Top Chelsea players 2018

Top Chelsea players 2018

Chelsea Players are heroes that make the professional football club to give nice games at all time. The ‘blues’ best players deserves recognition for making the club have quite a number of fans and that is the major reason why this article decided to recognize the Chelsea top 10 players from the midfielder to the defenders. Read on find out the instrumental top players for the blues.

Chelsea top 10 players


1. Eden Hazard

The Belgium footballer deserves the title ‘best player’ this year. Right? This is because the attacking midfielder remains the blues influential attacker. Many fall for his speed and his amazing creativity with loads of technical ability. He is among the greatest Chelsea players at all time for his fabulous playing style that has gained him a nickname of ‘superb passer’ from coaches, his fans, his colleagues, as well as his commenters.

The good thing is that Conte is recognizing the efforts of Eden in that he was noted relying on him when other players have been unavailable. This is the reason why him playing in a total of 3 different positions goes unquestioned. If you are amongst his many fans, we are sure you have seen him playing as false 9 in quite a number of occasions.

This season, the 27-year-old footballer with a height of 173 cm has scored a total of 17 goals. 16 of these goals he scored in the club, which are capital one, champions league, FA Cup, and finally the premier league. The other 1 goal he scored in friendlies, which is a national team.

Eden Hazard has played a total of 5532 minutes so far with 8 assists and the noted 37 times playing in first line. The talented footballer efforts needs to be recognized and it is a nice feeling to know that he will continue to perform better in the other coming seasons. This is because the overage shots of Eden per game is 0.35 goals in the club competition.

So far he has quite a number of shots which are 86 in total 44 being shots on goals. That is incredible giving him an 83% passes completed. Here is Eden Hazard 2017/2018 overall statistics at the league.

  • Matches-47
  • Goals – 17, penalties -3
  • Matches in first squad – 38
  • Sub’s off – 21 sub's in – 8
  • Yellow Cards – 3
  • Fouls on player – 15, fouls committed – 89
  • Passes 1430
  • Completed passes – 83%

Hazard Statistics proves that he is the blues valuable player. Let us all continue supporting to him because he owns the success of the Chelsea Football Club.

2. N’golo Kante’

N’golo Kante the French footballer proves to be a valuable player and it remains a fact that the blues can’t cope without his presence. If you are a good fan of watching the Chelsea Football Club nice games, we are sure you can recall when Kante’ had a lay-off injury last year on October, Tiemoue Bakayoko could not cope with his role. Right? This is a good reason why he is ranked among the best Chelsea players ever and losing him will cause chaos for the football club.

The 27 years old footballer from France is 169 cm tall and a great talented defensive midfielder. He has amazing play styles that allows his team colleagues to forward the ball as he always make efforts to attack the greatest weak spots in the other opponent’s defense. Apart from his role in the football team, let us take a look at his statistics so far.

N’golo Kante has played a total of 92 matches for the blues and managed to score 3 goals. Although he scored no goals in the national team, he managed to score 1 goal in the club. Here are the talented's footballer well analyzed 2017/2018 statistics.

  • Matches-47, Matches in first squad – 46
  • Assists -2
  • Minutes 5032'
  • Kante sub’s off – 10, sub in – 1
  • Yellow Cards – 4
  • Shots – 27, shots on goals – 5
  • Fouls on player – 42 , fouls committed – 13
  • Passes 2137
  • Completed passes – 90%

3. Cesar Azpilicueta

Cesar Azpilicueta is a Spanish professional and talented footballer ranked among the Chelsea greatest players list. This season Cesar efforts and nice games are making him take the mantle of the most reliable blue’s player making Conte to comfortably rely on him whenever he plays him.

This season he has turned out in a total of 48 games in that he has lined up for the club in 46 times so far. The interesting bit about this strong defender is that he is growing his amazing leadership skills whenever the club’s captain Gary Cahill is absence. This means that he is trying his very best to grow his talent to another level in the near future. Yes, this season has not been a vintage for Azpilicueta, but he is the most valuable and influential player for the blues.

The 28 year old footballer is 178cm tall he has played a total of 312 matches in that he made a fantastic score of 9 goals for the club since he signed in. He may not be the best defender for the club, but its time for him to also gain recognition and appreciation for his great efforts. Let us take a look at his statistics so far for this season to make you realize his contribution at the club including his discipline.

  • Matches- 52 , Matches in first squad – 49
  • Goals – 3, assists -6
  • Minutes - 4782'
  • Cesar Azpilicueta sub’s off – 3, Sub in – 1
  • Yellow Cards – 1
  • Shots – 13, shots on goals – 4
  • Fouls on player – 27, fouls committed – 14
  • Passes – 2847
  • Completed Passes – 87%

4. Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Borja Morata Martin is a Spanish footballer who is among the best players for Chelsea F.C. The talented striker joined the Chelsea F.C last year at a transfer fee of approximately £60 million. Alvaro Morata made the Chelsea fans to relax as we were truly worried about this season without the former talented Chelsea player Diego Costa. This makes him a great savior for the club. Right? Let us take a look at his statistics so that we can range his great performance that will make Chelsea to go a long way.

The 25-year-old footballer with an amazing height of 189cm has played a total of 47 matches in the last 2 seasons and made a score of 14 goals. It is a great score with 16 goals at this current season in which 2 goals he scored at the national team and the 14 goals he scored in the club. Here is his overall statistics for this season.

  • Assists -6
  • Minutes played - 5509'
  • Matches in first squad – 32
  • Álvaro Morata sub’s off – 20, sub in – 51
  • Yellow cards – 11, Red cards – 1
  • Shots – 97, shots on goals – 41
  • Fouls on player – 49, fouls committed – 49
  • Passes – 632
  • Completed Passes – 73%

5. Willian Borges

Willian Borges da Silva is a Brazilian professional and talented footballer who can’t miss out at the list of Chelsea best players in spite of this current season not being too vintage for him. This is because Conte changed his role together with that of Pedro weakening their position. The change of system has not be a perfect tactic for the 29 year old football, but even Conte himself knows that he will perfect it sooner.

The fact is that it is very difficult for any footballer to be able to cope with a role that they are not used to. Right? What most fall for is the way Willian Borges tackles their opponent defender in an amazing manner. His playing styles are just awesome and the hero deserves to gain recognition because he is the best. It is a fact that without Willian, the football club will not cope.

The talented Chelsea F.C player, has a height of 174cm. Willian has played a total of 247 matches for the club since he signed with it and managed to score 44 goals. Yes, he did not score for the national team, but he scored a total of 14 goals in the club. Below are 2017/2018 statistics for Willian.

  • Matches- 55, matches in first squad – 35
  • Penalties -1, assists -9
  • Minutes - 5531'
  • Willian sub off – 15, sub in – 18
  • Yellow Cards – 3
  • Shots – 66, shots on goals – 30
  • Fouls on player – 16, fouls committed – 43
  • Passes – 1063
  • Completed Passes – 79%

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6. Marcos Alonso

Marcos Alonso is a Spanish talented, perfected, and professional footballer whose success in his career made him to be sign in by Chelsea F.C at an approximate transfer fee of £24 million in 2 years ago, 2016. The 27-year-old footballer is among the ranked Chelsea greatest players list for his essential role that he plays at the wingback. Most of his fans love him for his perfect defense attack, which is all that is required from a wingback role player.

The Spaniard footballer for the blues has an amazing height of 187cm and he has played 86 matches for the club with a total of 14 scored goals. Here is 2017/2018 Marcos overall statistics so far.

  • Matches- 48, matches in first squad – 45
  • Goals – 8, assists -4
  • Minutes - 4758'
  • Sub off – 9, sub in – 1
  • Yellow Cards – 7, red Cards – 0
  • Shots – 70, shots on goals – 24
  • Fouls on player – 38, fouls committed – 33
  • Passes – 1448
  • Completed Passes –80%

7. Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill is a great English footballer best known for his good playing styles as a defender. The 32-year-old footballer is the current captain for the blues. His success is wide commencing from 2000 to 2012 where Chelsea F.C signed him in for a transfer fee of about £7 million for his talent and professionalism in his career.

In spite of many people especially Conte having a second thought for giving him the captain position for letting in Luiz back even after letting the club down with his discipline, Cahill is among the Chelsea best players this season; he contributed to Chelsea winning Madrid and the Atletico. Gary statistics this season so far will also make you to be able to analyze him.

Gary Cahill has a great height of 193 cm and the 32-year-old footballer has played 331 matches and managed to score 27 goals in total. Here is the 2017/2018 Gary’s statistics

  • Matches- 53 , matches in first squad – 37
  • Minutes - 3986'
  • Marcos sub off – 4, sub in – 5
  • Yellow Cards – 3, red Cards – 1
  • Shots – 13, shots on goals – 2
  • Fouls on player – 22, fouls committed – 20
  • Passes – 1369
  • Completed Passes –89%

8. Francesc Fabregas

Francesc Fabregas Soler is a Spaniard professional footballer who is a midfielder ranked among the best Chelsea strikers at all time. This is because his tactics as the midfielder are great and we don’t think that they is any other Chelsea player can indulge them. This means he is unreplacable making Conte enjoy working with him.

The 30-year-old footballer with a height of 175cm has played a total of 194 matches scoring 22 goals for the 4 seasons that he has played for the club. Let us have a look at his 2017/2018 statistics so far that has made him get ranked as the Chelsea players.

  • Matches- 50 , Matches in first squad – 37
  • Goals – 2, penalties -1, Assists -8
  • Minutes - 5039'
  • Sub’s off – 15, sub’s in – 9
  • Yellow Cards – 7, red Cards – 1
  • Shots – 39, shots on goals – 12
  • Fouls on player – 27, fouls committed – 24
  • Passes – 2422
  • Completed Passes –83%

9. David Luiz

David Luiz Moreira Marinho is a Brazilian who plays as a defensive midfielder and ranked among the best Chelsea players at all time. The multi-award winner joined Chelsea at first in 2011, transferred and later returned in 2016 at a transfer deal of about £30 million.

The fact remains that David Luiz would be at a higher ranked position this season, but the many red cards he has had against Arsenal are dragging him down.

In spite of all that, the 30-year-old Brazilian with his height of 189cm is still the at top players list. Luiz has played 225 matches for the club with 15 goals in total. Here are his 2017/2018 statistics so far.

  • Matches- 27, minutes played - 1977'
  • Luiz in first squad – 18,
  • Sub off – 3, sub in – 2
  • Yellow Cards – 6 , red Cards – 1
  • Shots – 15, shots on goals – 5
  • Fouls on player – 18, fouls committed – 18
  • Passes – 681
  • Completed Passes –87%

10. Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois a 25-year-old Belgian professional footballer is among the greatest Chelsea players ever for his efforts to always keep the club’s opponents out. Being a goalkeeper requires unique styles that will not be mastered by the opponents and this is the major reason why he is always advised to change his style because it might be dated.

The talented footballer has played a total of 171 matches in 4 seasons. Here is Thibaut Courtois 2017/2018 statistics.

  • Matches – 47, minutes Played – 4262’
  • Matches in first squad – 46
  • Sub’s off 0 2
  • Yellow cards – 1
  • Fouls on players- 2 ,fouls committed – 3
  • Passes – 1063
  • Passes complete – 71%

The rest is 0 (zero) from goals scored, red cards, assists, to shots.

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