Best Manchester United players 2018

Best Manchester United players 2018

Manchester United players are all consistent and selecting the best of the best players is the toughest thing. The top 10 Manchester United players of all time in this article have so far performed well in their current positions. If your favorite player has not be disputed in this article nomination, you can kindly nominate him at the comment section. This is because the professional club have quite a number of fans and everybody must have their own opinion. Read on our submissions from the best defenders, midfielders, forward, to the goalkeeper.

Best Manchester United players 2018

1. David De Gea

David de Gea is a Spaniard professional footballer who can’t miss out among the best players in Manchester United. He is an incredible goalkeeper; in fact, he should be regarded as the best in the world. This means he is the best united ever. He has superb tactics that no opponent has ever mastered. The good thing is that even if the opponent passes all the other players, the talented David De Gea is always there to act as the savior to the attempt.

The valuable player performance attracted the Manchester United F.C on 2011 and he joined at a transfer fee of approximately £18.9 million. Manchester United will definitely have chaos without the influential keeper. Right? Let us have a look at his statistics so far.

The 27 year old with an amazing height of 192cm has played 354 matches within the 8 seasons. Her are the 2017/2018 statistics.

Matches – 50, minutes played – 4520

Matches in first squad – 47

Sub’s off – 4 , sub’s in – 1

Passes – 1071

Passes Completed – 58%

The rest is zero basically because he is a goalkeeper like the number of goals. David de Gea statistics does not only show his perfect performance, but his high level of discipline too. His presence in the club must be very appreciated.

2. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a 25-year-old French professional footballer popular for being a strong defender for the Manchester United F.C. He is very talented in that the professional club broke the world record by signing him in at a transfer fee of about €105 million.

In spite of Pogba injuries after the champion league as well as the four league games, he is still ranked among the best Manchester United players ever. This is because his presence in the club is required. Paul Pogba has an amazing playing style in that he can pick up the ball even in a deep-lying position. He has also proved that he is a great attacker.

So far Pogba has played 4 season for the club and scored a total of 14 goals 5 of them he scored in the club. The 25 year old with a height of 191cm statistics for the 2017/2018 season are below.

Matches – 41

Goals – 5 , assists – 11

Minutes played – 3964

Matches in first squad – 34

Paul Sub’s off – 10, sub’s in – 6

Yellow cards- 5, red cards- 1

Pogba has had 66 shots ,18 shots on goals , 44 fouls on player , 56 fouls committed and 1714 passes. He therefore has completed passes at 85%.

3. Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Alejandro Sanchez is a Spaniard talented and a professional footballer among the best Manchester United players at all time. The valuable footballer who plays as a forward discovered his talent at a youth age of 17 years and he has had great success with loads of trophies. You can imagine that he once played for Arsenal F.C and later joined the rivals Manchester United when he discovered that he lacked inspiration from that club. Alexis has nice playing positions making him the among best goal scorer for the club.

The 29-year-old Spaniard weights 70 kg with a height of 169 cm. So far he has played 45 matches , scored 12 goals , made 8 assists ,84 shots , 33 shots on goals , earned 6 yellow cards but no red card.He has also committed 36 fouls on player and a total of 79 faults .Alexis has so far played for 4998 minutes.

Other statistics are as follows;

Penalties – 1

Matches in first squad – 39

Alexis Sub’s off – 15 , sub’s in – 4

Passes – 1397

Passes completed – 73%

4. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku is a Belgium footballer who deserves the title ‘best striker’ for the Manchester United. When Romelu was under 23, the influential striker appeared at the top 5 scorers list of scoring 100 goals in a competition and 50 premier league goals. His success has made many professional clubs not to hesitate to sign him like Lierse, Anderlecht, Chelsie F.C, and finally he is playing for the Manchester United.

The multi-award footballer is among the best Manchester United soccer players for being consistent and being perfect in his playing position. it is only last year that he participated in 7 league games as well as 2 champion league games and scored in almost all the matches; in fact, he failed to score in only 1 game. This greatly tells that his presence is taking the club into higher levels.

What most love about him is the way Lukaku occupies opponent’ defenders both mentally and physically, which allows his colleagues to occupy that space and run into. The 24 year old with a height of 190 cm has played a total of 57 matches and scored 30 goals. Below are his 2017/2018 statistics so far that just tell that he is an amazing footballer for the club. He has so far played 57 matches , scored 32 goals , played for 5229 minutes , earned 4 yellow cards and no red card.Also he has made 111 shots, 56 shots on goal , committed 22 fouls and 38 fouls on player.

Assists – 9

Matches in first squad – 48

Sub’s off – 7 , sub’s in – 8

Passes – 889

Passes completed – 69%

5. Nemanja Matic

Nemanja Matic is a Serbian talented as well as a professional footballer ranked among the best players to play for Manchester United. This is because he plays in an amazing combative style making him a strong defensive midfielder for the team. He has successfully played with different professional clubs like Chelsie and finally his signed to play for Manchester United.

The 29 year old footballer has continued to show perfectness in his position by applying loads of intelligence, incisive, as well as progressive. His nice performance at all time can never go unsung because his presence at this football club has greatly shown a huge impact.

The Serbian with 194 cm height has played 48, 4564 minutes matches and managed to score 2 goals getting only 6 yellow cards. Here is the talented footballer this current season statistics.

Assists – 2

Matches in first squad – 45

Sub’s off – 5, sub’s in – 3

Shots – 20, shots on goals – 4

Fouls on player – 37, fouls committed – 25

Passes – 2880

Passes completed – 88%

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6. Eric Bailly

Eric Bertrand Bailly is a French footballer who is capable of taking two positions, which are the Manchester F.C central defender and the right-back player. The talented footballer joined the club 2 years ago in 2016.

The 24 year old to get spotted among the Man UTD best players this season might be a bit fierce to some, but the hero has performed well in that he needs recognition. Eric has applied loads of energy, consistency, he must be a good asset and a fine reader to Mourinho’s United.

Let us have a look at the statistics of Eric Bailly with a height of 188 cm and see what the Ivory Coast footballer is up to so far. Eric has played a total of 76 matches and managed to score only one goal. Below are the current season statistics.

Matches – 31

Goals – 1

Minutes played – 2264’

Matches in first squad – 19

Sub’s off – 2 , sub’s in – 7

Yellow cards- 3

Shots – 3

Fouls on player – 12 , fouls committed – 11

Passes – 544

Passes completed – 87%

7. Anthony Martial

Anthony Joran Martial is a French footballer and strong his position of forward for the professional football club, Manchester United. in 2015, his effort and talent was rewarded with a ‘Golden Boy Award’ for being among the best in Europe under 21 years. He signed in with the Manchester United at transfer fee of about £36 million in 2015, which possible made a rise to £57.6 million.

Anthony Martial is among the world history paid teenager making him have a successful journey in his career. The valuable professional footballer is ranked among the Manchester United Players past and present for being an influential in his position of forward and being regular in almost all champions league.

Most say that they fall for his nice games and this might be the major reason why Mourinho regular puts him at the team. The 22 year old with a height of 181cm has played a total of 156 matches in 3 seasons and managed to have a high score of 37 goals; that is perfect. Well, read on Anthony this current season statistics and him being top ranked will be unquestioned.

Matches – 55, Minutes played – 5469’

Goals – 12, penalties – 2 , assists – 8

Matches in first squad – 27

Sub’s off – 20 , sub’s in – 23

Yellow cards- 1

Shots – 56 ,shots on goals – 24

Fouls on player – 20, fouls committed – 32

Passes – 815

Passes completed – 81%

8. Antonio Valencia

Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera is a Spaniard footballer who is capable of playing right-winger and right-back. The talented Manchester United player signed with the club in 2009. He is among the ranked Manchester United players list for this season for his amazing slow starts in most of the matches and ending in a better form.

If you have been following the club’s matches last year, we are sure you noted the way Antonio goal against the Everton greatly boosted his morale and confidence. He made us recognize his efforts and so far, he gives a promising chaos for the club.

The 32 year old valuable footballer with a height of 181 cm has played a total of 367 matches in the last 10 seasons and managed to score a total of 28 goals for the club. His statistics for this season are promising and you must take a look at a them.

Matches – 42 , goals – 3, assists – 1

Matches in first squad – 39

Sub’s off – 8 , sub’s in – 2

Yellow cards- 9, red cards- 1

Shots – 17 , shots on goals – 4

Fouls on player – 20 , fouls committed – 45

Passes – 1653

Passes completed – 85%

9. Juan Mata

Juan Manuel Mata Garcia is a Spaniard who is a strong central attacker midfielder among the top Manchester United players to win ballon d’or. The talented Spaniard has played for quite a number of professional clubs like Chelsie and he was lastly sold to Manchester Club at a transfer fee of about £37.1 million. Juan Mata has an amazing playing style making the team have nice game and many fall for the way he allow his other attacker colleagues to flourish.

The multi award winner is 29 years with a great height of 170 cm. He has played a total of 233 matches in the 5 seasons and managed to give the professional club 44 goals. The current statistics for his performance in this current season below are pleasing and it is a major reason why we ranked him among the best.

Matches – 53, Minutes played – 5485’

Matches in first squad – 33

Goals – 4

Assists – 6

Sub’s off – 28 , sub’s in – 8

Yellow cards- 1

Shots – 30 , shots on goals – 11

Fouls on player – 19 , fouls committed – 20

Passes – 1324

Passes completed – 87%

10. Marcus Rashford

Best Manchester United Players list cannot be complete without Marcus Rashford a 20-year-old English talented and professional footballer who plays as a forward. He commenced his journey with his career at a tender of age of 7. He is popular for being a top scorer and ranked as the youngest to score in international match in 2016.

Marcus has played a total of 142 matches within the 3 seasons he joined the club and made a score of 34 goals. Take a look at the champion’s statistics for this season.

Matches – 57

Goals – 15 , assists – 7

Matches in first squad – 29

Sub’s off – 20 , sub’s in – 26

Yellow cards- 6

Shots – 74 , shots on goals – 25

Fouls on player – 23 , fouls committed – 23

Passes – 639

Passes completed – 76%

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