C5 (Credit) - This grade is for subjects under a score of 55% – 59% and it is an average score

C6 (Credit) - 50% – 54% score is for an average score. Make sure no subjects are below this grade to be safe.

D7 (Pass) - 45% – 49% is a delicate score especially for languages and mathematics. Work extra harder to avoid it.

E8 (Pass)- 40% – 45% is below average score that no candidate should dream of it. Work harder for the best.

F9 (Fail ) - If you attain a score between 0% – 44%, you will end up getting very low marks that will not be pleasing to you. Study hard to avoid this score in any of your subjects.

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