Best of Daddy Lumba songs every Ghanaian should listen to

Best of Daddy Lumba songs every Ghanaian should listen to

Charles Kwadwo Fosuh popular known by his stage name Daddy Lumba is a favorite to many people especially in Ghana. His songs has put him on the limelight and whenever his songs play, most Ghanaian are entertained to the maximum without any doubt. We have compiled a list of 7 Daddy Lumba songs that every Ghanaian should listen to.

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This highlife genre legend, Daddy lumba, has been named the greatest musician to have emerged in ghana according to list compiled by the entertainment journalist Austin woode.

Daddy Lumba biography facts

Many expected him to become a teacher just as his parents, but Daddy Lumba had a passion of singing from a tender age of 16 years. Daddy Lumba mother is known as Comfort Ama Saah and his father Owoahene Kwadjo Fosu snr.

After completion of school in 1985, Daddy Lumba was joined by 2 talented singers Theresa and Yaw to form the Lumba brothers. He travelled to German and met Nana Acheampong who introduced Lumba to highlife genre.

Without Daddy Lumba old music in 1980s, there were no highlife scene. Daddy Lumba songs career on the limelight embarked after his song ‘yereye/ Akwantuo.’ He made a collaboration with Nana Acheampong; they were referred to as Lumba Brothers. The producer of the song was Daddy Lumba Wife akosua Serwa. The song rocked and they entered into the world of fame and great success.

7 Daddy Lumba Songs Every Ghanaian Should Listen To

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Daddy Lumba best songs for every Ghanaian

Most of the Ghana songs by Daddy Lumba are amazing. Right? Many people have high expectations to get entertained by Daddy Lumba 2018 songs. This because the artist entertained Ghanaians last year, 2017 was truly his year. Below is a list of his songs.

1. Daddy Lumba - Osoro Nkye Me Ne

This is among Daddy Lumba Gospel Songs released in 2017 Daddy Lumba ‘Enko Den’ album. He started off with gospel songs into his music career in Ghana and now he is still rocking the Christians again. Listen to the song that is so inspiring to every Ghanaian who believes on a Supreme God. It is a fact that Daddy Lumba music has great vocals, with perfect lyrics, and ‘Osoro Nkye’ is not excluded. This is because it has great everything; meaning you should not hesitate to upload and add it to your new playlist.

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2. Daddy Lumba - Mepe W’asem

This song take the listeners into a journey because of its great lyrics, and vocals of the talented 53-year-old Lumba. It even made most Ghanaians to crown Daddy Lumba albums as the best. This because you can’t help it, but listen to his clear voice and the interesting bit is that it played in almost all the Ghana radios and television stations. You need to be part of the entertained listeners. Downloading and listening to it is a way of appreciating the great singer and giving him morale to continue growing the Ghana music industry.

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3. Daddy Lumba - Medofo

This music should be listened by all Ghanaians because it has a good inspiring lyric for them. It has many viewers and downloads for the great Daddy Lumba vocals. Ghanaians who are in love with music have the song on their lips. Some even call it Daddy Lumba latest; that just tells that his songs trend year by year and his talent amaze people.

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4. Daddy Lumba - Ebi Se Eye Aduro

If you are a Ghanaian and you have not listened to this Classic highlife, your are completely left out. The great lyrics, vocals, and flow, take the listeners to an emotion journey. Why don’t you update your favorite songs list with this particular song and you will absolutely fall in love it; the soothing voice of Daddy Lumba will make your efforts of downloading it worthy.

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5. Daddy Lumba - Theresa

The Twi speakers in Ghana are not left out from the talented artist music. Many of them have placed it among the new song in Ghana since it was released. This is because when the song plays many of the Ghanaian have it on their lips. Daddy Lumba dedicated this song to his ex-girlfriend Theresa Abebresa who there had a strong bond in his early life.

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Theresa rested on February 27th 2017 after an illness at the age of 53 years. Daddy Lumba could not miss out and therefore he attended her funeral. Both shared memorable moments including Theresa supporting Daddy Lumba financially when he was to go to Germany. It was a sad moment for the talented artist and may Theresa’s soul rest in eternal peace.

6. Daddy Lumba - Jane

This song has the best everything. The emotional song is capable of entertaining any Ghanaian out there for transporting into a journey of love and romance. Well, only the music lovers will understand and this is a major reason why you should also listen to it. among the Daddy Lumba songs list, ‘Jane’ was a song with a soothing song best if you dedicate to your lover to make them feel special and appreciated.

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7. Daddy Lumba - Ankwanoma

The Ghanaians who have listened to this song; am sure you can end a day without it. ‘Ankwanoma’ is that made a huge hit and played almost every in Ghana. It grew popularity in a very short period and still trendy this year, 2018. The Ghana music is all you want to get entertained and appreciate the talented artist.

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