Pappy Kojo dressing style, fashion, and looks

Pappy Kojo dressing style, fashion, and looks

Pappy Kojo has risen to be one of the most treasured artists in Ghana. Together with his partner rapper Joey B, the two have made a headline in Ghana with their latest single ‘Realer No.’ Pappy Kojo and Joey B style of rapping have gained much attention because of they both rap in their local language,’Fante’. This aspect has made both Pappy Kojo, and Joey B epically build their brand.Both these rappers have also stood out because of their style. Pappy Kojo dressing has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Pappy Kojo dressing style, fashion, and looks

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Kojo fashion is not the typical fashion you would expect a celebrity to have. Pappy Kojo’s fashion is characterized by faded jeans and tattered fabrics. This type of fashion has gained popularity in Ghana among the youth. You can almost say they are following Kanye West with his Yeezy fashion line which is mainly full of clothing that is tattered. These clothes can make a person easily look homeless. But, anyway it is fashion.

Dressing style - faded tattered jeans

Faded jeans and tattered clothes are very common with the tertiary students and also students who are also in high school. Joey B and Pappy Kojo fashion have made this style more popular in the country, and now many youngsters are copying it. The style is not exclusive to the male youngster; it is also widespread with ladies. Ladies will be the faded, tattered jeans, paired with a decent or a not so decent top. This kind of dressing is catching on fast.

There is a new generation of a youngster who prefers to wear tattered clothes as a fashion statement. You will even wonder if the clothes we made for anyone to wear them. There are those who will also wear tattered t-shirt and shirts too. There is the group which prefers to wear the tattered clothes low-key meaning they are not tattered all the way. They will wear the slightly tattered jeans. This is the most common way these faded, tattered jeans are worn by both males and females. The less tattered jeans are ripped maybe two to three times at the knee and also at the thighs.

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Where to Spot This Trend?

Want to see this style in full? Visit the favourite Accra mall. There you will see youngsters wearing all these types of jeans; you will even wonder who even sits down and design them. At the mall, you will see many of them, mostly boys wearing the tattered jeans. It is safe to say that the new style is more common in boys than it is in girls. Although few of them (females) also rock these jeans. By the number of youngsters who are rocking these types of trousers, it is safe to say that this style might be here to stay.

Most people are of the idea that this is a fashion wave that has hit Ghana and just like any other fashion style in the country, it's just a passing wave. However, the style is also typical in another part of the world including the UK and the US. The style is all over the world, all over the streets of big cities. It is a style that has been widely accepted globally. All we can do as Ghanaians are embrace.

This is a universally recognized style it is only that Pappy Kojo and Joey B dressing has made it very popular in Ghana. The two have popularised a style of dressing as it has never been done before in the country. Most hope that this style will fade away the same as the buggy jeans craze did. The older members of the Ghanaian society believe that wearing tattered clothes does not promote the best image of an individual. However, Pappy Kojo dressing style and Joey B has seen the two become very famous all over the country. The young generation does not see the relation between morals and the form of dressing. That is just a stereotype that the old folks have formed about people based on how an individual dresses. The dressing has nothing to do with the morality of an individual. Everyone should wear what they want and feel comfortable in. The style of dressing an individual should be taken as a way a person should be able to express themselves.

Wearing tattered, faded jeans has been used in Ghana to show how fashionable they are. From T.V presenters to traffic hawkers, to university students on the stress of East Legon and Tema, these types of trousers are being used as an indicator of how fashionable an individual is.

These trousers can be paired with anything from a dashiki, bare t-shirt or with a long sleeved shirt as Joey B likes to. These trousers are the trend whether you like it or not. Getting on with the programme can be a good idea. You might want to stay away from it or embrace it. The choice is all yours. Pappy Kojo style of dressing is considered one of the best in Ghana currently.

Pappy Kojo dressing style, Pappy Kojo look


Pappy Kojo looks

We cannot dispute that Pappy Kojo has risen to be a brand of his overtime after realizing the hit single ‘Realer No’. This has seen the guy have very many interviews all over, but one that caught everyone's attention was one done on 3FM Urban Blend show. Here he stated that he does not have any problem with having makeup. He stated that he found that he looked better when he had fake eyelashes on. He continues to state that being an artist makeup has become a very integral part of his life. He insisted that despite the fact that he puts on makeup, he is not gay. The main idea of makeup is to help people look better. It is not just for women, but men too can use it to enhance their looks.

Now, Ladies, what your take on a man who puts on makeup? Is he the type of guy you would want to date or be seen going out with?

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Showbiz and Fashion

Joey B and Pappy Kojo dressing has managed to create an impeccable fashion sensation in Ghana. They have managed to do so with their vintage fashion which has caught on very fast. These two are trend setters in the Ghanaian Fashion scene.

You cannot manage fashion and showbiz. The two go hand in hand. This is why the dressing of Pappy Kojo has to be part of his brand. Most artists use their fashion sense as a way to maximize their musical influence. For example, if you want to refer to the Ghanaian fashion scene, you have to make your reference to Pappy and Joey’s style.

The duo has managed to spice up things in the Ghanaian music scene through fashion. The two have been champions of a particular way of dressing, and their fans are not disappointing. The youth in Ghana have followed their example, and most of them are now dressing like the two. This is a clear indicator of the fashion influence the duo has.

There are however those people who think that Pappy Kojo’s style is meant to his mediocre rapping skills. Most might agree with this, but you cannot deny that the guy has had earned a huge mileage to enter the Ghanaian mainstream music industry mainly because of his fashion sense. It is also rumoured that his counterpart Joey B has also been accused of copying international acts such as the American Rapper Theophilus London. But people should not be even bothered about how they dress. The dressing is a huge deal in the hip-hop world. How a rapper dress is an integral part of how they will build their brands. Rather that bashing them, we should commend them for coming up with a great branding strategy that has worked great for them. Now almost everyone who is keen to follow the Ghanaian music scene knows about them.

Kojo fashion sense and Joey B’s has made them become darlings in the Ghanaian fashion world. Their tattered skinny jeans, customized t-shirts, big hats and caps have made them stand out among the rest of their counterparts in the music scene. There are people who might think that that is a very childish way of dressing, but the two have set the trend in the Ghanaian Fashion world. Something that no one had been able to do previously. Many were not ready with the effect the two would have.

This is very important to teach the youths that it is essential to have a brand position while building a brand. It is essential to look for the key thing that will make them stand out from the rest. The bit that will make them unique will be what will cause them rise above their competitors. It is also imperative to add an African element to the branding. This is very important because it is going to spread Pan-Africanism. This is an essential aspect to help grow the Afropop culture.


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